Into the Chamber

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Chapter 7

“Why is that one important. I could have checked it wrong.” Kit said as she was trying not to sound like a insolent child. Though she knew she hadn’t checked it wrong it was the way she felt right now. He life was being ripped apart at the seems and the one trying to find the answers was the one right in front of her.

“Have you ever checked anything wrong in your life?” he asked as he almost laughed at the thought of her being wrong. The thought was so far fetched it had never even entered his mind as a possibility. He barely knew her and he knew that she was a perfectionist when it came to the things in her life. Follow the rules and do what your told should be her mottos in life.

“No.” she huffed. She knew she was grasping at straws but she really didn’t want to believe that someone that close to her could want her dead. It didn’t seem like the people she worked with at all. There were much more deadly situations that they had been in before and nothing was ever off.

“Has anything happened in the past like this?” Mitsuhide asked as he looked over her face to see if she was thinking about it. She was and she didn’t like what she was thinking about. “Sweetheart I don’t want to believe it either. That it could be one of us but we have to think about this logically.”

“I know.” She said as she closed her eyes. “To answer your other question, yes. Things have been happening at random times for the past year.”

“Year?” he asked.

“Yeah about that time frame. It was never anything big before just little things out of place in a storage unit or missing equipment.” Kit said as she opened her eyes. He was still in front of her watching her. “No one new was added then. No one has come onto the team in about two years. I know that is the next question.”

“It was.” He said. “Now the other one is I want you to think about what was going on a year ago when this started happening.”

“And?” she prompted.

“Was there anything going on in their lives that you could tell?” he asked as he moved slightly to stand up. He went to the side that was open to sit on the couch. He was still watching her closely.

“Not that I know of.” She said. “I honestly have a policy about knowing to much about their personal lives though. I try not to overhear about them. They all have done things in the past I am against and it made things hard when working together. I have to be able to trust them in the field but it was hard if I knew what they were doing in their personal lives.”

“Like what?” he asked now curious about her reasoning.

“Well let’s take Aaron for example.” She started. Though she didn’t like the idea of telling another’s secrets he was a good example of trust and why she had a hard time with it when it came to the members of her team. “You know he is going through a divorce right?”

“I have heard that he is.” Mitsuhide said as he thought about it. “Wasn’t he just going through a divorce last year as well?”

“He was.” She said.

“Not the same one?” he asked as he looked at her confused, “I mean I know they can take a while but…”

“No this one is different. Aaron has been married seven times in the last ten years.” She said. “He spends more time getting divorced than he stays married it seems. He gets married with the intentions of staying together with his new wife but then he goes out with the guys and finds someone else. It is always the same. He cheats, ends up divorced, then remarries.”

“This bothers you?” he asked.

“Not what he does with his life even though I believe that marriage should be between two people for longer than a few weeks. It is the cheating he does that bothers me. He used me as an excuse a few times early one working together knowing that his wives know nothing has ever gone on with me and him. I can’t stand cheaters. They all are.” Kit said as her face wrinkled with the thought.

“Personal experience?” Mitsuhide asked.

“something like that.” Kit said as she turned her eyes to him. “Since you need to know all it seems. My ex-husband. He had a thing about sneaking around and well honestly he wasn’t very good at it.”

“You were married before?” Mitsuhide asked.

“Not for very long.” Kit said with a laugh. “Only a few months before I realized I had made the biggest mistake of my life.”

“I honestly didn’t know that about you.” Mitsuhide said. “That actually explains a lot.”

“What does that mean?” she asked as she narrowed her eyes at him.

“That is simple. Though you brushed off the fact that you were married before no one ever speaks of it. Not even for reference. Either they weren’t around for it or they don’t want any one to say it something and hurt you.” Mitsuhide said, “Guys are not like women who will say everything but they do talk and not one of your team has ever said anything about you being married before. That says a lot completely by yourself.”

“What does it really say?” she asked as she still looked at him with her eyes narrowed. Though she was glad that her team hadn’t brought it up for everyone to hear. This one man could read between the lines to well.

“He cheated, you said that. However there was much more to the story. He was abusive wasn;t he?” Mitsuhide asked as she widened her eyes.

“Yes.” She replied as she turned.

“Okay.” We don’t have to say anything more about that.” He said softly. “But that is the reason you remained alone for so long right?”

“One of the reasons.” She said even softer.

“what are the others?” he asked as he watched her almost sink in to the couch as she seemed to shrink before his eyes.

“I am to focused I have been told. I tried to be more out going and not to focused on work but that didn’t work to well. I tried but it seems I am not made for this.” She said.

“So he hurt you that bad huh?” Mitsuhide asked as he looked at her trying to make herself even smaller. “Sweetheart maybe you were looking in the right places, did you ever think of that?”

“And where should I have looked?” she asked in her sassy tone. He knew it was a defense thing now. When someone got to close to the truth she would revert to a teenagers attitude.

“How about right here?” he asked as he met her eyes.

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