Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Aurora Sterling

When this all went down I really didn’t expect to be brought back to a biker club to be stitched up but I’m not mad about it. I am terrified though, so many people wedged into one room has my anxiety flaring and their outburst just has me ready to throw up.

I don’t know how he does it but the way he looks at me, unwaveringly as if he’s promising me protection from everything has my heart rate slowing down and my breathing return to normal. Taking the pressure off my bruised ribs.

My fingers start to ache from the strong grip on his shirt and when I finally release it, it leaves wrinkles all over it. “I’m sorry.” I whisper, he doesn’t even look fazed, just smiles at me and shakes his head.

“Why don’t we head into the next room?” I follow behind the three women and one of the big men towards a smaller room with a pink couch in but I refuse to cross the threshold without the man from before.

I look over at him, still in the place that I left him, and he seems to recognise my need as he passes through the crowd and I relax when he reaches my side. I don’t know why I trust him, he seems stable, calm and warm, the silence is comforting as I don’t feel pressured to talk or justify anything like I’ve been doing my entire life.

I slip into the armchair with the man behind me while the three women sit on the couch with the other man behind them. He looks intimidating, tall, dark haired with analytical eyes. Even without the patch that says ‘Prez’ you’d be able to tell he’s the leader here, he carries himself that way.

The redhead starts talking first, she’s definitely the innocent one with her big green eyes and doll like complexion. With a soft voice and small stature, she still carries power and by her cut you can see that she is the Queen. “I’m Lexie, this is my husband Bear,” how fitting, he’s built like one, “this is my sister, Saviour.” Saviour is small but she’s built like a fighter, slim and strong with gorgeous hair and piercing eyes. Her leather jacket suggests that she is both a biker and a wife which I think is incredible, she would be a formidable enemy. “And our best friend, Marielle.”

Marielle has the most gorgeous chocolate skin and her natural hair is blown out into a curly Afro. She is an Old Lady, I think they’re called, and she seems very sweet and perhaps the more shy one as I haven’t heard her speak since I got here even though it hasn’t been long. Her eyes are soft and aren’t scrutinising my every move like Bear and Saviour so she puts me more at ease.

“And that’s Breaker,” I turn slightly to look up at the man who saved me and from his actions so far, I wouldn’t peg him as a ‘Breaker’ though I suppose I haven’t seen him in a fight. “He’s mute.” I nod in acknowledgement and settle back into my chair, sighing in relief as Breaker’s hands rest on the back of it, bringing me a sense of safety.

“So how did you get involved in this? Needed money quick or?” Bear starts with the questioning and I fidget uncomfortably. I don’t know why he needs to know the details of my interaction with them but then I suppose they need to determine whether or not I’ll cause a problem for them in the future.

“I didn’t get involved with them, it wasn’t my choice. I lived with my boyfriend and he got the money so he could buy his way into the second tier of the underground fighting rings. He took off and Earl kicked down my door and said that I had to pay instead because they couldn’t find him anywhere.”

“When did you start paying him?” Lexie asks this time, her soft voice is a welcome reprieve from Bear’s rough demands and I feel like I can trust her.

“Eighteen months ago.”

“And you said that this has happened before?” Saviour seems more relaxed now, maybe she’s decided I’m no longer a threat because she seems much warmer now, caring, maybe even a mothering vibe.

“I defaulted on three payments and Earl... he always gave the punishment. The first time I had a severe concussion, two broken ribs and a broken wrist. The second time he dislocated my shoulder and some internal bleeding. The third time he fractured my eye socket and my collarbone. That’s why this time it was considered a gift because he had three new guys do it, it doesn’t hurt as much when they do.”

The women shift as if they’re about to touch me but with one look from Breaker they decide that it isn’t a good idea, something I’m extremely grateful for. We met all of an hour ago and he can already read me well. “And what about your boyfriend? Have you spoken to him or seen him?” Marielle is the woman who asks the question and while I figured her to be quite soft, the anger in her eyes shows her to be just as formidable as her friends.

This is a powerful group of women and I have a lot to learn from them.

“I moved in with him when I was sixteen, he left eighteen months ago. Just left a note saying that he needed to do better for himself and I would’ve gotten in the way since he couldn’t afford to provide for us both. Either that was a lie and he was running or he didn’t know they’d come after us for it.”

“God, what an asshole, if I fucking found him I’d torture the living shit out of him.” Lexie - the one I pegged to be the angel of the three - is quite terrifying when she’s angry. Her face contorting and hands clenching as she thinks about what she wants to do to Hendrix when she gets her hands on him.

“I think that’s enough for tonight, you need to get some rest.” Saviour suggests and I nod, agreeing with her. I can’t wait to climb back into my nice warm bed and sleep for the next week and a half.

“I’ll get an Uber back to mine.” I slip off the chair and immediately sway, blood rushing to my bread and making me dizzy. Breaker’s gentle grip brings me back to his chest and I find myself melting into his warmth, I don’t normally like being touched, flinching away from people all the time but with him I almost crave it. Even Hendrix had to wait for me to initiate anything, even handholding or I would jerk away like he was on fire,

“I think it would be better if you stayed here tonight, Doc says that you could get worse tonight.” Saviour continues, looking over at Bear for suggestions.

“Breaker, could she stay in your room? Ever since the prospects moved in, I don’t have any spare rooms.” I look up at Breaker as he nods slowly and find myself freaking out except this time in a good way.

“I’ll grab you some clothes for tonight, honey. We can all get ready in here tomorrow morning.” Lexie declares and skips out of the room first. The only thing keeping me sane right now is Breaker’s gentle grip on my hand as he leads me through the lounge and up the stairs to his room.

He opens the door and I gasp softly. This is a room I would kill for. There is a massive window right opposite the door with a window seat the size of a double bed, either side of the window are bookshelves stacked high with all sorts of books from classics to modern, pictures are scattered across the surface but I don’t pry further since I hardly know him. The bed is massive with simple cotton sheets that are meticulously tucked in, two doors are open, one leading to a closet and the other leading to a simple white en-suite.

“This is gorgeous.” I whisper, my hands brushing over the wood furnishings to reach the window. Just outside is a small pond with a waterfall and a few ducks paddling around with koi fish swimming beneath them. I never want to leave. Lexie appears a few minutes later with clothes in her hands and an unwavering smile on her face.

“Here you are, darling. I’ll see you in the morning. Breaker knows where to find me if you need anything else.” I thank her softly and turn to Breaker when she leaves.

“May I borrow your shower?” He steps closer and I take a deep breath to calm my racing heart.

“Anything you need is yours, Aurora.”

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