Into the Chamber

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Chapter 12

He didn’t want to leave her. The realization that he was going to have to at some point hit him hard as he just kept her there in his arms resting against him. The pain meds he had give her must have taken effect. He had to wonder if she was really that upset or she was in pain. He didn’t want to assume with her. He looked down and saw her eyes hanging heavy. He moved her slightly as he tried to lay her down in the bed as easily as he could.

His own pain of the day would wait. Right now he had a very stubborn woman to worry about. He had to stay completely focused on just getting her to feel better when he tried to lower her to the bed her eyes flew open and looked at him. Though he could see she wasn’t really seeing him in those moments. Her intake of breath proved to him she was somewhere else.

“What?” he asked as he tried to bring her back to the here and now.

“Mitsuhide I can see the lab.” She said softly.

“Your lab?” he asked confused.

“About six months ago there was another breach in the main building.” She said softly.

“No there wasn’t.” he said knowing that he and his team would have been called in to help with the security if there had been.

“There was.” She said softly. “It was kept quiet because of the experiment that was targeted.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Not my experiment. I handle viruses and the samples that come in. I can make sure they are what they are supposed to be. So I remember the call that there was a breach well. I had got a new shipment and when I had checked it in. I noticed that one of the things wasn’t what it was supposed to be. I was told by the supervisors of the program that I didn’t need to know what it really was.” Kit said as she met his eyes and he could see the fear in them. “it was the first time I was ever told basically to mind my own business in the labs. So I handed over the box of samples and I walked away. I never knew what was in that box because later that day it was the source of the breach.”

“So you don’t know what they were doing?” he asked.

“I wasn’t supposed to know.” She said.

“Kit.” He said as he knew what she was implying.

“After the breach I did some digging.” Kit said as she looked at him, “They were experimenting on people. Though I am not exactly sure of the compound used. But I read some of the data that was hidden on the mainframe.”

“The results?” he asked.

“Were inconclusive.” She said as she looked at him, “I told the supervisors that I had seen the data and I wouldn’t be a part of any thing like that.”

“I was told to stay in my lane.” She said as she looked down. “that was the time I started noticing small things being done. I always logged them but they were never talked about.”

“That is it.” He said. “You triggered the incidents by being you and not standing down.”

“Exactly.” She said. “I think that I caused this. By not staying in my lane so to spek I made them come after me.”

“What were they doing?” Mitsuhide asked as he looked at her.

“that was the thing. I don’t know.” She said as she looked at him. “There is only one way to find out though.”

“What is that?” he asked.

“I have to go into the chamber to find the answers.” She said as she met his eyes. “I don’t know who is involved so I can’t even ask the questions to someone. I have to know what the compound used was and then we can figure out the rest.”

“You can’t stand on your own yet.” He said as he looked at her. “You can’t go into your lab by yourself.”

“Well then.” She said as she knew that he was right. “I will have to train you in the next two weeks so you can be my back up.”

“Kit I can’t get into your lab either. I don’t have the clearance too.” Mitsuhide said.

’I know.” She replied. “Two weeks is more than enough time for me to teach you all you need to know.”

“But the scanner.” He said as he looked at her.

“I can override it.” She said. “I will need a computer that can access the mainframe.”

“I know of a place.” He said as he looked at her. “Two weeks huh?”

“Two weeks to get you ready for the chamber.” She said.

“As long as we both walk away from this I think I can handle it.” He said as he looked at her. “two weeks of intensive training is nothing new.”

“Mitsuhide don’t joke about it.” She said.

“Not a joke, my love.” He said as he saw everything in her eyes. “Two weeks and then we can work on something else together.”

“What is that?” she asked as she met his gaze and he could see her question there reflected in his own eyes.

“Moving on from this.” He said, “Together.”

“Oh.” She said.

“Just oh?” he asked as he watched her.

“I’m not good at that part.” She said softly.

“You think you’re not good at that part.” He said as he chuckled, “You do realize you have been conditioned to be alone right?”

“What?” he asked.

“They all kept you where they wanted you.” He said, “they do it with all of us. They don’t want us to have lives on the outside.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Yes.” He said, “That way we are ready for anything and we will do anything for them as well. It is a form of mind control that most of us don’t realize we were ever controlled. We are simply work-a-holics that don’t ever question why we do what we do. We are elite and the perfect pawns.”

“But you know this?” she asked.

“I saw it when the rest of my team broke free. They all found someone who was more important than the job.” Mitsuhide replied.

“But not you?” she asked as she looked at him.

“Oh I found someone more important but she was under the same control. You wondered why I would be mourning you. Kit it was and is you. I watched you close and though I knew I couldn’t ever act on the impulse to go to you, I could see you clearly.” Mitsuhide said as he moved to be closer to her on the bed. Swinging his legs from under him and onto the bed. “I wanted too. They saw it as well. It wouldn’t be questioned to much if that was my excuse. I would be mourning you if you had died. I would be close to the same fate as well. They all knew.”

“Mitsuhide.” She said as she touched his face.

“Two weeks, my love.” He said as he kissed her nose. “We will figure this out and end the threat to you in those two weeks. Then we figure this out between us and we move on. No more hiding in the shadows after that from each other.”

“Fine.” Kit said as she looked at him as he wrapped an arm over her as her eyes slowly feel. “Two weeks.”

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