Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Aurora Sterling

The last thing I was expecting was to be saved by a group of bikers only to find - and then abuse - my ex boyfriend all in a day and a half but then again, my life has never had any semblance of normal.

I sit back down in the pink room with the women and kids as Church happens. I don’t know what Church is, just that close to thirty men wedged themselves in a small room and they do this often. Poor Saviour, stuck in there surrounded by testosterone. “So, how old are you, Cass?”

“Nineteen, turning twenty in a few months.” I respond, taking a sip of the wine that Lexie handed me as soon as I sat down. It’s only noon but she said that after everything that happened I deserve something to take the edge off.

“You said you dropped out of school, did you ever think about going back?” Mari asks as she lifts Gem onto her lap, watching as Ollie pouts now his friend has been taken from him.

“Yeah, I’m thinking about enrolling for next month since it’s close to when I left. Hopefully I’ll be able to transfer my transcripts without losing any credits. I was in AP for a lot of them so catching up is going to kill me.”

“I did AP classes, biology, chemistry and maths. I was going to take physics but I can’t do it.” Mari laughs while Lexie rolls her eyes.

“Good for you, I only just graduated from school. I sucked at stupid people classes.” Lexie groans, draining her half full glass and pouring herself another.

“Girl, you were the only woman surrounded by idiot bikers, keeping them in line is a full time job. I’m surprised you were even able to go to school.” Mari justifies, subtly moving the wine bottle closer to me so that Lexie can’t reach it. Miracle gets fussy so I lift her from the crib set up for her and rest her against my chest.

“You’re really good with her.” I jump at Lexie’s voice and wince.

“I’m sorry for not asking... it’s just, I used to help out at the group home I didn’t even think.”

“Don’t worry about it, Sav trusts you.” Lexie squeezes my knee and I keep Miracle close to my chest as she calms down from her nightmare and starts making adorable little noises. The girls and I chat for another ten minutes or so before the door opens and Saviour comes in, followed by three men.

“Aww, hi baby.” Sav coos and gently takes Miracle from my grip before passing her to one of them. He’s the biggest, with long hair and sharp features.

“Oh! Cass, this is my husband Reign, my best friend Runner and his boyfriend, Romeo.”

“Am I not your best friend, Saviour? You know I take offence to that.” Romeo points out and I laugh softly. “Breaker is looking for you, by the way.” I nod and stand from my seat, watching as Ollie runs flat out into Romeo’s dick causing him to groan. “Okay, we’ve gotta work on that.” He lifts him up while Ollie laughs hysterically.

I shake my head and turn around, only to bump into another really big guy.

Seriously? Are these guys on steroids?

“Hi.” I whisper, feeling incredibly awkward as he towers over me. I’m thankful for the amount of makeup I have on because I’m sure I’m bright red underneath it.

“Hi there, darlin’. I’m Mac, Reign’s dad.” I look up at him in surprise. He seems too young to be Reign’s dad but maybe he had him young, maybe thirteen. “I can see you tryna work out the math there, darlin’. I adopted him when he joined the club.”

“I’m sorry for being nosey.” I rub my arm and look at the ground.

“No worries, Breaker is looking for you out in the garden. I think he’s getting a little worried. I think he thinks you left.”

“Thank you.” I reply and slip passed him, thankfully avoiding anymore awkward encounters as I make my way to the massive garden. It’s just plain grass though and I would have a field day planting all sorts of flowers around here but I don’t think that would help with the looming, scary biker facade.

“Hey Breaker.” I greet when I get close enough for him to hear me, he spins around and relief decorates his features as his eyes land on me.

“There you are, I thought you left.”

“I was in the pink room with the girls.”

“Lexie lied to me.” He grumbles with a huff, rubbing his face harshly and a frown creases his forehead. I tilt my head in a silent question and he unlocks his phone, passing it to me to show me the conversation.

Breaker: is Aurora in there with you?

Lexie: No, haven’t seen her.

“Oh, I wonder why she did that.” I hand him the phone back and smile up at him as he rolls his eyes.

“Because she likes to fuck with us.” I just laugh and check the time on my almost dead phone. Almost one in the afternoon, I should probably head back now since I have a shift at the dance school at three and I have to get ready.

“I should probably head home now.” I say sadly and I notice a flash of the same emotion in Breaker’s eyes.

“You sure? You know you’re welcome here.”

“I know, I just have work soon, that’s all.”

“I’ll give you a lift.” I open my mouth to argue, I was gonna say I could get an UBER but one look from him and I shut my mouth again. Cocky little shit then smirks because he knows he won. I roll my eyes before turning to go back inside so I can say goodbye, Breaker follows close behind me and watches over me as I hug and thank each girl before thanking Bear for letting me stay.

“What are you doing tomorrow?” Saviour asks, my wrists still in her gentle grip as I stand halfway out the front door.

“Nothing, I finish work at nine tomorrow morning.” I reply, my shifts are kinda crazy because we handle professional and amateur dancers, including children so we’re basically open 24/7 and my job is to teach classes but also to clean up after them.

“Well the girls and I are going to the spa tomorrow, we own it and once a month we book it out for the whole day to get our hair and nails done, get some facials and maybe a massage or two. Do you think you would be up for it? Even if you don’t want to be touched or anything, it would be nice to hang out again, we can go for lunch after.”

“Sure, that sounds fun. I can meet you here at ten tomorrow?”

“We’ll come get you, what’s your address?” I wince in embarrassment at the question. I definitely do not live in the good area of town, the building I live in is basically falling in on itself and you can hear people making drugs and selling it. The cops refuse to even enter the block, knowing it’s owned by the Niners who have no qualms killing cops.

“Umm, the 86th Highrise on Michael Street.” I rush out, watching as the girls faces become extremely concerned.

“Honey, that is not a good place for a young girl like you to live. Imagine what they would do to you.” Lexie states, her eyes watering slightly as she looks at me.

“Yeah... I know. I can’t really afford anywhere else. I have to go or I’ll be late for work, I’ll, um, see you tomorrow.” I bounce down the steps to try an escape this conversation but I know the minute that I’m out of sight they’re gonna start talking about what I just said.

Breaker gets on his bike with practiced ease and I look at it in reservation. I’ve always wanted to ride on a Harley but I’m only little and I’ve never done it before so I’m nervous. He reaches out his hand, which I use to help myself onto the bike, slipping on my helmet once I’ve settled behind him.

“Hold on tight, lean when I lean.” He says softly before cranking the bike and pulling away. He speeds his way across town and I laugh gleefully. Enjoying the wind messing with my air and making my eyes water, being pressed against Breaker is an added bonus and I relish in the feeling of it.

“That was so much fun!” I tell him as soon as I’m off of it, standing in front of my building as he watches me from the seat of his bike. I still can’t really feel my legs but I’m too hyped to care. “You get to do that everyday?” He nods in reply and I shake him slightly, lucky bastard. “Well I best get going, thank you for everything, Breaker.” I gently kiss his cheek and as I turn to leave, he grips my wrist and spins me back to him. “Everything okay?”

“I don’t feel good letting you walk into that building.” He winces as if the thought itself hurts him and I squeeze his hand.

“Come in, I’ll show you my security.” I tug on his arm and he heaves himself off the bike and follows me up the seven flights of stairs.

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