Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

I’ve been doing nothing all day. Literally nothing. Just sat, reading a fucking book. Granted, it’s a good book but I’m even banned from going into the clubhouse on Bear’s orders so I have to sit here and wait.

I have been sending texts to Aurora every ten minutes all day though and I have enjoyed thinking about her reactions. Lots of blushing I can easily assume from the fumbled replies and I can imagine her squeaking and wiggling a little like she does whenever we’re together and I say something dirty.

She doesn’t get home until late evening and I’m literally about to lose my mind seconds before she arrives. “Thank God!” I shout, falling back into the armchair in relief.

“Are you okay?” She asks with a laugh as she drops all of her things off and stands opposite me with a smile. I reach out with grabby hands and yank her onto my lap, burying my face in her neck and squeezing tight enough to make her squeak.

“I missed you.” I pout and she giggles, planting kisses all over my face like she did this morning.

“You’ve been sending me dirty texts all day, do you know how hard it is to concentrate in math when you’re reminding me of everything we’ve ever done?”

I drag my fingers across her thighs as she shivers. “I can remind you right now.”

“You’re injured.” Her voice is soft and I know she’s having a hard time too. I was winding her up for a reason today, I like the reaction. I bite down on her neck and she rolls against my dick accidently, making me groan. “Stop it.” She whispers, her hand now landing on my throat to tug me away from her.

She leans down and bites my bottom lip with her hand still around my neck, forcing me to look up at her. “You’re not making that any easier, baby girl.” I rasp, wrapping my hands around her ass and letting my fingers bite the flesh.

“Maybe I just want to get you back for everything you did today... hmm?” She sucks my earlobe into her mouth before kissing down the column of my neck, moving her hand slightly to accommodate for her movements. “You remember telling me you’d do this?”

She shoves me to lay down on the couch with her straddling me, her hands now forcing my shirt off before her teeth latch on my chest. She leaves hickeys across the surface while I pant, trying to control myself. “This is cruel, Rory.”

“What’s cruel, Adrian,” I shiver at the use of my real name, “is sending texts that make your woman horny even though you know she can’t do anything about it.”

“You were sending them back so, if anything, you’re just as bad.” I retort breathlessly, gripping her hips to try and bring them down to meet me, craving the friction she’s denying me.

“Do you remember telling me this?” She then takes me in a heated kiss, heavy enough to feel every part of her. Her tongue overpowering mine for the first time as she bites and sucks languidly.

My phone rings and she slowly drags herself away from me, my bottom lip falling from in between her teeth as she winks and disappears into the bedroom. I clear my throat and try and bring myself together before answering the phone. “What’s up, Prez?”

“Lexie has requested to see Cassidy, any chance you could bring her?”

“One sec.” I throw my phone on the couch and go searching for my woman to find her in the closet, half naked. How am I supposed to keep myself together? “Lex wants to see you... though I’m tempted to say you’re busy.”

I let my eyes drift over the red lace that covers the important parts of her body but reveals her stomach, thick thighs and round ass. I remember sinking my teeth into each part revealed, my marks still there from every time. I suppose we have matching marks now. “Oh! Let me just get changed!”

I frown which makes her laugh, giving me a soft kiss and shoving me away. I tell Bear that we’ll be there in ten and he tells his wife, I can hear her squeal from here. I put my shirt and cut back on before venturing back into the bedroom to find Aurora wearing one of my jumpers as a dress, wearing socks and shoes that leave only the tops of her thighs on show.

“Let’s go.” She cheers and I frown again. I don’t wanna. Her hands land on my chest as she peers up at me with an innocent little smile like she didn’t just pull that shit on the couch. “I’m sorry, honey. I’ll make it up to you when you’re better.”

“Rory, I am fine.”

“When Doc and Saviour say the same, I’ll believe you. Until then, no.”

“Please don’t tell Sav that because she’ll just keep saying give it time until my blue balls fall off.”

“Whatever you say.” She skips passed me and I smack her ass for that sarcastic comment, making her squeal and spin back around to smack my chest. “Are we going or not?” I lift her over my shoulder and carry her down the stairs, locking the doors behind me while she plays on her phone, still over my shoulder.

Aurora is extra gentle when holding my waist on the back of my bike and I decide that I hate it. It always feels better when she squeezes me tightly. “Okay, you need to stop treating me like I’m fragile, Aurora. I’m not going to break if you give me a hug.”

“I’ve never dealt with someone with a bullet wound before, B. You didn’t see it, you were bleeding and in pain, I never want to see you in pain again. I was so fucking scared and I still am.”

“I know,” I tug her closer to me, “I’m sorry, baby. I forget that you aren’t used to this. I promise you that I am okay, I recover quickly especially when left to do nothing all day.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll get better but I just never want to hurt you, B. You’re literally everything to me.”

“I know how that feels.” I kiss her softly before pulling her inside to the Queen, who waits impatiently for her new recruit.

“Thank God you’re here! Look what came!” Lexie shoves a box at Aurora, who takes it with a suspicious look on her face. I watch as she pulls out a leather jacket and drops the box on the floor as she unfolds it.

She bounces over to me with a bright grin on her face. “It’s my property jacket.” I catch Rubble’s angry face over the shoulders of my brothers and help her into the jacket feeling cocky as fuck. She kisses me again, just as heavy as it was back at the flat before she disappears with the girls. I swear to God that woman will be the death of me.

It’ll be a happy death indeed.

I settle down for a bit with the guys, we talk about all sorts of random shit. From the prospects scores on recent evaluations to Bones getting wasted and almost sleeping with a bloke. The only reason he didn’t go through with it was because they got interrupted.

We’re all having a good time until a bullet is fired in the pink room, making everyone fly to their feet and reach for their pieces. All the kids and our women are in that room. Riot comes out with Lexie in his grip, his gun pointed at her head while Trucker has baby Miracle in his grip. We all put our guns down and raise our hands in surrender at his demand.

The doors slam open and all of his men enter, I can see Hendrix among them. No wonder they knew the layout of the building and knew exactly where to strike first. A few more men head into the pink room, dragging the girls and the kids out. I start shaking in fury as I see Aurora with a bruise on her cheekbone.

“Restrain the women, put the kids in that room and keep the door locked.” They gesture to Romeo’s office and Gem, Ollie and Miracle are all shoved inside.

Romeo, Runner and Hunter all thrash against the people holding them as they watch their kids cry out for them. Reign looks mental, like foaming at the mouth, craving blood kind of mental and I doubt he’ll be able to keep control of that. “Knock him out, he can take a bullet and walk.” He points at me and I roll my eyes.

A lot of the people here can take a bullet and keep fighting, though I suppose he only knows that about me. One of his men grab an empty whiskey bottle and approaches me from behind, “No!” Aurora thrashes angrily and kicks out at the idiot holding her, making him groan in pain, he only tightens his grip, making her hiss.

Before I get the chance to console her, he clocks me round the head. Hard.

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