Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Aurora Sterling

I love his family. We’ve spent the last hour and a half just talking, Elliot continues to flirt with me while Xavier and his father scold him every time he makes a lude comment. Claire asks question after question and I answer them happily, I don’t mind the questionnaire, I know she just wants to know what kind of person I am and if I’m good for Breaker.

The door slams open and within seconds Breaker is on his feet with his gun aimed at the door, I recognise it as Rubble and immediately move to calm Breaker down. His family seem okay with this, they hardly even flinched when the gun came out so I assume they’re used to this. “Hey, Cass.”

“You okay, Rubble?” I ask, coaxing Breaker to put his gun down because he still seems angry enough to actually shoot Rubble for pulling this.

“Yeah, came to get ya.” I give him a look of confusion which he just grins at and makes his way across the room to grab my hand. Breaker’s hand snaps out and grips his wrist hard enough to bruise, Rubble doesn’t react. “You haven’t claimed her, Breaker. She’s fair game.”

My anger rises at that, I’m not an object that can be passed around especially not when spoken about rather than to. “Not that you ever could, gotta claim her in front of everyone which means speaking.” Rubble taunts, his free hand reaching out to take mine and I freeze as his skin touches mine.

“Get your fucking hands off of her or I will shoot you where you stand.” I look up at Breaker with my jaw dropped, he just spoke. Am I imagining things? Like I know he can speak and I know he speaks to me but he just spoke to Rubble. Did I drug the cookies?

“Oooh silent man talks, look man, you still haven’t claimed her and Bear hasn’t solidified the claim. You don’t get to lord yourself around like she’s yours.”

Breaker grabs Rubble by the throat and slams him into the wall, “Don’t damage the paint.” I squeak and rub the back of my neck. Xavier and Elliot move to stop him but I get in their way. “I wouldn’t try and stop him.” I warn and they back down.

“Do they do this a lot?” His mum asks, gripping my arm as she watches this go down. I almost start drooling as Breaker’s arms flex and his glare hardens.

“Umm kinda.”

“I don’t need to stake a claim, she would’ve fucking chosen you if she wanted to and she didn’t. If you ever touch her again, you and I will go into the ring and you’ll be leaving in a fucking body bag. Understand?” I shiver, holy mother of God this man is gorgeous. I shouldn’t be saying this while he’s fighting with his brother over me but his protectiveness and possessiveness fire me up.

“I haven’t heard him speak in so long, he sounds so much older.” Claire whispers to me while Breaker literally carries Rubble out the door and drops him, slamming the door behind him. I walk over to him and he hugs me tightly, probably trying to calm down and I stroke his back in comfort.

“I’m sorry.” He tells me and I pull back to look at him in confusion.

“Thank you for protecting me. Also, your parents want to talk to you.” He groans as Claire starts rambling about hearing him talk.

“Mum!” He cuts through all of it and they all still look surprised. I’ve never had silent Breaker so I don’t think much of it but she starts crying. All four of them surround him and squeeze him into a group hug and the look of discomfort on his face makes me laugh. Poor kid.

Breaker’s phone goes off and I manage to get it to him, whatever is on the other end is not good considering the pissed off look on his face. “Bear is calling us in, Rubble told him what happened.”

“Us as in all of us?” Austin asks.

“Just Aurora and I but I’m sure they’d be fine with you coming. This is ridiculous.” I suppose this is one of the bad things about being a Biker, the president dictates what is allowed and what isn’t. Laying hands on your brother is not allowed.

When we get there everyone is in the main room and Rubble is smoothing his ruffled feathers with a smirk on his face. I grip the back of Breaker’s cut as I stop at his side like I can stop him from launching himself at Rubble even though I don’t have the strength to do that.

“Rubble has made a claim.” Bear looks pale and just as angry as Breaker, I look at Lexie and the other women who seem like they’re ready to tear something apart. This is not looking good. Breaker’s family take a seat next to some of the bikers and I’m about ready to dissolve into a panic attack. “A claim on Cassidy.”

I look at Rubble with tears in my eyes, what the hell is he doing?

