Into the Chamber

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Chapter 17

Kit and Mitsuhide watched the interagency mess they created by her phone call two hours before. It was now nearing six in the morning and they had about seven different agencies on his front lawn. The thought she had was to turn it over and let them deal with it. They had other ideas however.

She was the only one who could explain it to them in great detail. They all knew the building would be full in less then an hour or two. She had to hurry and explain it and what was going on with everything. Kit did now about four times. She had been thorough and went through each detail. It was good. They sat back and watched the plans being formed.

Mitsuhide handed over the hard drive of the file dumps and after he made a copy of the flash drive of her work and the added files after her “death” he handed that over as well. They had all they needed to go in and remove all the threats. They knew who the players were. They knew what the plans in the line were. They all wanted to go in and remove them.

As they worked within the ranges of their abilities within their agencies they were going to do just that. They had the clock in times for each person. They were going to go in then.

Mitsuhide and Kit waited and listened. They were ready to watch this be over and she could join the living again then. She smiled at him and he just waited to watch this all go down. Soon the people were packing up the tents and the information center they had put up on his lawn. They were getting ready to go in. Mitsuhide and Kit went back to the car and they followed. They were waved through on the gate as they were a part of this.

They parked in the back of the lot to not draw attention to themselves as people watched the agencies storm into the building. Soon people were being brought out and lined up. She looked over the group. They were being read their rights. Though they all were going to disappear. She knew that already.

Mitsuhide and Kit walked closer. She wanted them all to know it was her who found out what they were doing and what they had planned. Their eyes went wide as she smiled at them standing on her own two feet in front of them. Mitsuhide was holding up her back. They looked at him standing there as well. He smiled at them as well.

That was a threat to them and they knew it. She was happy to join the living again. It was in her smile. His however held a promise of a true threat. He looked down at her and then back at them. If they even thought about her again he would end them. It was plain to everyone around them. He was the only person who could make it that way as well. His reputation was well known. No one wanted to go up against him.

They walked back to the car. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“I’m tired.” She said.

“Pain?” he asked.

“A little.” She replied. He took that to mean she hurt but she wasn’t going to let anyone know how much. The past two weeks he had learned to read her cues well. He chuckled to himself.

“Let’s go home and you can rest.” He said as he tugged her to the car and helped her get settled into it. “In a few weeks you can go back to work.”

“A few weeks?” she asked, “I am needed now.”

“No you aren’t.” he said as he smiled at her. She also knew that smile held some danger to her.

“Why do you call your house home when it is only your house?” she asked as she looked at him as he got into the car and started it.

“don’t.” he replied as he didn’t want to get into it right now. He wanted to get her back to the house. He wanted to watch over her for the next few weeks. He knew everything was over when it came to the danger around her but he still needed to watch over her as she healed.

When they pulled up to the house and he stopped the car int eh garage. He went to get her out she was already standing. He glared at her. She wondered what this change in him really was. She went to the stairs and found herself being picked up and carried up the stairs much like the first night she was in the house. He didn’t stop in the front room. He continued up the stairs.

“I gave you two weeks.” He said as he looked at her as he neared his bedroom though she was still using it.

“You did.” she replied as she looked at him and his eyes. The burning flames were there within them. She knew what this was. She reached up and tucked her hand behind his neck. She pulled him down to kiss her. “Now the two weeks are up.”

“Have you decided to let me in?” he asked softly.

“You know I have.” She said.

“Good.” He replied as he walked into the room that in a way was both of theirs.

He held her close to him. She was snuggled up on his chest as his hand ran the length of her back. The best thing in his life from now on wasn’t something he had planned for. Someone had tried to come up with a way to kill intended targets with a deadly mixture of compounds both organic and non. They had stumbled onto it and it almost cost her life. that threat was now gone.

They had to go back into the chamber to find the answers. They did to almost all of their problems. They had found each other in the process. Through pain, they found love. Kit was going to find out there was life after the chamber as well.

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