Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

I groan heavily as I come to, a heavy knot resting in the back of my head and the light making my eyes ache. I manage to force myself to sit up and turn my head to look at the rest of the room. I’m in the lounge and it looks like nothing has happened, everyone is quite happily sat on the couches or on the floor eating ice cream.

The only reminder of the ordeal being the pain in my head. Did I just get black out drunk and imagine the whole thing? Just as I’m about to fall into a constant loop of daydreams about what could’ve happened, Romeo notices my consciousness and cheers. “Fucking hell, you’ve been out for hours.”

I look at Ollie, who is happily snoozing on Romeo’s collarbone before searching the room for Aurora. I begin to panic when I fail to find her. “Relax, man, she’s in the garden with Mac.” I relax back onto the couch, feeling the sting behind my eyes as I close them.

I want to know what happened but I’m tired and can’t be fucked to ask. I’m sure it’ll be talked about tomorrow in Church so I’ll find out whenever. I hated the feeling, seeing Aurora with a bruise on her face and the way she looked when Riot told us his plans for me.

Aurora finds her way back inside about an hour later, heading straight over to me with a smile on her face. “Took you long enough, you can stay conscious when shot but not when hit with a whiskey bottle? I’m disappoint-” Her squeal cuts her off as I tug her onto my lap, surprising her.

“Your woman saved the day today, Breaker.” Bear states and I look up at her in surprise as her cheeks turn pink in embarrassment.

“It was a team effort.” She mumbles back, snuggling closer to me to try and hide from everyone’s eyes on us.

“Bullshit, she even knocked out Riot.” Romeo hypes her up and I can feel her trying to melt into me, she’s probably wishing a black hole would suck her up right now. She’s terrible when the attention is on her.


It’s been a few weeks since the attack, all of the bikers from that chapter have been interrogated and tortured - a few flipped and are now prospects, the rest are buried somewhere in Mexican territory.

We spoke to the forefathers a few days after - where all the ‘retired’ bikers from Riders of Apollo country wide go - and they have negotiated with the other MCs in the area and settled for over 5 million for all of the land and properties. We got 50% of that because we dealt with the problem, the other 50% is spread out amongst the other chapters.

I live with Aurora in the flat above the cafe and my house is staying empty for awhile. I prefer it here for now anyway and so does Rory. Currently, I’m sitting on the couch reading a book - Rory still refuses to have a TV in here, another reason she doesn’t want to move to mine because I have a TV in basically every room - and Rory is out with the girls.

They wouldn’t tell me where they were going or what they were doing, just winked at me simultaneously, which freaked me out by the way, and then disappeared with my woman. They’ve been gone for almost five hours now and it’s almost eleven o’clock at night. “I’m home!”

Aurora walks into the apartment alone, thankfully, and heads over to me. She drops onto my lap, straddling me with a beaming smile on her face. I look up at her before kissing her slowly, enjoying the feeling as she curves into me, melting under my touch. “I have a surprise for you.” She whispers, dragging her forefinger across my jawline.

“Hmm? And what would that be?” I slowly pull down the front of her top with my fingertips, brushing the curve of her breast and catching the red marks I left yesterday kissing the lace of her bra.

She takes my hand and pushes it downwards, I think I know where it’s going until she presses it onto her thigh. My brain computes that there is a weird plastic on it even with all the lust clouding my thought process and I manage to look down. “It’s official.” She coos, her hands caressing my chest while I stare at the tattoo.

‘Property of Breaker’ is written under the club logo and I laugh gleefully. “You’re not going anywhere.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.” She reassures while I let my hand venture up to where I thought it was going to go. “Ah, no. We have to get to the Clubhouse, Lex wants us there.”

“I swear Lexie is the biggest cock blocker.” I growl, making her shiver and laugh at the same time. “At least let me make you feel better.” I can feel her frustration and lust in her body language, her head is thrown back and her eyes squeezed shut as she tries to calm herself down.

