Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Aurora Sterling

Okay, I’m feeling incredibly awkward in this overpriced, extravagant boutique. My grubby, foster kid hands can’t touch any of this in fear of sullying the priceless fabric. I couldn’t even look in stores like this when I was younger and I don’t even want to know the prices of anything in here.

I can’t believe somebody is buying five of these dresses, one for a girl she hasn’t even met before. Lexie tugs me away from Breaker and I frown at the distance, I will spiral into a panic attack if I’m not made comfortable in this place soon. “You must be Cassidy, you are very very pretty. Peyton, I believe you are right, she must have Latina in her somewhere. The curves, the hair and the lashes, almost positive. Come along, I am very excited to show you the dress I chose for you.”

“Umm, it’s nice to meet you but you don’t have to do this. I’m sure I can just wear something from my wardrobe.”

“Darling, no.” She coos, brushing a soft hand elegantly across my cheek, “You are much too beautiful and are a dear friend of my sister which makes you a friend of mine. Besides, I like playing dress up and spending my husband’s money. So! No more arguments, here.”

I take the soft fabric out of her hands and marvel at the soft shimmer that glitters under the soft lights in the room. It seems almost white but iridescent when moved. The neckline is square and the straps are very thin, it has a diamond encrusted belt and a few diamonds sewn on throughout to add to the glittery appearance. “It is gorgeous, no?”

“This is unreal.” I hug the dress closer to me, suddenly feeling very protective over the fragile thing. She smiles sweetly and squeezes my free hand before turning to Lexie with a grin on her face.

“As per usual, for the fellow Queen, I have chosen something equally as dazzling as last time...” She brings out a gorgeous blush pink dress with a soft skirt and tight, corset-like bodice. The dress is mostly covered with tiny little pink and white flowers with a deep neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves.

Lexie squeals in excitement and takes the dress just as gently as I did. “As for you, dear Marielle, with the perfect skin and model like body...” A tulle dress is pulled from the rack in a deep sunset orange, the skirt falling perfectly and the top decorated with jewel encrusted butterflies. The waist is cinched in with a ribbon and the sleeves will sit just below her shoulders.

“And for you, sister, I figured I could have a little bit more fun.” She winks and hands Saviour a burgundy dress with mesh sleeves and a skirt that falls in soft waves. “The neckline is almost open my dear so I grabbed a bralette that matches.” The bralette has sheer panels and extra straps over the curve of the breast. “Quickly, change! Then I’ll show you mine.”

She claps gleefully before shoving each of us into our own changing rooms. My dress slips on perfectly and because the back is so low I’m able to do it up without any problems. There’s support in the dress so I don’t need to wear a bra and it glues to my body beautifully, loosening at my knees and flowing behind me.

I never thought I’d ever wear something as beautiful nor as expensive as this. Nor did I expect to feel so perfect in it, I’d date me. I head out and spot Lexie twirling happily. She makes a squeal/snort like noise before rushing over to me and squeezing my hands.

“We look so good!” Her dress is tight at the top but her skirt is loose and you can see down to the middle of her chest, the fabric curling over her shoulders and falling across the top of her arms. The pink is a good colour on her, continues the cute angel vibe she’s always got going on.

Marielle is out next and she looks phenomenal. The colour compliments her skin perfectly and the butterflies just suit her personality, her dress is similar to Lexie’s in terms of shape, both tight at the top but flowing skirts. She seems just as excited and hurries over to us, having to hoist her skirts in the process so she doesn’t fall over.

Saviour is finally out of her room and my jaw drops. The dress is gorgeous, it has a long train and the neckline reveals down to the middle of her stomach, the bralette is covered on either side by the dress and the sleeves reach her elbows. Her leg pokes out from between the tiers of fabric in the skirt and I know that’s there so she can fight easier and access her weapons without any trouble.

The thing that’s freaking me out is the actual crown on her head.

The crown is made of silver leaves that wrap around each other and a relatively large diamond hangs in the middle of her forehead, I feel the need to bow to her. That is until Lucia exits her room and I almost pass out.

Her dress is the standard princess style dress with a large skirt and everything - top to bottom - is encrusted with diamonds. It hugs her chest and sleeves cover her arms but leave her shoulders bare. Her crown is massive, with white gold and rubies, it has to weigh a tonne but she carries it easily with broad shoulders and a sense of elegance that I would kill to have. “Jeez Lucia, you went all out this year.” Sav drinks from her champagne, still staring at her sister in surprise.

“Well it was ruined last year so Mat gave me a large budget for my dress this year and trust me, I am using every cent.”

“You look gorgeous.” We all say some variation of it after Saviour and laugh at the extravagance of it.

“So, are you ready to show your men what you look like?” Lucia winks, leading the pack with us flanking her. I walk beside Lexie while the other two walk on the other side of her.

Okay, I know I said I felt perfect earlier but when an intelligent, gorgeous man like Breaker looks at you like you’re royalty, you feel fucking spectacular.

His eyes are wide in awe and his jaw looks ready to fall off, I head over to him to close his mouth and plant a quick kiss on his lips. Still reeling at the look he gives me. He’s always looked at me like I’m pretty, heck I’d even stretch to beautiful but right now he’s looking at me like I’m his whole world and more.

“Fuck me, Rory. You look...”


“That doesn’t even begin to cover it. A perfect woman, nobly planned, to warn, to comfort and command.” He whispers into my ear and I melt at the words, I like it when he quotes poems to me. This one being Perfect Woman by William Wordsworth.

“And yet a Spirit still, and bright with something of angelic light.” I finish and continue to smile up at me, listening to the others get complimented by their men before Lexie forces us away to get back into our other clothes.

I want to pout at the idea of taking the dress off, loving the way it makes me feel but I manage to coax myself to take it off and gently place it in the garment bag so it can come home with me safely.

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