Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Aurora Sterling

I’m sat at lunch when Lexie and Marielle slam in with Romeo and Hunter on their tail. My chest tightens dramatically as they search the room for me and I grab my things in a frenzy. “Cassie, quick! It’s Breaker.” Marielle grabs me by the hand as everyone watches us sprint out of the cafeteria to Mari’s car.

I clamber in the back and begin to shake as I start thinking the worst. “Breaker has been shot, honey. He’s okay at the moment, Doc and Saviour are working on him.” Lexie tells me and tears flood my eyes.

No, you need to be strong for him Aurora. He’s the one who got shot, you’ll make him more upset if he sees you crying. I manage to rein in my emotions by the time we get back to the clubhouse and I throw myself out of the car with the others on my tail. I push through the gathered people, completely ignoring the suffocating feeling of anxiety as I brush against all these people.

I stop at his head and lean down to touch my forehead with his. “I’m here.” He relaxes completely, his hand coming up and wrapping around the back of my neck while I hold his other hand over his chest and caress his face with the other.

“He’s okay, Cassie. He got lucky this time.” Saviour consoles me. I just wanna shout ‘he has a hole in him, how is that lucky?’ but I keep my mouth shut. Distracting myself with him. He’s breathing heavily, wincing at whatever they’re doing to him so I start humming. I know he likes it when I sing but I don’t want to do that in front of everyone, I hum a lullaby that one of my foster mom’s used to sing to me when I couldn’t sleep and it seems to work.

“There, all done. He just needs some rest.” Doc tells us and I look up at him and smile.

“Thank you.” I help Breaker sit up and feel my heart break more every time he winces.

“Thanks guys.” Breaker says, rolling his shoulders like he’s just woken up from a nap.

“You’ve gotta stop taking all the bullets, man.” Boulder tells him which makes him laugh.

“Well you gotta start listening so you can take the bullets next time.” Boulder agrees and I coax Breaker to his bed so that he can rest like he’s supposed to. I know he’s still gonna go tomorrow, he’s stubborn like that but the least I can do is make sure that he’s as good as he’s gonna get.

After he’s changed and tucked into his bed - not the window seat, his actual bed - I grab my phone and call his mom. “Hi Claire.”

‘Hi honey, everything okay?’

“Umm, well, Breaker. He got hurt today,′ She gasps so loud, I figure I could’ve heard it without the phone. The phone shuffles slightly and I assume the holder has changed, “He’s okay but I thought you’d want to know and maybe come and see him. We’re at the clubhouse.”

‘We’re on our way, darling. See you soon.’ Austin hangs up the phone straight after and I head back to the bed where Breaker is watching me with hungry eyes.

“No, your parents are coming and you’re injured.”

“Baby, trust me, I’ve had worse than this.” I sit down on the other side of the bed and stroke his hair with a soft smile on my face. I tuck my legs under me and scoot slightly so I’m facing him and the headboard.

His eyes close but he doesn’t sleep, just keeps his hand on my thigh as I play with his hair. I don’t move when the door opens, knowing it’s just his family coming to see him. Claire sits on the other side of him and takes his hand while his father and brothers stand next to him.

“I’m not dead or dying guys, relax.”

“You got shot, we’re not going to relax.” Austin scolds and crosses his arms with a stern look on his face. His sons look a lot like him with concern and anger marking their features as they gaze at their brother who is extremely pale and tired even if he thinks he’s perfectly okay.

“What happened?” Claire asks, brushing her fingers over the bandages with a sad look on her face.

“Some idiot tried shooting at Bear, I got in the way.”

“Did you catch him?”

“No, Romeo is probably on it now.”

“Ugh, if I got my hands on him for hurting my boy...” Claire’s growl is intimidating and I feel my hand tighten around Breaker’s. He looks at me in surprise before smiling amusedly. I poke my tongue out at him and he laughs. “At least he has you, darling. We have to leave tomorrow, you promise to look after my baby?”

“Of course, Claire.” I reassure her and we sit around for awhile, just soaking in Breaker’s presence. I can’t believe I almost lost him today, my hand rests on the wound and he strokes it as he talks to his family. I just stare at our hands as I try and stop another anxiety attack.

It gets to almost ten o’clock in the evening and they leave, hugging us and kissing us. Their flight is at six am tomorrow morning and they’ll be flying back in six months. Normally they wait a year or so to come back but Claire said that she wanted to see me more as I’m the only daughter she has.

