Into the Chamber

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Chapter 2

“I want to know what the hell happened in there.” She said as the EMT’s were working on her feet to at least get her to stop bleeding out. She wasn’t concerned with the blood at the moment. Someone had set this whole thing up from the start, and she wanted to know what was going on. Her air tank malfunction was just one more thing to add to the mix. The blood loss was her own fault, but she would risk herself like that every time if she had too.

It was part of her job to make sure the others were following the simple steps that were before them. They were supposed to be the best at their jobs, and that was mostly because of her hammering the small steps into their heads. They knew that, as well. They were only as good as their weakest link. That, for now, was the team that first responded. That is where the questions would begin.

She knew she could leave the rest of them to find the answers she needed. Something was wrong, and she was now injured. She looked at her feet and knew she was lucky at the moment if they could get the bleeding to stop. She had cut them pretty badly.

As one of the other team members got into the ambulance with her, she looked her question at him.

“I do believe you will find we can’t leave you unguarded.” He said with his evil grin as he glanced over her being strapped onto the stretcher.

“Are you freaking serious?” She asked as she looked at him.

“Too many things just happened, and you are at the center. I do not believe that any of us are willing to risk the golden child right now. In the end, you may be the only one who can find the answers. Everyone knows what they have to ask, but you will be the one to process all of it at the speed of light as you are apt to do.” He said. “if you don’t remember, I am...”

“Akechi.” She said, and she smiled, “You have your name tag on.”

“And here I thought I was memorable.” He said with a light but very deep chuckle.

“You are.” She replied in a very dry tone that made him want to laugh even more. “I was more wondering why you?”

“I volunteered.” He said with a grin again.

“Why? What is in it for you?” She asked.

“I am the last one they would suspect being there with you in the first place if they are even this close. I also can process the information as fast as you. The others can ferret it out for the two of us, and we can process it together and hope we come up with the same conclusion.” Akechi said as he looked at her, “For now though you rest and try to stop getting blood everywhere. It is rather off-putting.”

“Sorry then.” She said, and he laughed at her face as she scrunched it up. “I did it to save the other team.”

“I know why you did it, princess.” He said. “I even understand the how you didn’t know about it as well.”

“Then why?” she started to ask.

“What I don’t get is why you care so much about that team that you would risk yourself.” He said as he looked at her.

“it is my job to care.” She said, and he sighed as he glanced at her. She was going through another set of gauze wrappings already when the ambulance stopped at the hospital bay.

“I think you will find it is something a little more than you care.” He stated.

“What you think I am involved with one of them?” She asked.

“are you?” Akechi asked as he raised her eyebrow at her.

“no.” She said as she smushed her nose up with disgust. “That would never happen.”

“Never?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Not one of them.” She said as the room they were rushed into was now filling up with people. They were now unwrapping the gauze on her feet and calling for supplies,

“You need to leave, sir.” One of the nurses said.

“I want him to stay.” She said as she looked up.

“I will do whatever she wants,” Akechi said as he moved to where her head was and gently took her hand in his. “If you wish me to stay, I will.”

“Good.” She said as she looked up. It wasn’t that she was scared of being in the hospital, but all of a sudden, the adrenaline rush was letting down, and she was not feeling good. She didn’t want to be left to make decisions without someone there to help her. She was getting tired.

“No, sweetheart. Stay awake.” He said as he nudged her. “They are putting some numbing agents on your feet, so the pain is dulled.”

“There is no pain.” She said softly. The doctor’s head shot up with that statement. “No pain?”

“No pain.” She repeated, and the doctor started calling for more supplies. They were now flushing the entire area. They were rushing to get an iv in her.

“She needs to get blood.” The doctor said. “A lot of it by the looks of her.”

“Sweetheart, what blood type are you?” Akechi asked.

“O.,” she said, and he smiled at her.

“I can donate to her. I have O neg.” Akechi said. “We can do this right here.”

“This isn’t like the field, sir.” One of the nurses said.

“Why not?” Akechi questioned. “I may be of some use to her right here as I am not leaving her. You know you are already low on blood from the bank. It was in the newsletter. I meant to come down and donate last week, but things happened.”

“Fine.” The doctor stated. “Just hook up a central line in both of them, and we can push the blood slowly to watch her reaction.”

“What is going on?” she asked as she looked up to Akechi.

“We are doing field transfusion, sweetheart.” He said softly. “I am going to give you some blood to keep you going.”

“Akechi?” she asked softly.

“What, my dear?” he asked back as he got closer to her so he could hear over all the other noise.

“Thank you.” She said as she closed her eyes and went completely unconscious. He looked down at her and knew this was a really close call for her. He hoped him being there would be the tipping point in her favor. He didn’t know it would or even could come to this, but he was glad he was here. He watched as the nurses hooked him up to the line and her as well. They were now connected by blood.

He was also watching as the fished small slivers of glass that had embedded into her feet. One by one, they were pulled out, and then it was washed again. He watched this for two hours slowly. They worked to clear her feet of any more glass. When they finally were done, they had a lot of it in a dishpan. “Can you have some of that tested for any toxic elements?” Akechi asked.

“You think, on top of all this, she was poisoned as well?” The doctor asked.

“I do,” Akechi said as he looked down at the woman on the gurney. “Whoever she pissed off really wants her gone.”

“Who is she anyway?” the doctor asked.

“Probably one of the most brilliant minds in biology right now. She is the doc who runs the Level four lab on base.” Akechi said.

“Oh, really?” The doctor asked. “She is so young.”

“She is,” Akechi stated as he brushed her hair off her face.

“What are you to her?” the doctor asked as he was making sure the clotting agent was working on her feet before they sealed them with superglue.

“A co-worker,” Akechi said.

“That is not the look of a co-worker.” The doctor chuckled.

“Well, for the moment, that is all.” Akechi said, “I admire her.”

“That is understandable.” The doctor said.

“Now, we have to find out who destroyed a governmental building and who wants to kill her,” Akechi said as he looked down. “I honestly hope it is the same person.”

“Well, with that, I can’t help you, but she is as stable as we can make her. She will have to stay off her feet for three weeks in the meantime.” The doctor said and then went over everything she needed to do for those three weeks. Akechi was listening. As they were talking, the blood was still moving through the pumps from him into her. Her color was coming back slightly. ” I think if you don’t mind, maybe an hour more of the slow pump going will do her good, and you won’t find yourself completely drained.”

“Whatever she needs,” Akechi said as he just sat next to her. He waited for her to wake up. When she did, she looked around with wide eyes. “Did you forget why you are here, or did you think it was a dream?”

“A dream.” She said as she looked at him and saw the tube coming out of his arm. “Are you hurt?”

“No, I am giving you blood.” He said.

“What?” she asked as she tried to move.

“A field transfusion.” He said. “We are now hooked up together. We have a little while longer.”

“Why are they using you?” She asked.

“Blood shortage, and I had nothing better to do.” He said with a light laugh that filled the room. “I am afraid you will be seated for some time. You can’t put any weight on your feet. They did manage to fuse the open veins and capillaries rather easily when they could. Everything should heal well but no weight on them for three weeks.”

“Wonderful.” She said as she grunted and looked over to him.

“Something can always be done, Princess. I will be your wheelchair assistant for the time being.” He said, chuckling.

“Wonderful.” She said again. “Why?”

“That should be rather easy. We are now connected by my blood. I think I have to lookout for you.” He said, and she looked at him, and she knew there was much more than what he was saying. Now was not the time, though. She had too much on her mind.

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