Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Aurora Sterling

These raging assholes!

I continue to writhe in his arms as I watch Breaker pass out, wanting to scream and cry, fight my way to his side and put his head in my lap. “Get your filthy fucking hands off of me!” Saviour is just as pissed, her concern on her child as she keeps looking at the door to Romeo’s office.

“What are you doing, Riot?” Bear is trying to be diplomatic but I can see him shaking. Lexie still has a gun to her head and Riot’s other hand is pretty preoccupied with Lexie’s body. Groping her as she is restrained, there’s literally nothing she can do with a gun pressed to her temple.

“Well I figured I’ll take over your club, use all your women for fun, dispose of the kids of course. I’m sure the system will be happy to take them and kill you. Sound like a plan?”

“You think you’ll ever put your dick anywhere near us then you are sorely mistaken. We are loyal to our Riders, you waste of fucking space.” Saviour is seething, her teeth gritting and hands flexing. Her husband looks downright psychotic and the only reason they’re not fighting is because of the two men guarding the doors to the kids, their orders being to shoot them if anything goes wrong.

“You won’t have a choice, my darling. Once I’ve had my fun I’m sure my men would be quite happy to take over. Rocker over there has a thing for dark skins.” He gestures to a pot bellied, poorly dressed douchebag slouching against the bar with a beer in his hands. He’s obviously referencing Marielle, who is relatively relaxed considering the situation. Her eyes are flicking between her husband and Romeo’s door.

“I’m sure he couldn’t inflict any worse than my past encounter, doesn’t mean I won’t put up a fight.”

“He’s a lot bigger than you, you’re a woman as well, you can’t fight.”

“My best friend and my husband are bikers, you absolute dipshit, I can handle myself. I’ll show you if you get your overgrown man child to release me.” Marielle is being held by some weirdo who does actually look like a child, with a baby face and odd body, he is really fucking creepy. But hey, props to her, she’s brave.

“Maybe I’ll take you up on that offer once I’ve tarnished your Queen.” He seems excited at the prospect of getting off with the Queen. I would be shitting myself if Bear’s sharp glare was focused on me but Riot seems to shrug it off.

“No matter what you do to me, I will stay loyal to my President and my club.” Lexie growls, her eyes turning sharp and her entire body coiling in expectation. Riot gets angry and throws her to the ground, I launch myself out of the grip of my idiot and kick him in the balls for disrespecting my Queen.

“You bitch!” He roars, reaching for me and tugging my hair so that I look at him. “Do you know who I am?” He continues.

“I do, I just don’t care. You are a poor excuse of a man and a President. You can break in and pretend to be powerful and smart and all fucking knowing but in the end you will never live up to Bear’s legacy. You will never control this club and you will never be a true Rider. So beat on us all you want, use women to control the men, act like you’re better than us for all I care but you better remember that no matter what, you are a fucking coward and if you lay another hand on our Queen, I will not be responsible for my actions.”

He growls close to my face and throws me back to my captor, who drags me behind the bar away from everyone else. Probably the stupidest idea they’ve had all night. The thing is Romeo’s door is electric, don’t ask me why or how, I just remember Hunter getting locked in there the other day because of the way the door works.

Only Romeo really knows how it works, all I know is that when there is no power going to it, it doesn’t open. And behind this bar is the fuse box. If I can switch off the right panel, stopping them from getting to the kids means we can fight without worrying they’ll be harmed. Plus when the guards realise they can’t get into the office, they’re gonna join the fight.

Next question is, how do I get to the fuse box, switch off the right thing and make everyone aware of the plan without making the bad guys aware of the plan? There is a shotgun behind here so once I’ve switch the panel I could just start shooting, that should get the message across.

Smart Aurora, not very subtle but why subtlety when I can play with a shotgun.

I spot the fuse box a few steps to my left and start shuffling towards it. My guard seems happy with the beer in his hand and everyone else seems to be fascinated watching as the other three women are cuffed to the radiator. Bad idea on their behalf, Saviour has told me of her love for the cuffs, she can get out of those easy.

“Hendrix, I suppose you told them the layout of the building.” Bear prompts, leaning against the arm of the couch, probably relieved that a gun is no longer pointed at his wife’s head. I mean there’s two pointed in their general direction but like that's better, right?