“Baby, look at me.” I look up from our conjoined hands and match his stare with a weak smile. “I know I scared you but I’m okay.” I lean down and snuggle into the crook of his neck as he strokes my hair.

“B...” He hums in acknowledgement, gently coaxing my head away from him so he can look at me. “I love you.” His smile is blinding as he reaches up to kiss me, he claims me again in that kiss, swearing himself to me and me to him and I enjoy every second of it.

“I love you, Aurora, more than anything.” My eyes water as I kiss his cheek.

“Promise you’ll always come back to me.”

“I promise, baby.”


I wake up to my alarm with a sad groan. Breaker is going to the other club today and I won’t be able to see him. I roll over and look at my phone, ‘Come to the pink room,’ is flashing, a text from Lexie, recieved two minutes ago.

I don’t want to know what those girls are doing awake but who knows. I freshen up in his bathroom, using a spare toothbrush before dashing downstairs to the pink room without waking up Breaker.

“Morning Cass.” Saviour greets from her lounging position on the pink couch with her baby in her arms and a bottle in her hands. “We figured that after last night, you’d want some help getting ready so you don’t have to stress. Mari wants to do your hair and Lex wants to do your makeup.”

They stand there with the tools in their hands and I accept their help, feeling exhausted even though I slept for a long time last night. Mari styles my hair into bouncy curls that wrap around my face and make me look older while Lexie decides to go for darker makeup this time, elongating my eyes and sharpening my bone structure but still covering me in blush and highlight so I still keep that fun youthful look.

“Is it my turn yet, girlies?” Saviour rubs her hands together in excitement, Miracle now asleep in her crib. “Ooh, I like the vibe we’re going for. Hmm... let me see.” She throws open all the closet doors and stares for a few seconds before she chooses a grey sweater dress with thigh high socks and knee high heeled boots made of black suede.

I keep the same jewellery as yesterday and choose one of the really expensive perfumes and spritz myself with it. “And we have done it again! You look beautiful.” I hug and thank each of them before heading back upstairs to say goodbye to Breaker.

“There you are, I was starting to get worried.” He tells me as soon as I’ve crossed the threshold. He is half dressed, his shirt in his hands but I hurry over to touch him before he does so. “Hi baby.” He whispers in my ear and I shiver, I kiss him and he responds immediately. He goes to pick me up but I smack his hands away.

“No, mister, you have a bullet wound.”

“Fine but at least let me do this.” He smirks playfully, reaching both his hands around and squeezing my ass. Okay, this guy is definitely an ass man.

“Breaker, that’s not fair.” I moan, biting his chest in retaliation.

“Fuck fair.” He pushes me up against the wall and I let him, bad idea.

“You’re hurt.” I try and lecture him but he just ignores me. He slides down my body and kneels in front of me. “B, I have to leave for school in ten minutes.”

“More than enough time.” He slips my panties to my ankles and kisses up my leg, lifting it over his shoulder as I rest back against the wall.

“B.” I squeak, trying one last time to stop him. He just chuckles and descends on me with his tongue. “Fuck.” I tangle my fingers in his hair and grind against him as he has his way with me. He brings his fingers into play, the other hand gripping the thigh that rests on his shoulder.

He bites and licks and thrusts in an incredible symphony and I fall into bliss. Almost slipping down the wall as my knees waver in their strength to hold me up. “That was cheating.” I scold breathlessly, pulling my panties back on while he stands there look mighty pleased with himself.

“I’m taking you to school today but I won’t be able to pick you up.” I wait for him to finish getting dressed before I wrap my arms around his neck, thanking the heels for the smaller gap in height.

“Are you able to stay at mine tonight? You have the keys.”

“I might not be back until midnight.”

“I sleep better with you there and I know you do to. Besides, I don’t sleep until then anyway.”

“I’ll be there. Let’s get you to school.” I grab my bag and follow along behind him. Thankfully the perfume I chose is strong enough to mask what happened earlier because I doubt my friends would be very impressed by it.

I slip off the bike when we stop outside the school. “Please be safe.” I plead, hugging him tightly as he strokes my back.

“I promised I’d come back to you.”

“You better or I will bring you back to life just to kill you.” He strokes my cheek tenderly and I nuzzle into the palm of his hand.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.” He kisses me goodbye before winking at me and cranking his engine, disappearing around the corner, taking my heart with him.

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