Into the Chamber

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Chapter 3

He stayed with her well after they pulled the needles from both their arms. She was ready to go back to work but the doctor was waiting on different test results before he would feel comfortable letting her leave. It may have been the way she came across or it was the whole adage that doctors make the worst patients. She was ready to go though. If she could she would be pacing while she waited. She however could now feel the pain coming from her feet.

“Are you okay?” Akechi asked.

“Fine.” She replied as she sighed.

“The pain starting yet?” he asked as he watched her move for the fiftieth time in five minutes.

“Yeah.” She said as she looked over to where he was in the corner of the room. “I really did a number on them didn’t i?”

“I would have to agree with that statement. I had to watch the process of them removing all the glass in them. I would have never guessed that something so small could have that much broken glass in them.”

“So it was a lot?” She asked.

“One of those pans full.” He said as he then motioned to the side of the sink where they had the pans lined up still. “I thought maybe they would need a second of a third the way they were digging around in there.”

“Just flipping wonderful.” She muttered under her breath. “I wonder how they stitched it all.”

“They didn’t.” he said and she looked up.

“What?” she asked surprised.

“They decided because of the damage done they would only fix the leaking veins which they did quickly. Then it was decided to glue the pieces back together instead of sewing them. It was the fastest way they could think of. You have this solution to apply to your feet to help regenerate the growth but the stitches themselves are superglue.”

“Why are you here really Akechi?” she asked as she looked back to him. She needed to at least know why he was there if she had nothing else to focus on. One situation answered would help her right now.

“I told you already, you should not be alone and I may be of some help when it comes to processing the information that will role in as soon as they can find some.” Akechi said as he looked at her. Though it sounded like a good enough answer it was one that was leaving a lot of it out. She looked him over and thought of what she really knew about the man. He was an intelligence officer who had rose through the ranks rather easily. He was the second or third in charge by rank of his unit the tie breaker for the honor would be their superior’s choice. The entire unit was close, a true band of brothers. This man was different though. He liked staying in the shadows and knowing everything that was going on in everyone’s lives around him.

“No I mean really not the excuse you told me to stay in the ambulance.” Kit said as she looked at him.

“Okay there sweetheart, you caught me.” He said as he lifted his hands up, “I have secretly watched you for years and wondered why you are alone in life. I thought this might be the best chance I got to get close to you to find out the reason.”

“I said really.” She said as she leveled a glare at him. “I am really not in the mood to have to fight you for a simple answer.”

“Well I am sorry that you don’t believe the real reason but maybe the secondary one will be more apt for you to believe. Some one just tried to kill you a few times over, my dear. You are simply to important to leave unguarded while you are injured.” He said as he returned her glare and topped it with his grin that was deadly sharp.

The silence in the room spread around the two as they glared at each other. Kit wasn;t the type to back down when she wanted to know something. The second reason seemed much more plausible then the first though she knew he enjoyed getting under other peoples skin. He was trying her right now to see if he could get under hers, she was sure. She knew she couldn’t let him have that much of an upper hand. If they were going to be stuck together for the next few weeks like he suggested he would use that to extract anything from her.

“fine.” She said as she looked away from his golden eyes that could probably look threw a lessor person and get them to spill their secrets.

“What is fine?” he asked as he continued to look at her.

“If we are going to be stuck together we might as well be on the same page. You don’t use your jedi mind tricks on me and I would go totally scientific on you.” She said.

“So we act like we have a truce for our natural behaviors?” he asked with a deep chuckle. “I think we can do that, princess.”

“Good.” She said with a sigh as she leaned back and waited for anything to take the pain away from her feet. “Am I going to have to stay here for the night?”

“I didn’t overhear that.” He said as he moved some of her loose hair off her face and back into the mess that was spread around the pillow under her head. “Do you want me to go ask?”

“No.” she said as she felt another wave of pain wash over her.

“Do you need something for the pain?” he asked as he saw the pain wash over her features.

“No.” she said as she forced her eyes open. “If information comes in I want to be clear headed.”

“Sweetheart, nothing is all that important right now. If you need it you simply need it. Your feet were sliced like ribbons. You are going to feel that for a while.” He said as he touched her forehead. “I think the fever started.”

