Into the Chamber

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Chapter 6

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“What do you mean?” kit asked as she looked at him and wondered what he was really saying.

“Someone who can be in the shadows and hide. That is what I do. No one really knows I am there hunting among them.” He replied as his golden eyes shined for a minute. “You just begin to live that way where no one really sees you thought you are right there. My team will feed us the information that we both will go over. Though because of we are different and no matter how hard you try you can’t live in the darkness for to long we may be able to filter it and reach the same conclusion.”

“Okay.” She said as she tried to relax for a minute. The couch he had looked brand new. So did everything else in the room that she was in. he did just say that he had just moved in to the house after the long remodeling time period. “Did you do this yourself?”

“the remodel?” he asked with a laugh. “I did do some of it. I had to hire some people to do most of it though. I knew what I wanted to do but no real experience in doing it I could only watch so many youtube videos to get things done.”

“That I understand.” She laughed slightly. A wave of pain going up her legs brought her to scrunch up her face and lean forward.

“Sweetheart are you okay?” he asked as he knealt before her. She was clutching her teeth hard.

“pain.” She said as it seemed everything was shooting pain to her brain. It felt like her legs were on fire.

“Here take another one of these.” He said as he pulled out some white pills. “Though you will have pain from your sliced feet. I think this wave is from the poison on the glass.”

“What can this do to help?” she asked as she took the pill. She swallowed it without water and he was implressed. The pill was larger than most were.

“It will neutralize the posion. It was a simple one. So it wouldn’t have stood out if someone was spilling something everywhere. I am trying to figure out where the coated glass was. You knew something was wrong when you were in the hospital. Do you remember it?” he asked as she looked over her. The pill worked fast. He knew that from experience. It should be only a few minutes more and she would have some relief.

As he waited for the pain to release her from its grip. He looked over her. She was amazing in some ways. The simple fact that she should have been screaming in pain but instead she didn’t and she turned the pain inward. She didn’t want to show any weakness to anyone not even him. that, he thought would be a true sign of trust for her to let him in.

“Breathe.” He said softly as he watched her closely and knew that it was working. The wave of pain was easing slowly. “It might come in waves like that for a few days. The poison that was used on the glass was simple but it can be long lasting if it isn’t treated right away. I don’t think who ever did this expected the support staff would show up in droves like we did. They were not expecting some one like me to be there.”

“You knew what it was?” she forced out.

“I had an idea.” He said. “It honestly was like the perfect storm of events and I think it was made to be that way. Which means more than one person is involved. The more I think things through the more I am sure of it. The series of events could be a run of the day occurrence if it was one or two of them. You said something was off with the phone call. They did call from a normal dispatch number. I do remember that as well. So it has to be an inside job. However the other events that happened tonight were things that anyone who knew you would know would happen.”

“How?” she asked.

“Kit you are rather predicable.” He said with a slight chuckle in his voice. “The fact that as you got there you would watch everyone to make sure they did what they were supposed too isn’t out of the norm. The fact you arrived when you did only proves how well thought out this was but they left glaring things out of the ordinary left in the night. So I want you to think about all the things that had to happen for you to end up here. First you had to be called in. Something had to be serious enough to bring you to the warehouse. Second you arrive and start to do your job as you always do. The other team left their suits unsecure. Why were they there in the first place? How many times have you had to tell them they are there to be support for your team. How many times have they made simple mistakes? The answers to those question will provide a lot of information. Third when you were in the warehouse something told you all to get out when you did. what was it? I am guessing that it was something small but you knew. The team knew something was wrong. Four why did you hang back? What was it that made you look at something out of place? Fifth did you even notice the air not moving in your suit. There was no hiss when I cut you out of it. There was no pressure. For me that was the moment I knew this had been planned out well in advance. You said you checked it last week. Some time in the last week someone tampered with your tank and that was one of the first steps to begin this. They wanted you and possibly someone on your team to be caught in that blast.”

“This was planned.” She stated. Though it could be a questioned it wasn;t. He understood that. She had to understand how thought out this was. She needed to know and think about this. This took a few weeks of planning and work for all the details to lead her to the warehouse and follow the ideas they had. It was like leading a dog with treats to the end. The end in this case was her death.

“The call was off. I do remember that. I can’t say why it was. The details I normally get weren;t there I thought it was because whoever called wasn’t the normal person.” She said as she looked at him.

“Wasn;t the normal person?” Mitsuhdie asked as he looked at her.

“No.” she replied. “I thought it might be someone new.”

“Okay that is a good start.” He said as he looked at her as she sat back and rested on the cushions a bit.

“Am I really that predicable?” she asked as she looked at him.

“Yes.” He said with a deep laugh that echoed throughout the room. It filled the air around them. “It is a comfortable thing to watch. However the thing to remember is that you are predicable so it is easy to know how you will react. That means it is someone who has seen you in action.”

“What?” she asked as she was trying to clear her mind for a minute.

“The person who planned all of this knows you.” Mitsuhide said plainly. He didn’t want to be the one who had to flat out and say it but he knew that she had to know. “they were close enough to know how to get you there and knew what you would do. Think about your tank, Kit. That was stored in your car. The car you keep locked. How was that tampered with?”

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