Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

(A/N: your reactions to the last chapter are funny, I'm sorry :D. You're all desperate for this chapter and I'm not even sorry to tell you that I actually wrote this last night and could've posted it but didn't. Oops? Hope you enjoy it anyway!)

The party is finally coming to a close, the girls on their way back from the mansion without anything going wrong. Bear is relaxed now, having spent the last five or six hours pacing, panicking and acting like a dick.

We were tempted to sedate him because he was pissing us off but if we did, I can almost guarantee something would've happened. It's like our enemies can sense whenever Bear closes his eyes for more than thirty seconds because they descend on us immediately.

Still, I was tempted. Reign has been up and down the stairs because Miracle is an unhappy baby sometimes - Runner says it's her love for him that causes it, he's dramatic like that - but I have never heard him complain. He brags about that child and his wife all the time, it's adorable but also really fucking annoying.

Though I doubt I'm much better.

"We're home in one piece, my darling! Are you proud?" Lexie demands, looking a little drunk as she stumbles in. The other two seem just as bad, only Rora is sober as she drifts over to me with a withdrawn look on her face and shaking like a leaf.

I cradle her in my lap and she disappears into my chest with a soft sigh. Cuddling as close as possible. "Why don't you take her home, Breaker? I imagine her anxiety has exhausted her." Gears says as he walks by to check on his daughters, clapping my shoulder on the way.

She's quiet on the back of the bike too. She's normally giggling or shouting in excitement, this is starting to freak me out. She still doesn't say a word when we get to the apartment, just heads to the bathroom with clothes in her hand and the door locked behind her.

What the fuck happened?

I manage to keep myself calm, sliding into the bed after changing out of my clothes and fucking around on my phone to stop my brain from making up scenarios for the time it takes for her to finish in the bathroom.

"I need to talk to you." I fucking hate those words, I almost crap myself and burst into tears at the same time.

"Please don't be breaking up with me, I seriously couldn't take it. You have my name literally tattooed on you and that'll be hard to explain to the new guy and I imagine that he won't be very happy with it and when you said you'd be my Old Lady, you promised me forever. And I mean forever! That means marriage, children, retirement, whatever! Everything. You're not talking, Aurora, please say some-thing."

My last few words are muffled by her hand over my mouth while she straddles my lap. "I-I don't think I've ever heard you say that many words in a row before." She sniffles softly, her eyes teary and scared.

This is not helping at all, I'm spinning all sorts of stories and problems and everything, none of them are ending well for me. "Did you mean what you said?"

"What, baby?"

"About marriage and children..."

"Of course I did, why else would I say it?"

"We never spoke about it before..."

"I would be happy with any decision you make, Rory. You are everything to be, can you please tell me what's wrong? Was it the party? Did something happen?"

She closes her eyes and slips off my lap despite my grip on her hips to dig around in the bathroom again. She walks back to me gingerly, her hands behind her back and she refuses to look me in the eye.

"You're scaring me." I force out, my throat and chest tight and my hands shaking. She shoves something into my hand and I tear my eyes away from her to the white stick in my hands. "Holy shit." Is all I can think.

"I'm sorry!" She bursts into tears, snapping me out of everything and I dive out of the bed to comfort her.

"Why are you crying, baby? This is a good thing... right?"

"It is?" She looks up at me shyly, her tears shining on her face as she begs me for an answer silently.

"I promised you everything, Aurora. This is everything, this baby... is everything." She starts crying again but I gather this is happy tears.

I lift her into my arms as she tucks her face in my neck with her legs wrapped tightly around my waist.

"Are you happy?" She asks an hour or so later, after being led in the bed with her head on my chest and me reading her favourite book.

I drop the book on the bedside table and slide down her body to rest my chin gently on her stomach and look up at her. Her hand lands on my cheek as she stares down at me. "You and this baby are the best things to ever happen to me."

"Imagine what your mom is gonna say." She says with a bright laugh, her head tilted back and her eyes sparkling. God, I hope this baby looks like her, she is too fucking perfect especially when she smiles like that.

I never really thought about children until I met Rory. When we sat in that coffee shop and I thought I couldn't love anything as much as I love her. But I know now that I was wrong, this baby is half her and I love them already.

"She's always wanted a grandchild. I'm gonna have to bring them out here actually, hold on." I dive for my phone and she laughs even harder.

"Breaker! It's three in the morning!"

"Don't care, my mama needs to knowwww!" I have my phone snatched away from me before I manage to dial the number and I pout sadly. "I wanna brag that my baby is pregnant with my baby. Give me my phone back, everyone needs to know!"

"Tell them at a more appropriate time, you maniac. Unhand me!" I tug her closer to me as she dangles my phone above her head. "This is illegal, Breaker!" She squeals even louder as I manage to drag her closer enough to have my fingertips brush against my phone until the little smartass drops the fucking thing behind the bed frame.

"Oh you sneaky little cheater."

"It was a necessary evil!" She declares rolling out from under me and I allow her to slam me onto the mattress while straddling my abdomen. Her hair is a mess and she's wearing my shirt but that fucking smile is everything I've ever needed. "Tomorrow, tell them tomorrow."

"Today is tomorrow." I point out and she smacks me. I laugh at her fierce attempt to dissuade me from texting my mother but forgets that I have an Apple watch.

"You wouldn't dare."

"Oh but I already have." I show her the sent text to my mum and she facepalms viciously. "And she's getting everyone on a flight in the morning, hope you're ready to get smothered!"

"You're lucky I love you."


"Where is my daughter?! Move, Adrian!" Mum arrives in the late afternoon with my father and two brothers in tow. I know she's told everyone else as they've sent well wishes but didn't get on a plane three hours after finding out.

"Aurora, mum's here." Aurora comes flying out of the bedroom and is immediately in mum's embrace with the same smile on her face. I never want that smile to leave, I swear.

"I can't believe it, I'm so excited. My first grandbaby!"

"Probably be your only grandchild at this rate." Elliot says with a laugh, hugging Aurora gently as soon as mum releases her.

"He's right, women are apparently very difficult to apprehend if you're not a rich biker with a pretty face and a penchant for breaking bones." Ben mocks, embracing Aurora quickly.

"No, you two are just assholes." Dad is the last to join the conversation but he's very sweet and gentle with her.

"Dad, don't be a dick. I'm your favourite kid because I took after you." Ben claps his shoulder and dad rolls his eyes.

"And yet you don't have a beautiful wife and a baby on the way, do you? Did you get married in secret?"

"See that's dick behaviour. You're being a dick. I just told you not to do that." Dad then puts him in a headlock and violently gives him a noogie until he can hardly walk straight.

"No fighting, God it's a happy day today!" Mum smacks all three of them away from each other and hugs me tightly. "I'm so proud and happy for you, baby! I can't believe that a few months ago..."

She starts crying so can't finish her sentence and I descend into awkwardness. I never know what to do when she cries, thankfully dad takes over for me so I hug Rory instead.

It feels good to have my family here and it feels good to finally have one of my own.

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