Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

I have never felt this angry and disjointed in my entire life.

My mum is obviously here to comfort me and we’re all living in my house up the road from the clubhouse. I told Romeo that I wouldn’t be coming into the clubhouse until the match because I will fucking murder Rubble if I see him. I also refused to go on the trips to the other club, Bear is pissed at me but he knows that if they even look at me funny I will murder them.

My phone rings again and I’m ready to throw the fucking through the wall or out the window. Dad takes it from me before I get the chance and Ben answers it. “Yeah, you wanna put Adrian in a small room with that idiot?” I growl and Elliot then takes the knife I have in my hand and puts it back in the block. “Yeah, not happening. You wanna keep them as far apart as possible, the only way you’ll be able to get him in the same building is if he has Cassidy.”

At least he gets it. Aurora calms my temper and the idea that Rubble thought that he could take her from me enrages me in a way that I’ve never felt before. I feel like I’ve lost a fucking limb, I haven’t seen her or touched her for days now and I can’t until tomorrow. I’m picking her up from school and bringing her to the clubhouse and if Bear thinks he can fight me on it, he can fuck off.

“Right, let’s all go out for the day, shall we? I fancy a nice lunch, any suggestions?” Mum asks me and I sigh, gotta distract myself somehow.

“Yeah, sure. Let’s go.” I agree, taking my phone from Ben and slipping it back into my pocket. I’m grateful my family chose this week to come over, I don’t know where I’d be without them. I can tell how happy they are that I’m speaking again, I don’t really think about it to be honest but I know they’re surprised every time I say something to them.

They drive behind me as we head to one of my favourite restaurants. It’s Aurora’s first day of school and I couldn’t even wish her luck or drop her off like I wanted to, I know her anxiety is bad around new people and I can’t comfort her. It breaks my fucking heart.

“I know you’re upset son but you’ll be back together soon enough.” My dad reassures me after we sit down at the table in a diner. Mum has always liked diners more than upscale restaurants and both my brothers can eat like three burgers each and small dishes just aren’t enough.

“She’s your Old Lady, even without the title. We see the way you are with each other. I can’t believe that skinny little douchebag, if I could get my hands on him I’d kill him. He upset my daughter-in-law!” Mum is just as pissed as me, she even screamed down the phone when it rang the first time, it was only Romeo calling to check in but she didn’t care.

“Calm down, honey. You saw how upset Bear was, his wife too.”

“Don’t care. The gall of the scrawny little bastard. These rules are barbaric, surely just her refusing the claim should’ve been enough.”

“The rules are old and it’s rare that two bikers choose the same woman. The three days is supposed to be a cooling off period so that one of the bikers, normally the one that didn’t stake the claim, calls off the fight and allows the other biker to claim her.”

“You wouldn’t do that, would you?”

“Hell no, she is my Old Lady and I will put his fucking face through the wall before he touches her again.”


Bear has tried to call me into the club again but I refused. I’m not angry at him, I know he has to follow the rules but if he keeps trying to drag me in I’m going to kick off. Besides, I told him that I’d be in after three which is when I’m picking Aurora up, which is thankfully in half an hour.

I’ve spent my day trying to read but getting distracted by my brothers. Benjamin wanted to have a long chat about everything he’s doing at work, he’s suing some massive pharmaceutical company for poisoning cancer patients and he’s enjoying himself. He just hates the paperwork so he hired himself two paralegals to do it for him and it didn’t even make a dent in his earnings.

He’s the richest of us all but I have access to more money with everything to do with the club. My money just isn’t legally acquired but the cops are scared of me so who gives a shit.

Elliot found a car in a junkyard and parked it on my fucking driveway and has had all four of us working on it while my mum watches from the front door step. The car is likely to run when we’re done with it, it wasn’t too bad off and a lot of the parts he found for free in the same junkyard.

I had to shower for like an hour to get all of oil and grease off of me and now I’m pacing the lounge. I jus decide to leave early and pull up outside the school with ten minutes to wait. I rest my helmet on the seat and lean against the side of it while fucking around on my phone.

The bell rings and I wince at the sound. God, that noise still freaks me out even now and I haven’t been in high school for ten years. I look up at the door and she spots me almost immediately, she has three people with her but she ignores them.

She looks gorgeous wearing jeans and a band tee with her hair flying everywhere as she sprints down the stairs and through the crowd to me. Her bag gets thrown on the floor as she jumps on me, I squeeze her into a tight hug and breathe in a sigh of relief at the feel of her skin against mine. It feels like it’s been forever.

“You’re here.” She squeaks and I sit down on the bike with her in my lap. “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too, baby. Never again.” She kisses me then, her hands gripping either side of my face and I take control of the kiss. “Come on, we’ve gotta get to the clubhouse.” I tell her after pulling away.

She waves to the people still at the top of the steps and takes her helmet from me, it feels good to have her back on my bike. Bear is obviously pissed when we get there because I’ve been ignoring him for three days, I continue to ignore him, I’m just happy to have Rora back by my side.

“Right, Rubble and Breaker in the ring. Let’s go.” Bear sounds exasperated as we all head down to the training room.

“One last time, Cass, do you accept Rubble’s claim?” I almost start laughing, so close. She’s literally pressed against my side and he’s asking her if she accepts some other guy’s claim.

“No, I don’t.” I take my cut off, giving it to Aurora who cuddles it to her chest. “Be safe.” She tells me and I smile, she always says that. Rubble looks pissed off and I enjoy the look on his ugly fucking face.

“One round, KO. Whoever is out first loses the claim.” I’m not gonna drag this out. Rubble moves towards me, I pull my hand back and uppercut his skinny ass hard enough to make him fly. He hits the floor and doesn’t move. “Well glad that’s over, I’m hungry.” Bear just shrugs.

Aurora gives me my cut back and kisses my knuckles gently before dragging me back up the stairs with the rest of them. “Did you win?” Mum demands after squeezing poor Aurora half to death.

“He uppercut his ass.” Saviour tells her.

“Rubble flew!” Romeo finds this whole thing really fucking funny. As does his boyfriend and his son, Ollie is now running around mimicking the fight and Romeo is encouraging him.

“Good on you, son.” Dad claps my shoulder and hugs Aurora too, I can see she feels a little uncomfortable so I pull her out of the hug after a few seconds. I squeeze her to my chest instead and she responds in kind.

Never again, I swear to Apollo.

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