Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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So, this was my favourite book to write, I loved the others I promise, but this one was all fluff and cuteness that I just fell in love with it.

I'm so sad to have finished but proud to have done so as well, considering before this series I couldn't finish a whole book, just a few random chapters, and now I've got four whole books posted and another on the way.

Thank you for following me along with this, I've loved every one of your comments and have tried to like and/or reply to every single one of them.

I did ask you guys who you wanted to hear from so I figured I'd explain what I'm planning to do for the next few. Please comment on whether or not you'd actually like to see them but I'm trying to connect with everyone here.

So, this is the order I'm thinking:

Boulder - he was highly asked for and I figured the tall loner could do with someone to keep him company.

Leo (the baby prospect) - I know this one seems kinda random but his story is needed to build the rest of the storyline, I promise you'll understand when we get there.

Rubble - now I made you guys hate him in this book and everyone has requested that he suffer for a little longer hence why he's not gonna be getting his woman for a little while. He's gotta grow up a little first and suffer a little too.

Bear (prequel) - I've wanted to write this for ages, since I started the first one, but I wanted it to be a flashback so that we can see how they got to where they are from what they were. It was also highly requested and has been since this all started so I'm definitely excited for this one.

I'm also considering a 'sequel' where we see all the kids grow up to surpass their parents and cause trouble, explore their character dynamics and their friendships/relationships.

And finally, since I love mafia stories on here and on Wattpad, I am considering writing the story of Matias and Lucia.

What do we think? Comment below!

Thank you guys and I appreciate every single one of you!

Lots of love, Ellie x

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