Into the Chamber

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Chapter 16

Each step they took was one closer to being done with this. He knew exactly what to do as she had trained him well. Though he never wanted to have to do this again. Now they had gone through three of the four steps to get into the chamber she worked in. Not many people would ever get to see this like this he knew. He wanted it to be over.

Her lab was the one that made sense now. They would have moved whatever to her lab to cover it up since she had died in an accident. The man Mitsuhide had asked for help had seen in the records they had erased a bit from lab number three and placed it in her lab instead after she had died on paper. They knew more than they had in the beginning when she had found that out. Lab three was a shared lab whereas hers was not. Four people used it. She know knew one or two of those four were involved. All four were on her team.

Mitsuhide thought all four were involved despite what she thought. None of them were on her level of intelligence. None of them would be where they were if it wasn’t for her. Whatever this was it had to be big enough for them to try to kill their golden goose. The fact their golden goose was her was enough to make him want to kill them himself.

The air lock began to pump out the oxygen from the locked room. The suits they had on were hers and one of the guys she had as her partner in the lab. A nerd who she couldn’t even remember his name. Mitsuhide was bent down as he was taller but they had to make this work. As the room became completely free of air she looked at him and then reached for the back of his suit. He would plug his in first and then he would do the same.

When the doors opened she went into the lab and saw the different things still left out on the countertops. She plugged him air tube in and he reached around and did the same for her. They had developed a way to talk without using the pa system. She knew there had been a way that the supervisors had cut into it and heard what people had said. She pointed to the computer. He went over to it and began the major download onto the flash drive he held in his hand.

She went to the fridge and looked around in it. She saw something that she hadn’t before. She lifted it and looked closely at it. This was the unidentified substance that they had got. This was what she had been told to stay in her lane for. They wanted her dead because of this vial.

Mitsuhide looked over to her as she looked at a vial in her hand. She nodded and went over to the mass spec and placed it in. They had hoped the people would have used it recently and it wouldn’t take forever to analyze. He pressed the buttons to use it and then grinned at her as she was smiling and shaking her head.

She looked at the notebooks on the table. As soon as the machine started buzzing and then stopped they both looked over to it and the paper was there. She took it and read it. Her heart stopped for a second.

She went back to the notebooks and read them. She knew everything then. This wasn’t so much about her as she thought. This was more about their plan. She knew they needed her out of the way so they could do this without interference. She would. She would do anything to end this.

She picked up the notebook. She knew he had taken pictures and video with his goggles that he was wearing. She went to the side drawer and placed everything in it. They needed everything to prove what she knew. She took his hand and went over to the airlock door. She hit the button and it opened. As she waited for him to go through the door he went to the mass spec and took out the sample and opened it and put it out on the table. Then he went with her threw the doors.

As they repeated the process of getting out of the chamber. They waited for the water to hit their homemade suits. She shook her head as the water hit her hair. He laughed. It was good to hear sound again they both thought. After the last set of doors opened he looked at his watch. They were nearing the two hour mark. She went over to the drawer and took the notebook out with everything else she had from the lab.

She put it in her backpack and they stripped out of the suits they had made at his house. They threw them into the incinerator. Now there was no trace of them there. The hurried out of the building and into his car.

“Do you know what they are doing?” he asked.

“Yes.” She said.

“Well who do we need to see?” he asked.

“Go home Mitsuhide.” She said as she looked at him. “This is bigger than we realized.”

“So what does that mean?” he asked as he started his car.

“It means we have to call in the feds. Don’t worry I know who. We just need to get away from here.” Kit said as she laid her head back. It was almost over. It would be tonight.

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