Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

I’ll admit, the ride to the other clubhouse is fucking hard with a bullet wound. Especially with Reign riding ahead of me, he is a pain in the ass to keep up with even when I’m at full health. I know we’re headed to the same place but letting them turn up without me is a bad idea. Even Bear admitted that I am here to be a peace maker and keep control of the two hotheads.

“So, you and Cassie. I should get her in with Tatts soon.” Saviour tells me as we head towards the double doors that I have begun to hate more than anything.

“Might be too soon for that.” Saviour stops me with a hand on my chest and looks up at me in confusion.

“Dude, she’s literally in love with you. She accepted your claim and her jacket is on the way, trust me, a tattoo is the last thing she’s worried about.” She claps my shoulder with a smile before shouldering through the doors. “Good morning, assholes!”

“Don’t be disrespectful, you are a woman, don’t speak to my men that way.” Riot is pissed, reacting in the way that Saviour wants and obviously the statement makes Reign angry. This happens every time we get here, Saviour says something stupid then Riot retaliates with something even worse so everyone gets pissed.

“Okay, enough. Training room, now.” I grumble, touching my side gently as I feel the pain flare up. Saviour looks at me in concern and I shrug her off, I know as soon as we’re downstairs she’ll check to see her work and I’d rather her do that than tell Aurora I’m hurt again.

“You need to take it easy, you nutcase. God, we should’ve tied you to the bed.” Saviour growls, reapplying bandages and applying numbing cream to ease the pain.

“What happened to you?” One of the guys asks, I don’t know his name, could be Gravel for all I know, I don’t really care.

“He got shot yesterday night and the idiot doesn’t know when to rest. Your woman is gonna kill you.” She pokes me in the chest three times before backing away to the knife throwing area. The guys look at me with more respect now knowing about it and I’m able to get them to do what I want without much pushing.

“You have a woman?” Ironclad asks me - I know his name because he’s the only one here that can look me in the eye without craning his neck or shitting his pants - and I turn around to look at him.

“I do.”

“At least it means something in your club, I had a girlfriend last year and couldn’t bring her around. Everytime she was here, they would grope her and make comments that made my skin crawl.”

“Why didn’t you ask for a transfer?”

“Riot wouldn’t approve it, you can’t even go Nomad without express permission. It was different when his dad was in charge.”

“This place is a shithole, you should get out while you can. I’m sure Bear would be up for more recruits.” I clap his shoulder before they’re all rounded up for hand-to-hand training.

I stand up at the front with Reign and Saviour, who are shouting at them as they get things wrong. Correcting their form and the strength of their punches. “We wanna see you spar.” One of the idiots, think his name is Panhead, shouts at Saviour.

“Oh?” Saviour puts her innocent little face on with the pout and the big eyes, making her husband snort and back off. “You wanna spar with little ol’ me?”

“Yeah, I do. Someone needs to hand your ass to ya.”

“Oh God.” Reign mumbles, stepping closer to me so I can here him. “Is he trying to get himself killed?”

“Apparently so.” I laugh harder as Saviour accepts the challenge. I text Bear, telling him what’s going on and he calls me within seconds.

“Can you stop it?” I can hear him pacing on the other end and Lexie trying to calm him down.

“Uh, she’s already in the ring with this meathead and she’s pissed.” Reign just laughs as Bear swears over and over again. “This ain’t gonna go down well, Prez. If she decks this kid, she’s in trouble, if she doesn’t deck this kid she looks bad.”

“For God’s sake, let her do it. Don’t let her go overboard though, once he’s on the mat, call her off, Prez’s orders.”

“Aye Prez.” I hang up the phone and signal that to Saviour, her pout deepens as she finds out she’s not allowed to obliterate this guy but she decks him anyway. She moved a lot slower than usual, allowing him the opportunity to land a hit but he fails, she just knocks him back and he lands on his ass with a groan.

She grins excitedly before bouncing out of the ring to kiss her husband. “Bear is such a buzzkill.”

“Peyton, you would’ve broken him in two and we’d all be in trouble.”

“I like how much faith you have in me, my darling.”

“I have seen you in a fight, it’s not faith. I know how you fight.”

We spend hours training the assholes and trying to fix up the training room so that it’s actually effective. We don’t get to leave until ten o’clock at night and I’m ready to keel over and die. My stitches are pulling, my body hurts and I’m exhausted.

The ride home is almost impossible but I manage to get to Aurora’s in one piece. I stumble into the building on weak legs and I can hear Aurora gasping from the top of the stairs. “B! Oh my gosh.”

She helps me up the stairs and lays me in her bed. “I knew I should’ve chained you to the bed, you stubborn, stubborn idiot.” She mutters angrily as she fixes the bandages and starts making food. “They don’t feed you there either and you’re already weak but do you listen to a word we say? No, no you don’t.”

She forces a plate of food and a glass of orange juice my way with pills on the side. She fusses more, fluffing pillows and tidying up the mess she made while cleaning my bandages. I just watch her with my hands still full.

“Are you eating that or not?” She looks hot standing there with her hands on her hips, glaring down at me.

“Yes ma’am.” I place the glass of juice on the nightstand and start eating, still watching as she dances about the apartment doing random shit.

I’m about to get up to clean my dishes and, as if hearing me, she slides back in and shoves me back into the bed. “You’re not moving, knucklehead. Jeez.” She yanks them out of my hands and runs off.

“Baby, would you relax?” I beg her as she crawls into the bed beside me with her big worried eyes.

“You promised me that you’d be safe but you rode for six hours today and worked for so long without breaks and without food. I’d be worried about you even if you weren’t shot last night.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I’m here now and I’m okay, I promise.”

“I swear if you pull that shit on me again I will chain your ass to this bed.” I bring her into a tight hug and feel her relax under my touch.

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