The Eyes Of The Assassin

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Shane McCarthy is or was a normal girl but with a very rare or rather strange eye color. That is until her twin sister Elisabeth McCarthy accused her of bully other kids at school and stealing money from their parents everything just went downhill from there. Kids at school would bully her and accuse her of other stuff By the time Shane turned 14 something tragic happened making her have to flee with her little brother who was only 2 years old at the time. She was lucky to find shelter in an orphanage but after a year she had to leave again when over hearing that they were gonna send her brother to another orphanage ALONE she had taken the decision that she would have to hide her eyes since people got scared or tense when seeing them. And it would be easier to hide with her brother that way Sadly not everything goes according to plan. By the age of 16 she was fighting in underground fights to get money to keep a roof over their head. That's when she had a fight with the one and only Malcolm Salvador

Action / Mystery
Dinelle Lawrence
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I was sleeping when I heard the sound of footsteps coming from downstairs I silently got off my bed and turned to see that my sister wasn't in her bed beside mine.I opened my door and gasped softly all the picture frames along with the vases were broken and scattered all over the floor leading downstairs
I started panicking and my mind wasn't thinking straight because I quickly started running down the stairs despite the fact I was bare footed and many pieces of glass sliced me but I didn't care I just wanted to make sure my family were alright
I came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs only to hold back my tears from falling before me was a scene i never imagined..... my mom was on the sofa with a knife in her chest and blood was all over her white silky night gown her once joyful blue eyes were now void and empty. I walked further into the living room following more blood until i entered the kitchen I couldn't do it anymore i gripped my hair and started dad was laying on the kitchen floor with three gunshot wounds in his chest along with a knife in his head both his eyes were carved out...I wiped my eyes as is stopped screaming and sank down to my knees crying when I noticed my father's right fist was clenched with something in it..
I gathered all the courage i had and slowly crawled over to his body and forced myself to open his hand there was a beautiful silver necklace with small diamonds around the initials SM those were my initials...I picked up the necklace and quickly stood looking around the room. I-if my parents were here where was my sister and my brother?
As if to answer my question i heard the sound of a baby crying from upstairs i had forgotten to check my brother's room so I ran back up the glass covered stairs and pass my room swinging open the door I heard the crying from
Oh thank god..I could feel myself release a breath i didn't know I was holding I quickly walked over to the crib and picked up my crying brother I didn't understand what happened while I was asleep? But I didn't have to think about i heard the screeching tires of a car coming down the street and for some reason i got the feeling it was trouble I grabbed a baby bag from the wardrobe in my brother's room and packed it with diapers and clothes along with other things he'll need I quickly made my way into my room grabbing some clothes along with other essential things stuffing them into the bag all while my brother had fallen asleep
Panicking slightly I got a pair of shoes and put them on the one thing I was grateful for is that I had fallen asleep in my sweatpants and sports bra after football practice so I didn't have to worry about running around in my night gown,
After making my way downstairs i grabbed my mom's purse which was also covered in blood but I tried my best to ignore it I ran through the back door and started making my way through the path the lead into town as I heard the sound of car door slamming shut and the front door being kicked open
I took a deep breath holding back my tears. There was no time to cry right now I had to get away from the one place I spent all my life growing up I held a firm grip on my brother as he started crying and I moved a bit faster afraid someone might hear him
After what felt like hours of running i finally arrived at the bus stop that leaves town heading into the City that was 8 miles from here. I quickly paid for a ticket and took a seat to the back of the empty bus looking down at my little brother he looked so peaceful while he slept it broke my heart that we weren't going to have a family anymore. It also bothered me that I couldn't find my sister what did they do to her? The bus started driving and I turned my head to look out the window all the while squeezing the necklace in my hand. We won't be coming back here not until i find out who killed out parents..
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