Into the Chamber

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Chapter 11

Mitsuhide knew he had to somehow help her through this but keep his distance from her. That wasn’t going to be easy. She was hurt. She was being hunted. She needed someone to help her focus on anything but the pain.

After he finished on leg getting most of the blood off he stood up and got her some pain pills. He knew he had to help her even though he couldn’t be around her to much or he would give himself away. As she took them and he started on the other leg he was trying to form some sort of plan.

Kit watched as he worked on her leg. He was distant now. He was going to pull back from talking to her. She felt the tears well up in her eyes again. With no regard to how she looked she could feel the tears slip out. They were sliding down her face and she cried silently knowing that she was completely alone now. She didn’t even know what she had done to him to make him pull back from her.

He wiped up the extra water that was on her leg and then he looked at her. He saw her eyes closed as she was trying to keep her breathing steady. The tears that were rolling down her face hurt him in a way he had never known. Mitsuhide looked at her as he fumbled with the washcloth putting it in to the sink.

He reached up and wiped the tears off her face as she closed her eyes even more. She moved back from his hand. “Don’t.” she said softly but the word filled the air. “I’m fine. You can go now. I will make it to the bed fine. Tomorrow I will go somewhere else.”

“What?” he asked shocked. He had been trying to steady himself to deal with her and she wanted to leave? She didn’t want anything to do with him. She was hurt. She was upset. He was confused.

“Go.” She said as she opened her eyes. The color had changed color when he looked at it from before. Though she had been in real pain then it had remained light. Now the darker blue was hard and piercing. “I will be fine. Just go.”

“Kit.” He said.

“Akechi I just need to be alone. I will figure everything out on my own. I always do.” She said as her voice got harder and more clipped. She looked away from him as another tear slipped from her eye.

Mitsuhide now had a choice in front of him. Throw everything he could do to save her out the window and let her try to do this on her own which he knew was a bad idea or he had to break down both of their walls. He honestly didn’t know what to do. She looked up to him as he stood and she could see he was thinking. The use of his last name was her trying to separate them from this weird bond they had formed today. Her eyes though hard and watery through her tears he could see something more.

She was hurt more than she had been before. He thought about himself trying to save himself and for the first time someone had seen him steady himself. She had seen beyond the shell most people saw. She saw him for what he was.

“No.” he said simply as he looked at her.

“What do you mean no?” she rattled back as she looked at him harder.

“No.” he said as he bent down and without asking or anything else he picked her up and held her against his chest. “that isn’t how this will go.”

“Like you have any say in it.” Kit said as she lashed out at him. He smiled as he understood the reasons behind it.

“But I do.” He said. “Right now I can control how much you walk.”

“I can do fine on my own.” She said.

“No you can’t.” he said simply.

“Yes I can.” She growled as she was now getting mad.

“No this time you really can’t, sweetheart.” He said softly as he sat on the bed with her still in his arms. “This time you need help.”

“Well I don’t need your help. Put me down and you can just leave. I don’t need someone to feel sorry for me.” She said as he could feel the tremors run through her body. He watched the tears well up in her eyes. It was plain to see she needed to lash out. She needed someone to blame.

“I don’t feel sorry for you.” He said softly as he held her there close to him as he propped her up better so he could run his hand up and down her back. He knew anything he would have tried to do was now gone. It was done. He was done as well. He couldn’t run from this. No plan would have ever worked. “Kit look at me.”

“No.” she said as she tried to hide her face.

“Look at me.” He said as he hooked his finger under her chin and brought it to face him. when she glanced at him and then looked away, “Brilliant and stubborn just my luck.”

“what?” she asked. When she had looked at him he looked and saw the flash in her eyes for a second and he then moved. He kissed her hard. Though they had played word games all night with each other this was a call to action. He let everything he had bent up into the kiss.

He felt her hands on his arms. Her nails biting into his skin. Everything he wanted was right in front of him and in his arms. She sighed softly when he pulled back. Her eyes still closed and when they opened the tears weren’t there. That to him was worth it.

“Now you will not be going anywhere.” He said softly, “This is as much my problem as it is yours.”

“Mitsuhide.” She said softly. “Why?”

“Why ask a stupid question. You already know the answer to that.” He said as he put his forehead to hers.

“Today has not been good.” She said softly.

“No but it has been eye opening.” He said as he kissed her forehead. “now it is time for you to rest.”

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