Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

I knew she was a fighter. I almost laugh at the faces of everyone in the room, staring after the spitfire that just punched one of our prospects twice after taking a heavy beating last night. I look at the prospect in disgust, I really fucking hope Bear burns his fucking cut or gives him all of the shit jobs for the next ten years.

I look at the women as they discuss over who should go and get her, they come to a unanimous decision and turn to me. I roll my eyes and heave myself out of the armchair, the crowd passing to let me through.

“Aurora.” She spins to look at me and smiles.

“I’m okay, if anything I am fantastic. I never was a fighter but punching him felt good.” I laugh and sit down on the stairs, her following my actions soon after.

“You have good form.”

“Thank you.” She laughs softly, the light pink returning to her cheeks, though I think that might be makeup. Still, she looks incredible, warm and kind but fierce. I’m ready to sign my soul away right now just to keep her happy. “I’m sorry for ruining your President’s meeting, I didn’t realise what I was doing until it happened.”

“To be honest, it wasn’t anything particularly important. Just a hazing session, though you seem to have done that for us.”

“He deserved it.” She mumbles.

“I know.” She seems surprised at my reply and I just smile, “You ready to go back in? They’ll be full on hazing him at this point.” I stand up and reach out a hand to help her up, relaxing as her soft skin slips against mine. I pull her in front of me so that I can follow her in and this time the crowd parts for her. I let her sit in the armchair and I lean on it behind her, eyeing Hendrix as he watches us.

“You gonna ruin this for me too?” Hendrix spreads his arms wide, open for attack as he stares down at the small but formidable woman in front of me.

“Revenge isn’t the plan, you’ll fuck yourself on your own. You’re good at that.”

“I left for a fucking reason, Cassidy. You were a burden on me, I couldn’t deal with you anymore, that’s just how some things go.” The room goes tense as Aurora rises from her seat and approaches Hendrix who still thinks he has the upper hand here. If anything, he’s just turned the whole room against him.

“Don’t play the victim of the circumstances you created, Hendrix. You’re the one that attacked my foster father and got me thrown out onto the streets. You’re the one that stopped me from getting a job because you didn’t want me making friends. You had me clean the apartment and do your fucking laundry, fuck you whenever you wanted and forced me to emancipate myself because I was brainwashed to love you!” She shoves him and he stumbles, “You got yourself involved with a loan shark and I had to pay the price for that while you fucked around with other women and found a family to love your narcissistic, lying ass. You are a goddamn coward, I gave you everything and you left me like I was nothing. I made it without you, fuck me, I’m stronger than you could ever hope to be and I did that on my own, you were the burden... not me.”

She backs off and he spits blood from his mouth. Everyone else is eerily silent, nobody dares to move as we wait for whatever his reaction would be. “And now you’re here, what do you want? Me to come back or do you just wanna fuck Breaker like the little slut you are?”

The flash of fire behind Aurora’s eyes kicks everyone else’s off and they’re ready to tear him apart but a simple smirk, that twists her face and has me struggling to breathe, stops them. “I may be a slut but I still wouldn’t sleep with you.” She drives her knee into his dick hard enough for him to fold in half and I just about melt into the floor.

I can’t handle the amount of emotions I’m experiencing right now. She’s so beautiful with big eyes and soft skin, freckles and a small stature but she has a soulful, savage thing about her that brings me to my fucking knees. I feel an astounding amount of pride, my possessiveness rearing its head as she walks back to me and finds comfort in me.

“Give me your cut.” Bear’s voice is laced with restrained anger and from the tense backs of everyone else in the room, I can only assume that they’re all finding it hard to keep themselves from slicing him apart. Even though we don’t know Aurora, we can tell that he was an abuser.

We don’t swear in abusers.

“Really? Are you happy now, Cass? You’ve ruined my life, again.”

“Your actions have consequences, you did this to yourself.” Bear says as he takes Hendrix’s cut and Runner brings the fire drum which is already full of wood and accelerant. We all head outside. My hand presses against Aurora’s back, both in comfort and in protection as Hendrix looks ready to attack her.

Bear gestures for Aurora to go forward and she looks at me first, begging me to tell her that he’s safe. I understand why now, she’s been fucked over by so many people, beaten by others, she needs to extra attention and care. I nod and she slips from my grip and slips her hand into Bear’s.

Bear then lets Aurora light Hendrix’s cut which is unheard of. Normally the Prez does it, signifying the bond to the club gone but I suppose he knows it would be closure for her. He then finishes the ceremony by throwing the cut onto the fire.

“You are cut from the Riders of Apollo, you cannot join another chapter and if you choose to join another club it cannot be within the tristate area. If I see you anywhere near the clubhouse, you will be branded and beaten before transported to another chapter for them to do the same which will continue until you die. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I understand.” He spits on the ground and goes to leave.

“You’ve still got one of my guns.” Runner calls out and steps forward to take it.

“Fuck all of you.” He shouts before getting on his bike and fucking off.

“I’m sorry for ruining your meeting.” Aurora retreats back into herself now that the anger has dispersed and she’s back to the sweet woman that we met last night.

“Trust me, that was better than what I had arranged. I’m glad we found you before we swore him in.” She smiles slightly before making her way back to me, her hands tightly squeezing each other. I gently pull them apart so she doesn’t break her own fingers before gesturing with my head for her to go back inside with the girls.

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