Into the Chamber

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Chapter 13

The next three days were filled with pain for Kit. She was also now fighting an infection. She knew that she would but Mitsuhide never left her side. Though she would try to do things for herself he would watch over her. When need he stepped in and put his foot down and risked her wrath. It was almost humorous to him to watch when she did get made. She was as furious as a kitten as weak as she was but he acted thoroughly chastised when she did get mad at him for steeping over the slight boundaries she had set for him.

On the third day her fever finally broke she hoped for good. Though she was weak she did manage to get fromt eh couch to the kitchen on her own. She was winded when she finally grabbed hold of the counter. She was reaching for a glass to get some ice water. She didn’t even know he was there in back of her. She smiled at her small accomplishment when she was nearly slipped and fell.

Two hands wrapped around her waist. A growl came from in back of her. “I may actually have to chain to the couch if you won’t listen to instructions.”

“I wanted water.” She said as she steadied herself on the counter again.

“You know damn well I would have gotten it for you.” He said as he reached over her and pulled out the glass and filled it quickly for her.

“I want to be able to do things for myself.” She said stubbornly.

“I know.” He said in her ear softly as he set the glass down in front of her.

“I am not a child.” She said softly.

“I know that too.” He said again with a chuckle. His hands gripped her waist a little tighter. “You can’t rush everything. You will be fine in time. Then I will let you do things on your own. You right now still are sick from the fever. It might be a temporary break. You said that last night. Your feet are still swollen. Kit I am not trying to rule you or over power you. I want you to get better so we can end this danger that you have over you. You have to be at your best.”

“I know.” She said with a sigh. She leaned back against him and felt him ease a bit on his grip. She knew that was the truth. She was pushing to hard and he wanted only the best for her. He tried his best to temper her as best as he could.

“Come on.” He said as he put out his arm for her to take as she turned around. “I’ll hold the glass and we can begin on my training again.”

“Mitsuhide.” She said as she grabbed a hold of his arm.

“This time you will walk.” He chuckled. “As much as I like carrying you little trips to the kitchen are okay to build up your stamina again.”

“Fine.” She said as she sighed. They got back to the couch and she went on to explain the inside of the chamber again. When he could completely get the uses of everything in the room and what it did she would move on to explain the process of going into the room it self. That was a long journey on its own.

He had gone to the store one day while she had taken a nap and got a painters suit and then they modified it to be more like their suits that they used in the chamber as well. That was going to be the last step. The one that was the most important in her eyes. It would be the thing that kept him safe.

He had to go with her and she did understand why that had to be. They had to go in pairs. It was a written and unwritten rule within the labs. You always had to have a pair. Checks and balances had to happen all the time in the lab.

She knew there had to be two maybe more people involved. Though she had made her stance six months ago and only a few people were there in the room when she did. She knew one of them was the person running this. There were at least two workers on the ground doing the dirty work. She thought it would be small. Mitsuhide had said he though it was slightly bigger. With the things she remembered happening there was no one common factor. He was thinking it was at least six people with one or two calling the shots.

She started to go over the room again in detail. He was taking notes as he looked at her drawing of the layout of the room. She was good he thought to himself as he went over step by step what each thing did and how it was used. She was through. Kit knew that she would still be in pain by the time they got through the doors to the lab. She would have to rely on him to help her search for the answer. She had to be tough because he had not trained for that. It was dangerous and could be life threatening.

Kit realized that though he wanted to wait till she was no longer in danger from whoever was doing all of this he was giving himself a few chance to push further with her. She understood they were both breaking down their walls of rejection and everything else they had put up to keep others away from them. They both had thick walls that were high.

Little touches throughout the day. Though she would have thought he was not a person who liked human company that was one of his walls. He did. It was easy to read when he let that guard down.

Every night he would help her after she propped herself up in the shower. She had modified some bags to keep her feet covered and dry. She would let the water ease her tired and hurt muscles. She could wash her hair and herself but she needed help by the time she was done. He had gone out of his way to get things to help her the day after she had come to his house.

A shopping trip while she was dead to the world asleep had produced some interesting items. A bell for one. For her showers he had though of nearly everything. She now had a towel that was there to wrap around her that had elastic on the top. She could shut the water off and put the towel on and be covered so he could come in and help her out of the shower and then help to dry her off better, including her hair.

The idea he was willing to put himself in the line of fire to keep her safe was troubling to her. She understood the reason why though. At her core she felt the same for him that he did for her. Letting him in wasn’t easy but she knew she had too.

He was still taking notes as she spoke. He was placing everything mentally. He had gone and done more research while she was fighting the fever. She had known the machines that were in there. He looked them all up and read the instruction manuals while he waited for her to be able to hold these lessons. He continued to go over the rest of the machines until he knew that he could operate them enough without her help if he had too. They were planning on breaching the lab at night. No one else would be there except them.

He had called in a favor from one of the tech guys on a team that worked with his. If the lab building tried to dump info in the next few weeks he wanted to know there was a back up. Two weeks was for her to recoup enough to go. She had to be there. He knew that and so did she. However two weeks was also enough time to get rid of the evidence.

She was supposed to be dead. They had made it seem like she was. Unless the people looked closely they wouldn’t know the truth. The IT guy placed a failsafe in place that all deleted info would be saved to another mainframe that he had control of. He would gladly turn over the date from it to Mitsuhide. The man had done some questionable things a year or so prior and Mitsuhide had never told anyone. He assured the man he would forget everything if he did this for him.

When she took a sip of the water. He put the pad of paper down and looked her over. He reached over and felt her forehead. “Still no fever.”

“Good.” She said as she looked at him. he placed her feet over his lap. He began to rub them softly knowing that he had to put more of the superglue on them later tonight. Her feet in three days were surprisingly looking better though he knew they still hurt. The pain was one thing but it was the blood loss that was the one thing that stunted her progress.

He also felt a little lightheaded ever now and again. He wondered sometimes how much of his blood ran through her veins. He didn’t mind the thought though. He liked the idea a part of him was there within her.

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