Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Epilogue: Aurora Sterling

"You've graduated and you can't even drink." Lexie laughs, knocking back a shot as we wait at the bar of the MC's club. They decided that to celebrate we'll go clubbing even though I'm three months pregnant.

Idiots, I swear.

The entire club is here and most of them are sat on the couches in the corner, Breaker is there too. I've been dragged to the bar by Lexie and the other two are dancing a few feet away from us. "Well whose idea was this?" I mock, smacking the back of her head playfully.

"It was mine." She laughs evilly, taking another shot and grabbing the margaritas for the girls while I follow along behind with a bottle of water. "Here you go!"

"Oh Jesus, I asked for straight vodka! How did you get it confused with this?" Saviour takes the glass with a grimace. I've only ever seen her drink spirits or wine, never anything mixed.

"Just drink it, little miss fussy." Marielle is already halfway through hers, Lexie is drunk and has been for about an hour now. She is a very amusing drunk, I'll admit, says the craziest shit and Bear should be worried about how much we just found out about the inner workings of their relationship.

"Well looks like both of us will be going home sober." Sav pouts and passes the drink off somewhere without Lexie seeing. She twirls me around and drags me further onto the dancefloor, the other two close behind us.

All of us are quite happy laughing, shouting and basically grinding on each other when men start creeping around us and they're not ours. We all look at each other before smiling, nodding shortly afterwards.

Lexie goes first, kneeing the guy after her in the dick so hard he actually hits the floor. Marielle punches hers in the nose, it breaks and starts bleeding everywhere. Saviour headbutts hers and he ends up unconscious.

And, finally, in full Aurora fashion, I grab the beer bottle the guy is holding and smash it on his head. Then we continue dancing like nothing happened while everyone looks on in astonishment.

"That's it, home time!" Bear shouts and kidnaps a laughing Lexie who wiggles in protest but doesn't really fight back. Saviour seems happy to be free of it and Marielle is basically drooling over her husband.

"Hi baby." Breaker whispers in my ear and gently leads me out to the car. He refuses to let me on his bike until the baby is born because there are too many risks and I agreed with him since he looked so terrified at the idea of losing us.

His mom obviously thought the same and when she was here she wrote down everything she could think of to help me with the pregnancy. Thankfully, morning sickness isn't too bad for me but I do get uncomfortable a lot so I'm grateful for my warm body pillow that goes by the name of Breaker.

He definitely doesn't mind when I end up on top of him in the middle of the night on the verge of tears because I'm so uncomfy. He just strokes my back and whispers sweet things into my ear until we both fall asleep again.

I don't know whether we'll want another baby after this, Breaker says that he doesn't mind as long as the baby and I are healthy, he'll be happy.

"When we wake up, we're going to the house." I squeal in excitement and roll up into a sitting position so he can see me from the bathroom where he's leaning on the doorframe.

He's been renovating his house for us and the baby, extending it so we still have enough guest rooms for his family and maybe more bedrooms if we decide to have more kids. He tells me there are now seven bedrooms, which includes our room, and he added a sunroom, a library and a laundry room.

He hasn't let me see it though, he roped the girls in to help him and they've been asking my opinion on things but obviously I don't have a clue what anything is going to turn out like and I finally get to see it. "You've finished it?"

"Finished up as of yesterday." I start crying, as per the usual, and he rushes to comfort me. He brings me into his lap and rocks me gently to bring me back down to earth. "Why are you crying, honey?"

"Because I love you and I'll love our home and I already love our baby. I love everything so much that I have to cry." He chuckles softly while my sobbing ramps up and he carries me to the kitchen to get me some tea.


I'm ready to cry. I'm ready to break into massive, heaving tears where I exhaust myself because this damn house is just so damn perfect.

It's a tall, white house with two pillars flanking the double front doors - yes, I said double doors - with six bay windows at the front of the house letting in unreal amounts of light. There's roses in the flowerbeds out the front and there are succulent bowls buried around as well.

"Oh my god." I choke out, letting Breaker coax me inside where I almost fall over. The floor is real oak and covers every room, the kitchen is the first room on the right - if you can even call it a room, the place is open so you can see into every room from one place - the cupboards are a light green with grey marble counters and silver taps and a porcelain sink.

My dream kitchen. "Holy fuck."

"I don't think I've ever heard you swear before." Breaker tells me which I know is a bold faced lie, I swear all the time.

The lounge is just as beautiful with an emerald colour couch and a patterned area rug tucked under a glass coffee table. The walls are white but most of them are covered in pictures I've taken, some of the girls, some of the MC, some of Breaker obviously.

The TV is hung above a brick fireplace and a window seat has been fitted covered in comfy looking pillows and blankets. The library is just gorgeous with ceiling high shelves stacked with new and old books. My plants are in here, scattered across every surface and my chaise longue, that B and I have spent a lot of time on, is tucked below the window like it was at the apartment.

"This is the playroom for all the kids, Lexie has decided that this is the babysitting house." I chuckle as he leads me into the smaller room covered in toys with a tunnel slide and a soft play area.

"Our child is already so spoiled and they aren't even born yet."

"Only the best, baby, we have the money." I smile up at him, twirling under his arms.

"Will you show me the bedroom?" I smirk up at him and he does in fact, show me the bedroom...

How did I go from a beaten woman to a high school graduate with a Rider and a baby?

I don't know but I am incredibly grateful for whatever lead me here.

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