Into the Chamber

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Chapter 10

“So really what you are saying is you aren’t as bad as the doctors said you were. Is that another clue or one that they didn’t know what was really happening?” Mitsuhide asked as he sat down on the bed next to her.

“The latter.” She said with a laugh, “I won’t normally go to a military hospital unless it was the only one around. I have little faith in them.”

“Me too.” He replied. “Well glad that isn’t the case here though. I would hate to think this plot went that far. So are you saying you can walk on it?”

“I do have to keep off my feet but I do need to walk a little.” She said as she looked at him. “Most of the day I will be in the chair but I can do things by myself as well.”

“Well that takes one of the things off the list that I would have to help you with.” He said as he ran his fingers through her hair that had matted up near her face. He wasn’t thinking as he did it but when their eyes met he pulled his hand away quickly, “Sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” she asked as she looked into the depths of his soul it looked like. “it isn’t like you did something wrong or offensive.”

“Well who knows these days.” He said with a shoulder shrug. He knew that touching her once was just the beginning. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself. “So do you want to try and walk or do you want me to bring you there?”

“Both.” She said as she looked at him as he tried to shy away from her. He looked up and was surprised. “Mitsuhide even walking that far might hurt a little to much. I could get there but not back. Also I will need help. I hate to admit it but I know I am weakened because of the blood loss. I get waves of being dizzy as well.”

“Then I can help with that.” He said as he stood up and then offered his hands for her to try and pull herself up. She moved her legs over the side of the bed and tested the floor. She could feel the coolness and was glad that she could feel the temperature. The nerve damage was what she was worried about. feeling the cool on her feet was a good start to know that she may recover well after all. She took a hold of his hand and tried to pull herself up to a standing position. Her arms didn’t seem to want to work though. He chuckled a bit. “Let me help you up.”

“Fine.” Kit said as she looked at him as he helped her stand up. She felt the lancing pain in her feet but it wasn’t overwhelming. She took a step which he matched and then they made their way to the bathroom. She was nearly in tears by the time she made it to the threshold. He could barely stand it. “Mitsuhide?”

“What?” he ground out as he was trying to not overstep his boundaries and just pick her up.

“Carry me.” She said as a few tears slipped out from the corner of her eyes.

“Gladly.” He said as he swooped down and picked her up and she felt the relief from the pressure of her feet. She looked down and didn’t see any fresh blood so she had not done any damage. The pain lancing through her was still there but not as much. She knew it would take time as her feet healed but this was not what she had thought would happen. The nerve endings were open and raw still.

“Thank you.” She said as she tried to wipe away the tears that were falling in twos and threes.

“For what? Allowing yourself to push to far?” he asked more of himself than of her he knew she was still hurt badly and he let her do this to herself. She was now crying and it was really his fault. The idea that she was thanking him was enough to send him over the edge.

“For letting me try. For helping me at the same time even though you didn’t want too.” Kit said as she looked at him. She tried to bend her leg so she could begin the process of washing her foot and the bottom half of her leg. Though she had seen them before a few minutes ago she was surprised at how swollen they were now. The crust of the dried blood was caked on to her legs in places she didn’t see before.

“Do you need more help?” he asked softly seeing her struggle with trying to fold herself into a pretzel to be able to wash the bottom of her feet which she was staring at.

“Yes.” She said even softer. She looked up and saw the pain in his own eyes as he looked at her. He didn’t move for a minute he then reached for the washcloth and then he wet it slowly and wrung it out. As he worked to ease the blood off her leg he didn’t speak or even look at her.

Seeing her in that much pain was too much for him. He should have known better. She just got those injuries. They would be painful to try to walk on. By doing this and helping ease the dried blood he was trying not to let his demons out. The demons that wanted to take over and move her to the bedroom and tie her down and keep her there.

He wasn’t good at this part. He was good at sticking to the shadows and not having to deal with people. Not having to deal with his own feelings. This was not what he signed up for but he would do it. He would suffer so he could be the one to keep this tiny brilliant woman safe. He really didn’t even know why he had this need to do just that. He just had to.

Mitsuhide wouldn’t betray himself and look to far inwards to see that reason had made its way to the top. He watched her almost be in an explosion tonight. He watched her almost suffocate tonight. He watched her deal with blood loss and then gave her his own blood to save her, tonight. He opened his eyes and saw her really tonight as well. He also saw himself for the first time as he looked into her eyes and saw the reflection in them.

Mitsuhide knew the reality. She was in danger. She was in danger from someone close to her. She was in danger from him as well. He knew it to be the biggest truth of them all. He was in love with her.

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