Ashes of midnight [18+]

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An FBI agent and a drug lord. What could possibly go wrong?

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An FBI agent and a drug lord. What could possibly go wrong?

At twenty-one, Adira King was over the moon after landing a spot in the FBI. With her witty personality, a high intelligence quotient and a loving family, she thought that she had it all.

It was until she had gotten her first case. She was supposed to lure out the king of the underworld, the biggest drug lord. The only problem was; no one knew what he looked like. Too bad for her, Kael Daniels was unlike anything she could ever expect.

Kael Daniels rose to the throne at the age of twenty-three after his father mysteriously died. For the past ten years, there wasn't a person that could drag him out in the open. But after he had gotten the information about having a hit order on his head by the most infamous assassin and an FBI agent on his tail, the man decided to allow the two people destroy themselves as he watched.

The problem was, Adira King awoke something deep within his being. Something new, something powerful. He watched her from afar, admired the bravery of the young woman, the desire to have her for himself making his moves irrational.

Watch as the two people grow to hate each other so deeply, that they might just cross the thin line between hate and love. With both of them living a double life, secrets were bound to be exposed, lives were ruined until they couldn't deny it anymore.

At the end of it, one of them would end up dead.

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