Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

I’m still tingling as I slide on top of her, throwing her top somewhere as I take her breast in my mouth. I lick and bite with fervour, listening to her mews and moans and trying to imprint them in my mind.

Best fucking sound ever.

She arches into me, her legs tightening around my waist and bringing my hips to grind against her. She moans in satisfaction when I give in and rub against her in a way that has her purring in delight. “Breaker.” She begs and I shiver in response, just hearing her beg for me has me ready to go again.

I tug her jeans off and wrap a condom on, “You sure, baby?”

“Please!” She doesn’t have to tell me twice. I dive all the way in, budding up as she cries my name and digs her nails into my shoulders hard enough to break the skin. Once she’s accustomed to me I roll my hips and thrust against her, making sure my pelvis rubs her clit hard enough to make her thrash.

She reacts in kind, her hands grasping at my skin as her teeth bite into my neck. She matches my thrusts with a slight gyration of her hips that make me dizzy and I hiss into the crook of her elbow as she wraps her arm around me.

The other one is gripping my hip and forcing me to push in harder. I lick my thumb and press it against her clit and she cums in seconds. Her cheeks red and her chest heaving with her eyes closed and her hands gripping the sheets by her hips.

I speed up my pace as she comes down and my orgasm triggers another in her, her eyes popping open in surprise before she dissolves in my arms.

I cuddle her up to my side and draw patterns on her back as she experiences her aftershocks. After a half hour of just laying there, I roll onto my side to look at her and she smiles at me before booping me on the nose. “What do you know about your real parents?” She seems surprised at the question and looks at the tattoo on my chest rather than my eyes.

“I know my mom is from England and that I was left on a church doorstep there. Apparently I was adopted by an American couple, that’s how I ended up out here but they gave me up and I bounced around the tristate area until I got emancipated.”

“What about Hendrix? How did you meet him?”

“I went to school with him. He was a sophomore, I was a freshman. I was a foster kid so I had like two outfits and the girls didn’t like me at all, I kept to myself and read books and geeked out over AP everything. I struggled to make friends, I mean I didn’t like to be touched, I struggled to talk to people or even look people in the eye so I couldn’t connect with people. Until... well until I met Hendrix. I was just sitting in the library during lunch because the cafeteria was too crowded and he came over and sat next to me.

He just spoke to me, didn’t make me talk back or anything he just told me about his day and his friends and that became a routine for us. Every lunch he’d find me in the library and he’d talk to me, after a week or so I started to talk back and we’d have real conversations about everything. I started staying over at his house, his parents were checked out but he had everything provided for him and he lorded it over his friends.

I was still working at the dance studio but he hated it, tried to convince me that I didn’t need to work and that he’d provide for me. So I stopped working the extra hours, I’d work four a week and I’d tell him they were just lessons and he believed me. He graduated and got a job and an apartment, he wanted me to move in with him but I didn’t want too.

I thought the foster family I lived with was nice. I mean the mom, her name was Heather, she would cuddle me and make sure I’ve eaten. She’d clean and buy me new clothes and her husband gave me snacks and treated me like a real daughter. I thought I had a chance at having an actual family.

So, Hendrix came over absolutely wasted and punched my foster father in the face and told him that I’d said horrible things. That I was selling drugs out of his house and pimping myself out on the corner for extra cash to buy more drugs. They believed him and kicked me out, I had no choice but to move in with him.

Everything was good at first, we’d sit and eat together, he was caring and sweet. Attentive really and I could really crack down on my studies but I was basically a fuck toy that could clean. Then he just left, left a shitty note and bounced so I dropped out of school and started working full time to pay for everything.

Then you found me and now I have a family.”

I bring her closer and pepper her face with kisses, making her laugh and squeal. “You’re safe with me, Aurora. Always.”

“I have a question...” I prompt her with a brisk squeeze of her ass, “When I accepted the claim... am I your Old Lady now?”

“Do you want to be?” She rolls her bottom lip into her mouth with her big eyes looking up at me, she nods nervously and opens her mouth to say something but I silence her with a kiss. “Then you are, baby.”

The grin on her face is just too fucking beautiful for this world I swear. “Besides, Lexie ordered your jacket awhile ago.”

She rockets up and spins around to look at me. “She did?!” I smile at her excitement, brushing her face with the back of my hand.

“They all knew how I felt about you from the second I found you. That’s why everyone was so mad when Rubble did what he did, they knew you were mine from day one.”

“Do you think you two will ever be friends again?”

“I doubt it, him and I never really got along. We’ve gotten into quite a few fights before, Bear wasn’t surprised that this went the way it did. If anything, I think Rubble was doing it just to antagonise me.”

“Well, I’m happy I’m yours.” I bring her back down to kiss her and roll her underneath me while she laughs.

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