Into the Chamber

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Chapter 15

She woke up the night before they had planned to go in. she was in a cold sweat and panting for air. She at first thought it was a nightmare that she was trapped in. She heard the footsteps coming towards her.

“Kit?” he asked as he walked into her room. He was rubbing his eyes and she focused on him.

“Mitsu?” she asked slightly confused.

“Sweetheart what is it?” he asked as he bent down to her level on his bed. He placed on leg on the bed as he leaned over to where she was in the middle. “Are you okay?”

“I think I had a bad dream.” She said softly.

“We have been living in one of those.” He said softly as he let his hand trace down her face. “It is okay. No one can get you here. You know that.”

“Mitsu, stay.” She said as he wrapped her hand over his on her face.

“I can’t.” he said as he looked at her. “Later I need you at your best. If I stay with you tonight you won’t be at your best.”

“Why?” Kit asked as she looked at him.

“Because I will keep you up for the rest of the night.” He said as he leaned over and gave her mouth a quick peck. “Don’t ever doubt that I want to stay with you but not tonight. To much rests on your shoulders for tomorrow.”

“then stay until I fall back asleep?” she asked softly.

“You’re gonna kill me.” He said as he moved to lay on top of the covers. Though he would be close he wouldn’t cross the line until they had what they needed to get to end this for her. By ending it for her he was going to free them both. The past two weeks helping her heal were the most frustrating of his life. He wanted to fix her because he wanted her. He wanted something he didn’t know he could ever want. He saw the future when he looked at her. He wanted that future. It was right in front of him as well. He just needed to get through tonight. Then they could have it all.

During the next day she drilled him. they raced each other into the suits and the mock up room that was the chamber. He knew he was doing everything right. She was watching him. she watched every detail. She was happy with it. She knew tonight would be the time they both really needed each other. They had to do this right.

They ate in silence. Soon they went onto the base they both worked at. They were sitting there in the near empty parking lot watching the building. Ever person who came out was marked off her list. They waited and waited. At eleven at night the last person left the building.

“It’s go time.” She said as they got out of the car after five minutes of the last person leaving.

“We have two hours.” He said. He had the IT person change her input for the building so they wouldn’t be alerted that she was there. It was like a mask. It was still her credentials but it would be logged later instead of real time. The went to the building and she swiped her card. The door clicked open it was time.

They walked up the flights of stairs. She needed the extra time to be able to do this. She had taken the pain relievers right before this to help give her a little more time on her feet. The reached the forth floor. She opened the door with another swipe. Soon she was taking him further down a hallway that she had described in detail. When they reached the doors she swiped her card and pressed a series of numbers into the keypad. The next hallway was one that had sensors everywhere. She was overriding the system to only see her and not him.

It had been built into the buildings mainframe so they could do tours or be inspected. Only a few people knew the codes. She smiled when she was done. They opened the doors and the alarms didn’t go off. She nodded and continued down the hall. She opened the last door in the hallway and he saw the beginning of the process to enter the chamber. The labs were called chambers for some reason he never understood though she had explained it to him.

No words were spoken between them. They walked over to the main entrance. This was going to take awhile to get through. The started without thinking. As they walked in they had their homemade suits on and they were ready to go into the chamber.

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