Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Aurora Sterling

I’m much more willing to wake up in the morning if I have a gorgeous biker next to me. Sadly, I can’t just snuggle closer and go back to sleep because I have to go to school. I slip out of his arms and bounce into the bathroom, I shower and brush my teeth and hair before putting on some makeup.

I end up having to cover up a hickey on my neck but I do so with a smile. I head back out into the bedroom to see Breaker still snoozing softly with his arms snuggling my pillow like it’s me. For clothes I choose some ripped blue jeans that are decorated in pink and yellow flowers with a pink crop top and some white converse.

I throw some snacks in my bag with all of my books so that I don’t forget and choose through my jewellery. I end up picking a gold choker with butterflies on and I slide a few rings onto each hand before spritzing myself with perfume.

Once I’ve finished getting ready, I launch myself onto B’s abdomen and he groans, quickly rolling me underneath him and snuggling into my chest. “B, I have to go to school!” I try and wiggle out of his vice grip but fail spectacularly.

After a few more minutes of him sleeping and me wrestling his arm, I finally manage to get him off me by pinching a tiny piece of skin on his arm that has him grunted and yanking his arm away from me. “Good morning, B!”

“Morning, baby.”

“Can you lock the door behind you when you leave? I have to leave for school in like two minutes or I’ll be late.”

“I’m taking you to school.”

“You’re telling me I could’ve slept in.” I fake cry and lay back on the bed while he laughs. He showers and gets changed, probably peed and brushed his teeth too but I don’t stalk his bathroom activities. I’m not weird.

I make him some food too and slip it into his overnight bag before following him out to his bike. “You know, this is gonna be so much more fun to ride when I have my own leather jacket.” I tell him as I put on his leather jacket so I don’t freeze to death on the back of his bike.

It’s a nice leather jacket with the club logo on the back and worn in like he’s had it since he got here, it smells like him too and I think I’m gonna keep it. What? It goes with the outfit. He kisses my forehead before mounting the bike and holding his hand out for me to use as I get on behind him.

The drive to school is too fast and I pout as I get off, I don’t wanna go to school. I almost whine but he brings me into a hug and I bury my face in his neck. “I’ll pick you up after, I won’t be able to see you tomorrow so I want all the time I can get.”

“Are you going to that other club tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” He strokes my cheek softly as I look up at him. He kisses me slowly despite the audience we have behind us, gently sucking my lip into his mouth before letting it slip through his teeth. It’s loving and deep, different to the kisses we’ve had before and I find myself melting into him.

“Be safe.” I whisper, I don’t really know when I started saying that to him but it’s sort of become our thing and I can’t imagine not saying it to him now.

“I’ll see you later, baby girl. Behave.” His tone of voice makes me shiver, that’s so not fair. I back away from the bike as he slips his helmet back on and takes off, everyone still watching like the creeps they are.

I spot Vivi and bounce over to her, excited to see her despite the circumstances of school and she greets me with a hug. “Who was that gorgeous hunk of man you were kissing?”

“His name is Breaker.”

“Aww, you look so loved up, it’s adorable.” She puts her arm out to allow me to link mine with hers and I do so. She doesn’t tighten her grip so that if it gets too much I can remove my arm easily, it helps me navigate the halls as well having one thing to concentrate on.

“Hello pretty ladies.” Jason greets with Braden next to him. These two knuckleheads are basically bodyguards when we’re moving through the corridors, they just shout ‘important little person coming through,’ or ‘get the fuck out of our way,’ either way it works. “You didn’t tell us you had a boyfriend.”

“Oh, he is not a boy. That is all man.” Vivi explains and I blush, she’s not lying. He is twenty-eight so.

“Riders of Apollo are dangerous kid, you sure you know what you’re doing?” Braden asks, he is sweet to be concerned and he is respectful with it.

“Breaker would never hurt me and they’re my family now anyway.”

“Okay, you ever need an out, we’ve got you.” Jason reassures as we take our seats in English.

“Thanks guys, I appreciate it.” They both wink before turning around simultaneously. You can tell they’ve been friends for awhile, they move alike and talk alike, I’ve also never seen them without each other. Except maybe when Jason was talking up a pretty cheerleader on the first day.