“Cassidy is able to refuse that claim but it does make her untouchable until the claim has been properly disputed.” Saviour detaches me from Breaker who looks heartbroken and incredibly pissed. I’m ready to burst into tears and Saviour strokes my back and tries to calm me down, the only person who can do it properly is Breaker and he’s not allowed to fucking touch me.

“Bear this if fucking ridiculous, he has no right to her, at all.” Breaker’s growl causes everyone to gasp or whisper in surprise.

“He made the claim before you did Breaker, I’m sorry but the rules stand.”

“I don’t want the claim! Please don’t keep me from Breaker.” Breaker winces at the pain in my voice, I know he wants to comfort me, his hands are shaking and his chest his heaving. “How do I dispute the claim, Bear? Please.”

“Three days away from all the bikers. Including Breaker. You have refused the claim from Rubble and I gather Breaker will want to fight because of it. Once the three days are up, the fight will happen to end the argument. The claim will have been settled and it cannot be mentioned again, do you agree to the terms?”

He asks me like I’m the one who has done something wrong. I look at Breaker and almost burst into tears at the pure agony on his face. “Yeah, I agree to the terms.” I remove myself from Saviour’s grip and storm out before I burst into tears in front of everybody.

I decide to just walk home, ignoring the girls’ shouts for me. I know I’m being rude but I am absolutely furious, I have to go back to school the day after tomorrow and now I have to worry about all of this just because Rubble is a jealous prick.

I spent the rest of the day moping in my bed and trying to read books but getting too pissed at the cute romantic storyline so I just play on my phone. I have texts from Lexie, Marielle and Saviour but I don’t reply.


Monday passes just the same and Tuesday sneaks up on me quick. Waking up at six am is just as hard as I remember and I slam my hand down onto my phone in avid motions. I slip out from under the covers and have a quick shower before I do some makeup and tame my hair with my eyes half closed.

For an outfit, I just put on some denim shorts and a cropped, yellow sweater with some converse and some jewellery. I grab the bag that I packed last night and put some food in it with my water bottle and some perfume because it’s gonna be a long day.

I drink tea and munch on some fruit while staring blankly at the wall. There’s no point in checking my phone because the one person I actually want to talk to isn’t allowed to text me or call me or even fucking look at me.

I make the short walk to school and smile when I find Vivi waiting for me out the front of the building. “Hey Cass!” She hugs me gently and lets me follow her into the main office where the receptionist hands me my schedule and my locker number which Vivi quickly shows me to.

“There’s our favourite girl!” Jason cheers from the other end of the corridor and I wave awkwardly as literally everyone turns to look at me in confusion. Him and Braden walk over with their normal smiles on their faces and I find my mood lifting a little bit, I can do this it’s fine.

My first lesson is AP Bio and I almost start crying at the idea. I haven’t missed that at all, thankfully I only lost a few credits in the transfer but I still have to try and catch up on everything I missed. It’s not like I’ve been studying for almost two years so my brain is likely out of whack.

“Welcome Miss Sterling!” The teacher cheers seconds after I’ve opened the door and I smile in greeting. “I’m Miss Martin, take a seat over there and make sure you ask me anything you need.” She’s probably in her late twenties - young for a teacher - with dark hair and bright blue eyes, she seems to have the attention of every guy in class as well. I wonder if most of them only took this class to see her. She seems lovely though.

“Thank you, I will.” I take my seat next to a smaller girl who has her black hair in pigtails and dark makeup surrounding her eyes, piercings through her nose, eyebrows and lip. Her clothes are both black and fluorescent, I’ll admit it’s a weird combination but it looks good on her. Her jewellery is mostly leather and spikes and I can’t help but giggle at the difference between us. “I’m Cassidy.”

“I’m Ember.” She seems really happy with her massive smile and her hand is soft as we greet each other.

“Got any tips on surviving this place?”

“Sorry, kiddo, I haven’t got a clue. We’ll do it together.” We high five and the lesson starts. Good thing I was actually good in biology before I dropped out, the vague idea of it kinda comes back and I manage to scrape through the lesson without having a mental breakdown so that’s a success to me.

Maths is next, that is not so good because I couldn’t do it back then and I definitely can’t do it now. This is gonna be fun.

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