Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Aurora Sterling

“Right, before we eat I have to finish this fucking claim. Cassidy, do you accept Breaker’s claim?”

“Yes.” I don’t even think about it, laughing gleefully on the inside at the look on Breaker’s face. He looks happy despite the emotionless face, I know him well enough to tell what he’s feeling.

“Thank fuck, what’s everyone want from the Chinese place?” It takes awhile for all of us to put in our orders and I feel bad for the restaurant that has to make all of this food but I’m sure they’ll be compensated greatly for their troubles. I curl up into Breaker’s lap with a soft sigh, I can’t believe this whole thing went down.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper up to him and he gives me a look of confusion so intense you’d think I’d said something like ‘I slept with the Pope.’

“What on Earth are you sorry for?”

“For making you fight your brother over me.”

“If it makes you feel better, I hated Rubble before.” I snort softly and nuzzle my head into the crook of his neck. He’s warm and I’ve hardly slept in the last few days so I quite happily drift off into dreamland even though food is on its way. Soft hands stroke my cheeks and pinch my sides hard enough to startle me awake with a squeak of pain.

“What was that for?” I whine, rubbing my side and playfully glaring up at Breaker who committed the terrible offense.

“Food is here and I figured you’d be hungry.”

“You better be grateful food is here, it’s the only thing I’ll wake up for.”

“That certainly wasn’t true the other night.” He whispers in my ear before biting the lobe and I shiver, I immediately flash back to that night and look up to see in his eyes. The same lust is reflected there and I think about neglecting the food and eating him instead but it’s Chinese. I just wink and slip off his lap to get to the dining room where everyone else has gathered.

It takes ten minutes to unpack everything and pass it all out accordingly. I’m wedged between Breaker and Saviour with Romeo and Runner opposite me, their little boy sat between them. The table has been extended to get all of us to fit and it’s still pretty snug, nobody seems to care and neither do I, quite happily cramming my face.


Breaker decided that we’re spending the night at my place because his family are staying in his house that I’m yet to see. I don’t mind, my bed is the nicest anyway and I thought it was probably a good idea to keep B away from Rubble for now.

I think B may also have some ulterior motives as he slides me off of his bike and carries me up the stairs and into the apartment. Definitely some ulterior motives.

He sits down on the couch with me straddling his lap and his large hand reaches out to squeeze my ass viciously as he trails gentle kisses down my throat. He brings my hips down and I grind against him, sending a trail of shivers across my body.

I don’t mind the ulterior motives.

I squeak when his teeth bite down on my collarbone and as my body jerks another shot of pleasure rolls over me. I grab both of his hands that were trailing my waist and press them to my butt as he continues torturing the sensitive skin of my neck. I decide to return the favour and start nibbling on his earlobe, now controlling the pace of my hips as he growls against my skin.

I move agonisingly slowly, agitating him as he rises up to meet me only for me to lift away at the last second. Finally, his resolve snaps and I’m underneath him, pressed against the couch as his body nests between my legs that I wrap around the back of his thighs to bring him closer. “You’re a little tease.”

I smile up at him and he kisses me heavily, his tongue pushing open my lips and devouring me. Biting and clashing with a fever, a heady, languid kiss that would’ve weakened my knees if I was stood up. I whimper in his hold, shakily trailing my hands across the body that I remember so clearly from the other day.

His raised scars kiss my fingertips and I dig my nails into his extensive back tattoo, enjoying his fervent reaction as he digs his hips into mine harshly. He slips his hand into my underwear and roughly glides his fingers against me, “Breaker.” I cry out as I pull away from the kiss and he chuckles softly, the vibrations making me shake in impatience.

“What do you want, Aurora? Hmm? You want me to take it away?” His other hand slips under my top and brushes against my bra teasingly.

“Yes! God, please!” His fingers move slowly and he moves his hips in time with his movements, while his other hand undoes my bra and slips it out from under my top. I would be impressed but I can’t concentrate with his fingers inside me and his tongue on my neck.

He curls his finger and I shudder violently, I tilt my head back as the orgasm overwhelms me and cry out with my nails digging into his bicep. “I love seeing you come apart.” He tenderly whispers in my ear as he coaxes me through the aftershocks with kisses and caresses.

I can’t think straight, all I know is I want his shirt off so I can put my tongue on his abs. I manage to flip our positions, he probably let me considering how much bigger he is than me, and take his cut off before ripping the buttons on his shirt.

I descend on the soft skin, tracing his tattoos with my tongue and kissing his scars before biting his nipples causing him to surge up and grind against me with a deep groan. “Still teasing, baby girl.”

I kiss down to his navel and swirl my tongue, flicking my eyes up to see impatience and excitement in his. I undo the belt annoyingly slow, slipping it out of each belt loop and dropping it to the floor to really put him on edge. I take off his jeans and caress his dick through his boxers, watching as his head falls back with a quiet curse.

This is payback for last time so I leave hickeys on his thighs and lower stomach, feeling him getting harder and more agitated. It probably feels like forever for him before I slip off his boxers and take him in my mouth, swirling my tongue and tasting the salty tang. His hand tangles in my hair as I take him halfway, bobbing my head as he groans, tightening his grip unconsciously.

His thighs tighten in anticipation as I dip my head all the way down, focusing on my breathing as his tip brushes the back of my throat. I massage his thighs and balls as he gets tenser and tenser beneath me, I reach up to touch his stomach with my other hand on his on the back of my head.

“Fuck!” He explodes, coating the back of my throat and I take it all. Once I’ve swallowed, I kiss back up his body and he grips my ass again, his tight grip likely leaving bruises. He carries me to my bedroom and drops me on the bed.

Oh god.

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