English is tedious, like I’m going to bash this book into my head just for something to do. Just as I’m about to do it, the bell goes and I sigh in relief, hightailing it out of there before the teacher spots me. He’s an eighty year old with a love of Shakespeare and excessive notations, not fun at all.

“You looked ready to murder someone in there.” Jason tells me and I nod avidly.

“I was ready to bash my own head in with a book, Jase. How can one lesson be so tedious?” Vivi gives me her hand as the boys push on ahead as we head to next lesson. Ugh AP History, just as much fun as English.

History is even worse than English, the teacher is younger and could be called attractive. I mean Vivi has spent this entire lesson staring at him and licking her lips. He’s tall and quite lanky wearing a cardigan and glasses, kinda reminds me of Ezra from PLL but skinnier and much more boring.

I probably would’ve been attracted to him but I’ve seen Breaker, the game is lost. I tug the leather jacket closer to me and inhale deeply as his scent washes over me and warms me up. Only ten more minutes until break and I can eat everything I packed in my bag only to have none left for lunch.

I just stare out the window, daydreaming about last night and trying not to shiver as I remember the kisses and the bites. “Cassidy!” I jump in fright as Vivi shouts at me, I just smile nervously and follow her to the cafeteria. We dibs a small table in the corner of the hall with me tucked in the corner and the rest of them sat around me so I can see what’s going on.

This school is smaller than my old one and they split the school in two so we get different breaks. “Oh, here they come.” Vivi mutters under her breath. I look up and see three cheerleaders. Lauren, Poppy and Dory.

Now, I’ve never had a bad encounter with these girls. They’re gorgeous, with long tan legs and flawlessly applied makeup and blonde hair in high ponytails with the bows and the pom poms. Vivi told me that they don’t need to wear the cheer uniform but they do anyway, it looks good on them. They seem nice enough, I’ve waved and smiled at them and had those gestures returned but Vivi loathes them and is yet to explain why.

Braden and Jason don’t like them much either despite both of them being on the football team. Jason was flirting with Louise, a cute girl with big brown eyes and gorgeous black hair. I’m hoping he actually dates her because she’s really sweet, even Vivi likes her.

“Hi Cassidy.” Lauren greets. She’s the captain of the cheer squad and has a way of making people like her. She gives off the aura of wealth and poise with a careful way of speaking like she was raised in the aristocracy. She’s definitely smart too, Vivi tells me she flunks every class but her eyes give off an intelligent vibe.

“Hey Lauren.” I look over at Poppy who is just as pretty as Lauren but in a more subtle way. She has softer features with rounder cheeks and bigger eyes, she could probably be mistaken for Lauren’s little sister considering how alike they look. Poppy definitely likes the boys, I’ve seen her on the lap of four different guys and I’ve been here for three days but she seems sweet enough and helps out in the computer club after school. Vivi said that she’s the one that she can tolerate.

“You’re wearing the Riders’ logo.” Dory is surgically enhanced, let’s say. She admitted to getting a boob job and lip fillers when the upperclassmen bullied her into it. She’s a little ditzy with the flopping head and constant application of plumping lip gloss but she seems just as nice as the others. We don’t have any classes together but none of my friendly advances have been rebuffed when I see her in the hallways.

“Yeah, it’s my boyfriend’s jacket.” I let the sleeves fall over my hands and fiddle with the edges awkwardly. This is the first time I’ve introduced him as my boyfriend, it’s nice to do I’ll admit.

Of course, he’s not just my boyfriend, he is my Rider and I’m his Old Lady. In the biker world we’re basically married. I don’t say that though, might freak them out. “Good for you, honey. If there are any spare Riders that might want some company, don’t forget to give them my number.” Lauren says and Poppy agrees with an excited nod.

“Yeah, no problem.” Yeah, I won’t be doing that. Lexie told me that Old Ladies have to be found not just thrown in and she doesn’t want her men getting their heartbroken. She’s seen so many relationships fail due to the intensity of biker life and she doesn’t want that to happen anymore.

I did ask her why she thought I was worth it, she told me that I was strong and that I could love him better than anyone could. I almost started crying and hugged her for a good ten minutes.

“I can’t believe how nice they are to you, they are literal bitches to everyone else.” Vivi growls and stabs her salad with the plastic fork like they’ve wronged her.

“She just has that effect.” Braden winks and I smile, I doubt that.

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