The Invisible

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This is a story about a teenage girl who sadly tries to commit suicide cause to the things her dad does to her and thankfully a huge discovery she can turn invisible and her invisibility saved her life she became a girl who saves the world with the help of her friends powers and not only is this a sci-fi its also a romance a new kid is her new hot crush and she thinks he totally likes her

Action / Fantasy
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Only the beginning

Narrator - once upon a time well this isn’t a fairy tail until the next chapter but hey I’m Izumalla i have a group of friends that are great secret keepers stay tuned to see how ?

Izumalla - guys 4 square plus 8 minus two is obviously 22 y’all must not pay attention to any of our classes do you?

Isaiah - duh we don’t your the only math freak in here what do you expect i was born to play with fire not get some college degree that only mom and dad care about

Lucy - I’m honestly more of a science do you remember the time that my teacher gave me permission to study water

Marriel - to be honest creating technology and anything with the word tech is my jam tech is me i am tech

Sage - dudes check out this loud rockstar music bro like so insanely cool

Isaiah - why are we friends with him again like he really never does anything but liste to his loud rockstar music

Narrator - yeah and those are my ghetto friends and yeah pretty much all i have until something stupid happened

Izumalla - guys i wont be staying at duke my parents got a divorce and i techinally got adopted by my dad so he is my legal guardian so i have to life with him in Boone sorry wait ill be back

Izumalla - now that I’m alone god i love you and i hope you carry me through the dark and fix my word to tell the police how my dads a rapist and a petifile and he abuses me when were alone ...silence... ya know what i give up i love you Jesus

(Winds) (jumps off top of building)...

To be continued...

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