“I’ll be a part of their chapter once they’ve deposed your ass.”

“Didn’t even know you knew the word ‘deposed’, Hendrix, you have the brain of a fucking caveman.” I chip in, now standing in front of fuse box. Nobody has noticed the fact I’m now a few feet from my guard and leaning against the bar with fake enthusiasm. I’m obviously brimming with joy to see my lovely, abusive, reject ex that can’t take a break up like a fucking man.

“You don’t get to speak, whore.”

“Ooh, congratulations! You’re wittier than the bully that tormented me in seventh grade, you should be so proud. You want a sticker?” I pout mockingly and twirl a spoon atop the surface as I stare him down.

“God, you’re such a pain in the ass!”

“Oh, no! You’ve insulted me! Whatever shall I do? I’ll be mentally and emotionally scarred for years!” Okay, I know you’re not supposed to antagonise your captors but this is just too damn fun.

“You’re insane!”

“Noted, acknowledged, deleted, shrug emoji.”

“I hate you.”

“Aww, why? I’m great.” I give him a bright grin with my biggest puppy dog eyes and all three women laugh. I love them.

“Shut the fuck up or I’ll muzzle you.” Riot growls and I smirk, turning my gaze on him. I want him to come over here, I can flip the switch and smash this bottle on his fucking head like he had one of his friends do to my Rider.

“Ooh, kinky.” I wink, resting my chin on my hand. I get my hand inside the fuse box and manage to figure out which switch it is, while still staring down the idiot across from me. Thank God I watched Romeo fix this problem the other day or we’d all be screwed.

Finally, with enough ignorance and complete disregard for the guns pointed at me, Riot storms over. I flick the switch and grab the bottle in quick succession smashing it over his head and knocking him out.

The guards immediately go for the kids but can’t open the door. It’s reinforced so it doesn’t even creak as they throw themselves at it. Within seconds, everyone jumps to action. I punch my guard in the face and snatch the handcuff keys from Riot, jumping over the bar to the women. As expected, Saviour has already freed herself and is now bashing some guy’s head on her knee viciously.

I unlock the cuffs on Mari and Lexie who hug me straight after. I then grab a wet cloth, ducking under people’s arms and legs, thankfully there are no bullets because all the guns were confiscated and Riot’s men are easily overpowered before they can get a shot off.

Just as I’m about to reach Breaker’s side, Hendrix grabs me and throws me at the wall hard enough to make me cough up blood. “Beating on a woman, Hendrix. This is a new low.”

“You drove me to it.” He goes to kick me but I manage to block it with my forearms and roll away from him and get to my feet. “You selfish, ignorant child!” He lashes out again and I take a hard hit to the stomach.

I punch him in the throat and he starts breathing all raspy, dropping to his knees in pain. Really? That’s it? “You keep underestimating me, Hendrix.” I tell him, completely exasperated, my voice laced in condescension. I pull back and punch him hard enough to knock him out. “Ow! You guys always make that look so much easier.” I shake out my bruised knuckles and hiss as Saviour takes my hand, her baby girl now safely in her husband’s arms.

“You saved our asses today, Cass, and our childrens’ too.”

“My hand hurts.” I pout and she laughs, bringing me over to the couch that they’ve put Breaker on.

“How did you know what to do?” Lexie asks, once all the guys have been tied up downstairs in the cells. I think they had to fit quite a few in one and there won’t be much movement until the Mexicans get here to take them elsewhere.

“I listen. Hunter got trapped in Romeo’s office the other day, Romeo played around with the fuse box and was mumbling about having a reinforced door and electric/mechanical locks so I just figured that if the power was off they wouldn’t be able to get the kids. If they couldn’t get to the kids, you guys would fight.”

“Thank you, Cassidy. You showed real loyalty to both me and my wife, we are indebted to you.”

“Meh, don’t worry about it. All I want right now is for this absolute idiot to wake up!” I shout at a still unconscious Breaker in frustration. He doesn’t even stir. Asshole. Saviour sewed up the cut on the back of his head and he’s got an icepack on it, I’ve got a bag of peas on my knuckles since they’ve swollen up to twice the size because that guy’s face is a literal rock. No wonder he’s so fucking stupid, he’s completely dense.

Ugh, I’m so tired.

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