The Black Widow (COMPLETED)

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she is an assassin he is a mafia boss she never fails to kill he is not easy to kill can she kill him? or she will be killed by the person she actually started to fall for? what happens when the truth comes out? who will die and who will survive? can love unite them or hatred will tear them apart? read to find out who is a friend and who is a foe

Action / Romance
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Do you know what the macho mafia bosses do when they have to get someone killed? They hire assassins, yes assassins are very real and when the mafia gets scared to get their hands dirty and not want a murder linked back to them they hire us.

Killing is my profession, I am a trained assassin whom people hire when they want someone dead but don’t want to make their hands dirty and when they want no evidence left then they call me. Yes you heard it right, I am an assassin and I kill for a living.

So here I am at 12th floor of a 25 floor under construction building waiting for my new victim to come out of the club. Sometimes I think of the reasons why one person wants the other dead but then I say to myself why should I care? They give me money to kill not to guess the reason behind it. This time I have to kill a man in his late 70s,I guess he had pissed off someone but then again I don’t care I just have to pull the trigger.

Here comes my victim, I focus on him through the eye piece of my sniper riffle, “you see him?” Came the voice of my partner from the ear piece, someone who I always forget during my missions but we both work together he gets the information from the clients and passes me the location “yeah I see him” I replied

“Cool, see you after the work and your bike is at the back of the building, stay safe” came a reply from my ear piece

“You are saying a killer to be safe! But alright I’ll be safe over and out” It’s time for some kill. I can see him through the eye piece, he is talking to a man, he just have to turn so that I can shoot him on the head and here he turns,

“Adiós Viejo” (good bye old man) and bang, I pulled the trigger. This time I didn’t wait to see him die because I know after the head shot no know is able to survive.

With that I packed my stuffs and ran down the building towards its back so that I can go the hell out of here, I reach to my bike which is a BMW R1200R model and with a kick my baby comes to life with a roar and I flew away from there.

“Work is done, meet me at the tracks” I send this message to Omar. I am not only an assassin but also a racer, I enjoy riding bikes because it gives me the feel of freedom, I love how the wind blows on my face and how my hairs fly with the wind. When I was in Spain I used to race everyday but after I came to New York it changed now I don’t get to race everyday but whenever I can I go to this track known as “ELITE RACERS” and race. People usually think that a girl can’t race like guys but they don’t know me, I am the queen of racing and I own the tracks.

As I reached the tracks I parked my bike and turned to see Omar waiting for me by his car. “Hey” I greeted him

“Hey, money had been transferred”

“Good now let’s see what they have got today!”

We both entered, those who know me greeted me. I got some lust filled looks from the guys and some jealous looks from the girls, “hey where is Zorawar?” I asked a guy before he could reply came the voice whom I was looking for

“A little birdy told me that our Queen of tracks is here! I see that the birdy was right”

“Always the charmer?” We hugged each other and he did the same to Omar

“So Veronica, what bought you here today? You have already won against all the boys here so whom do you want to win against now?” Zorawar asked with amusement clear in his eyes

“Then I’ll wait for someone whom I can challenge, see you then, bye Zora”

“Ugh f*ck off girl! My name is Zorawar not Zora!” He went away

“You really love to piss him off” Omar asked me with a chuckle

“Yeah, it’s fun to tease him, let’s go and eat something I am starving.”

So, this is me Veronica Santiago also known as the Black Widow and this, is my story.

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