“Fever?” she asked.

“I think the glass was treated before it was placed on the ground. I think it was poisoned.” Akechi said as he looked at her.

“How?” she asked. “how would they know I would have to run with bare feet beforehand?”

“You see, my dear, even I knew that the lessor team members had a history of not securing their suits all the way, all the time.” He said as he looked down into her eyes, “It wouldn’t be that hard to place some in various areas and take the risk that you would get cut somewhere if they were there.”

“The call.” She said as she was struggling with staying focused.

“what about the call?’ he asked as he waited for her. Her voice was getting weaker by the minute but she was trying to make sense. She was struggling to find the words as she was fighting to keep her eyes open.

“Wrong.” She forced out. She was trying to keep awake as she fought.

“What was wrong?” Akechi asked as he took her hand in his.

“Wording was wrong.” She said as she looked at him. She was hoping that he was going o understand. “Said hot words, had to react. Not normal.”

“The person who called you knew how to get you and everyone respond?’ he asked and she nodded. “Okay then we need to find out who made the call.”

“Yes.” She said as she looked at him and then let her eyes close again.

Mitsuhide Akechi looked over the young woman who was fighting. He motioned to the doctor who was in the hall. “Something is wrong.” He said as he watched the doctor look her over.

“You were right about the poison on the glass.” The doctor said. “We are just trying to figure out how to counteract it.”

“What was it?” Mitsuhide asked as he looked down to her prone body. When the doctor said what it was he smiled. He was a master at poisons. Though he never liked his use of them personally he did know how to get away with it. “That is easy. Baking soda.”

“What?” the doctor said.

“Baking soda neutralizes it.” Mitsuhide said with his trademark grin showing it’s face again.

“How are we supposed to introduce that into her?” the doctor asked.

“Pills.” Mitsuhide said as he shook his head. He then took out his phone and made a call. “I need you to make some baking soda pills and bring them to the hospital ASAP.”

Mitsuhide looked up to the doctor, “Our medic will make and bring them.”

“Alright.” The doctor said as he looked over her. “As long as those work there is no reason to keep her here.”

“Of course there isn’t.” Mitsuhide said knowing that this was a military hospital and they would do the barest minimum when treating anyone. He shook his head and waited for the other man to appear. He knew they would be there as soon as they could be.

It wasn’t a shock when it was only fifteen minutes or so when he heard the voices in the hallway. He looked up and saw his team looking around for her room. He stood up and went to the doorway and they all started towards him. That was when her phone started ringing. He went to look at the number and saw it was blocked.

“Hello?” said as he answered it.

“Is she dead yet?” a computerized voice asked.

“Who is this?” Mitsuhide asked.

“Don’t answer a question with a question.” The voice said slowly. Mitsuhide almost threw the phone across the room but instead he decided to play.

“She was poisoned.” He answered. “and lost a lot of blood. She is near death.”

“Good.” The voice said and then the phone disconnected and a plan formed in his mind. She wouldn’t like it. The people in the room wouldn’t like it either. He looked arouns and smiled and they all knew something was wrong.

“Give me the pills and leave.” Mitsuhide said.

“What is going on?” the medic asked as he looked at her.

“Forget what you see.” Mitsuhide said. “She is dead.”

“What?” one of the guys asked.

“She is dead from this moment on.” He said as he looked at his team. They knew then something was very wrong. “She has to die to be saved.”

“What about you?” the leader of the team asked as they met eyes.

“I am mourning.” He said as he looked at the young woman. “She is of course the only woman I ever loved.”

“What is going on?” one of the men asked as he looked between the three people.

“You heard Mitsuhide. He is mourning the loss of our doctor. She is dead.” Their leader said as he walked out of the room. The others followed out of the room in his wake. All of them were confused. When the doctor walked in to the room Mitsuhide looked at the man and said, “We have a major problem.”

“And that is?” the doctor asked.

“Someone wants her dead to the point they just called her phone and asked if the poison had killed her yet.” Mitsuhide said, “I am afraid that she needs to die.”

“What?” the doctor asked with widened eyes.

“on paper.” Mitsuhide said as he smiled. “I need to talk with your department lead. I know you have done this before.”

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