“We’ll be late.” Her voice is breathless as she curves further away from me as if that’ll stop the tightening in her thighs or stomach.

“You underestimate me, my darling.” I whisper against her neck, breaking her resolve as she slams her lips back onto mine viciously. I slide my hand in between her legs, making her whimper in need. I press my knuckle against her clit as I bite down her neck to the swell of her chest.

“Fuck, Breaker.” She groans impatiently, rocking against my hand fervently. As promised, I make quick work of bringing her to the edge, dragging her chin down so I can watch her eyes roll into the back of her head.

After a few minutes, she stands up on shaky legs and sighs. “I’m gonna go change.” I laugh at the look on her face and head into the bathroom to freshen up quickly. I find Rory in some joggers and a cropped jumper, her trainers now on instead of the heels she was wearing earlier.

The Clubhouse isn’t very busy when we get there, it’s just the couples except Romeo and Runner. “There you are, Cass! Here, come sit down.” I take a seat first and drag Rory onto my lap, similar to how the rest are sat, Lexie is pacing in front of all of us while Saviour watches on with amusement.

Baby Miracle is tucked in her arms and babbling softly as her mother coos down at her. “Sav, pay attention, this is gonna be difficult.” Lexie scolds and Sav rolls her eyes, what the fuck is going on? “So, a week from today is Lucia’s bir-”

“No!” Reign and Bear shout immediately, Rory jumps in surprise and I look at Hunter who just rolls his eyes.

“Come on! It’s peace time and us girls just wanna dress up and go to a really pretty mansion and dance the night away drinking really expensive champagne and eating a twelve tier cake.” Lexie pouts at her husband, knowing he’d be able to convince Reign to roll over as well.

“Is it an all woman affair again or are we allowed to come with you?” Bear raises his eyebrow in question, making Lexie pout even more.

“No, Lucia just wants the girls and you guys aren’t really welcome on their land except when invited!”

“Alexiana, do you remember what happened last time?”

“Don’t full name me, Bear or you’ll sleep in the guest room and yes of course I remember what happened last time. Mari and I were safe the whole time.”

“Only because Saviour jumped in front of you and got you to safety before the attack was even properly underway.”

“Exactly! We’re safe!”

“Why is it always my wife putting her life on the line?” Reign isn’t actually angry, if anything he’s mocking Lexie, the fake pout in place and everything.

“It was Cassidy last time! Look, what if we send texts every hour and wear those stupid trackers that Romeo made that tell you if our heart rate and blood pressure change or whatever. Hell I’ll even wear an earpiece if it means I can go to that party. Lucia is buying us gorgeous dresses and shoes!”

“Fucking fine but I swear you’re wearing every piece of tech that Romeo owns and you’re taking a gun too.”

“Thank you!” Lexie cheers and Aurora looks back at me in confusion.

“I have multiple questions,” I nod to prompt her to continue, “Who is Lucia? And do I have to go?”

“Lucia is Saviour’s sister and yes, you’re going! It’s like a girls trip and trust me you’ll want to see what dress Lucia has picked out for you. We have to meet her at the dress shop in twenty minutes actually so we should get going.”

Wait what? Today? “All four of us are riding protection, I’m not taking any risks.” Bear tells us. The rest of the club are sleeping upstairs, even the members with houses, we do this after every attack just in case someone tries to take advantage of our ‘weakness’.

I almost groan in anger when Rory is forced into the car, it feels weird riding without her but it’s safety reasons or something. If someone starts shooting at us from behind, she’ll be the one that’s shot. Besides, Sav’s car is bulletproof and she can drive like a drag racer in the middle of the city.

The drive is relatively quick to the really posh dress shop, I’m pretty sure it’s actually owned by Matias but I don’t ask questions about their business dealings. I doubt I’d wanna know. There are fifteen armed guards out the front and three inside, all to protect Lucia. We head inside, nodding at the guards in acknowledgement before getting smacked in the face with the smell of perfume.

This is gonna be a long night.

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