Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Aurora Sterling

I thought that being away from Breaker would be harder, at first the anxiety came back swiftly but looking at the little babies in the corner, so calm and so relaxed, helped me chill out a bit. “Are you alright if we do your hair and makeup, honey? We can cover those bruises for you.” Lexie asks and I almost start crying right there.

Most of my old ‘friends’ never respected the fact that I didn’t like being touched and always forced it on me. Tugging me into hugs and grabbing at my hair, poking me with makeup brushes to the point where I’d have a panic attack. I was always exhausted after my interactions with them.

I nod and they get to work, they move slowly though so that I can see their hands and I’m put in front of a mirror so I can see what Marielle is doing to my hair. I don’t particularly care what I look like, I just love the fact that they care enough to take those precautions to make me feel safe in their environment, make me feel cared for.

It takes a little longer to do my makeup because of the bruises but it comes out soft with highlight and blush enhancing my features and a little bit of mascara coating my lashes. I like that they went quite heavy with the face makeup to cover the bruises but left the rest simple so it didn’t feel like it’s too much.

My hair has been straightened so it reaches my mid back and it curls around my face like a blow out would. “Thank you.” I whisper, grateful for the extra time they spent on me.

“Come on, let’s pick you an outfit. What do you fancy wearing, lovely?” Saviour opens the doors to reveal a lot of clothes and shoes, it looks like a boutique store with everything you could possibly imagine.

Saviour helps me pick my outfit, choosing a white off-the-shoulder top that tucks into tight blue jeans that stop above my ankle. She then accessorises it with a cute checkered fabric belt that cinches in my waist and brings the outfit together. She then hands me socks and some yellow converse, “In case you needed a bit of colour.” She says with a smile, I tie the shoes after putting the socks on and twirl in front of them, blushing softly when they clap happily.

“You look so pretty.” Gem - Mari’s little girl - says and I reach down to twirl her, laughing along with her little giggles. She’s so sweet.

“We better hurry up, Prez wants us out in the lounge for ten. Gives us about half an hour.” Saviour checks her watch and laughs softly.

“I’m sorry for holding you up.” I mutter, feeling bad already.

“No, honey, trust me. This happens everyday and I mean, every damn day.” Saviour says with playful exasperation which makes me laugh. “Let’s go ladies.”

Thankfully by the time I got here all three of them had already done their makeup but Lexie was in the middle of doing her hair and Marielle was eating and Saviour was choosing her outfit. We cut it close but we finish getting ready with five minutes to spare, all of us high fiving excitedly.

Lexie chose a light yellow dress with small flowers on that reaches her mid shin, the sleeves are really pretty and brush her elbows as she walks. She just chose some white converse and simple jewellery, letting her red hair be the focus point of the whole thing. She’s curled it into bouncy curls that look like something a Victoria’s Secret model would style. She really is beautiful.

Saviour is wearing a black lace bodysuit, tucked into a short black skirt with a long cardigan over it, a Gucci belt wraps over the cardigan and brings her waist in which she then pairs with thigh high boots and long necklaces that elongate her neck and enhance her cleavage. Her hair is also in model curls and her makeup is dark and smoky. She is hot, would 100% go there if she wasn’t married.

Marielle is wearing striped trousers and a silk blouse that slips off one of her shoulders to reveal a little bit of the lace on her bra and her hair is now a silky caramel and brushes her shoulder blades as she slips in her earrings. Her outfit is simple, like mine but she still looks absolutely stunning.

If only they were single.

“Are you gonna be okay, lovely? Everyone is gonna be in there.” Lexie asks me, putting her arm out for me to link mine with.

“Could you drop me off with Breaker?” I ask weakly, my heart rate picking up slightly at the idea of being in a room with so many people.

“Of course, stay close, okay? We’ll stop people from touching you.” Marielle stands on my other side with Saviour in the front, Miracle pressed to her chest while the little kids sprint out to find their parents in the next room.

I take a deep breath as we head out and I try and avoid looking at all the men in the room, feeling my anxiety creep up my throat. At least I am anxious, until a fiery wave of anger washes over me and I break out of Lexie’s hold to slam my fist into his nose like I’ve dreamed about doing for the last eighteen months.

“Cassidy.” Hendrix looks at me in surprise as he grips his bleeding nose in his hand.

“This is where you were? Protected by a fucking biker gang while they were beating me?” I punch him again, wanting him to feel just an iota of the pain I went through because of him. “I almost died for you and you found a fucking family, a place to live without worrying about the roof above your head, a job that you could rely on.”

“Look Cass, I’m sorry for playing yo-”

“You think you played me?” I step back and laugh incredulously, “Who ended up losing, huh? I mean, what the fuck did I lose? An asshole that didn’t appreciate what I did for him? Good luck finding someone who put up with you like I did. You played your damn self.”

I push out through the group of people and out into the back garden, resting against the back of the building and taking a deep breath. Weirdly, I don’t even feel upset. I feel damn proud and punching him felt awesome.

“Aurora...” His soft gravelly voice has my heart rate picking back up but in a good way.

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