Into the Chamber

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Chapter 4

Mitsuhide had given her the pill and let it dissolve as he talked with the lead doctor of the hospital emergency room. He had made his point to the older man how serious the situation was and the fact he knew the hospital had made other people disappear at times when it was necessary. He was on the team that had made a few of those cases happen. The situation was one of those dire ones where he had to work fast.

Mitsuhide could see where she was and the fact the pill he had given her was starting to work. Her vitals were going back to normal. Though she would have to continue the treatment for a few days to bind all of the poison and get it out of her system the first pill was often the one that did the most help. The timing was also in her favor. He had thought it was a poison early therefore they could start the treatment before it did any major damage.

“Well I do believe we can help you.” The lead doctor said. “We will put her file in suspension like we did the others. Though she won’t be declared dead it will allow you and your kind to spin the tale any way you so wish. So if you declare her dead she will be.”

“So she is in a suspended state so to speak?” Mitsuhide asked. “How does that work?”

“We move her records to a separate server. She disappears from our records and she appears to be deceased. What you do with it is on you.” The doctor said, “That way we can move them back when she is ready to resume her normal life.”

“It is really as easy as doing that?” Mitsuhide asked as he was learning now.

“Well if we declare her dead and she is not she will have problems getting her clearance back and resuming her life when this is all over. We set protocols in place to help when we could do make this easier.” The doctor said. “When she is awake she will leave the building. I will hold you responsible for her care for however long she lives in this state of not being active.”

“I will take care of her. That is not a problem.” Mitsuhide said. “Will she be able to use her credentials if she has too?”

“It is only her medical records that will be moved. Her work ones depend on how you handle this.” The doctor stated. “That is another department altogether.”

’I understand.” Mitsuhide said and he turned back to see her trying to open her eyes. When he walked back in the room he could see her light eyes peeking through her eye lids. “don’t fight it so much, my dear. It will be okay in a little while more.”

“Where am i?” she asked as she tried to sit up.

“You are in the hospital.” He said softly, “Do you not remember what happened tonight?”

“I hoped it was a bad dream.” She said as she looked at him. her eyes were opening more by the second. He took that as a good sign.

“I am afraid it is not.” He said as he looked down at her, “We have to change locations and you will have to die.”

“What?” she asked as her eyes flew open.

“On paper at least.” Mitsuhide said with a grin. “don’t worry it is temporary. Someone is really out to get you and I do believe they are closer than you think.”

“Why do you say that?” she asked as she was still trying to focus her eyes on him.

“They could access your air tank for one but they know your private number. They are close or have access to your personal information. You being moved to this state of not being there will keep them calm and you the time to figure this out. I will be hosting you during you time of being deceased.” He chuckled.

“Akechi.’ She started to say.

“At least call me by my first name as sorry as it is, please.” He said as he looked at her.

“What is it?” she asked as she looked at him and met his eyes, “and why is it sorry?”

“It is Mitsuhide. If you knew the history of my name you would understand.” Mitsuhide said as he moved her matted hair off her face. “You fever has broken. I believe the antidote is working well.”

“Antidote?” she asked.

“To the poison.” Mitsuhide replied as he chuckled. “The glass was coated with a rather basic but powerful poison that once it entered the bloodstream would only grow and start to shut your body down. The cure however is rather basic as well. The person who is so ready to attack you only knows so much about the basics. He or she is not at my level of their uses nor their cures either.”

“Fine.” She said as she sighed, “We will do this your way.”

“Good I am glad you are going to agree with me for once without to much of a fight. Somehow I fear you and I will butt heads many times.” He chuckled, “Just remember though we are on the same side of this.”

“Well mitsuhide we will have to figure this out together.” She said as she closed her eyes again. She was trying to focus her energy and to think but her brain was still fuzzy from where the poison had taken over and with the blood loss.

“We will do just that, my dear.” He said as he took her hand in his.

“How are you going to explain your absence though?” she asked softly as she sighed. “I get that I am dead but what about you?”

“That is easy, my dear, I am in mourning for you.” He said and she cracked her eye a bit. The fact he was standing there with a straight face was almost humorous to her as they were talking about her death and him mourning her loss.

“And that would be believable?” she asked.

“oh my little doctor, you have no idea how much I can make people believe something.” Mitsuhide said as he smiled down at her. She wanted to laugh but something in his eyes said there was more to the statement then she knew.

“sure you can.” She said with a sigh. “Well I am ready to be dead.”

“And I am not ready to mourn you just yet.” He said as he squeezed her hand, “So let’s get ready to play a little game of cat and mouse and see who is happy that your gone.”

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