Into the Chamber

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Chapter 8

“What does that mean?” She asked and then the door bell saved him from having to answer the question. He got up and went to the door in the front of the house. She really had a chance to look around the larger room that he had placed her in. the room was clean but not spotless. She thought of all she knew about him as a person and as a co-worker of sorts.

He was meticulous when he was planning something. He had a back up plan for every plan and outcome. He was the planner, the ferret of the group. He watched everyone and knew almost everything about them. He just listened most of the time and filed away the secrets that he had overheard or had been told openly.

The room wasn’t like that. It was warm and inviting. The large television in the corner was at an angle so you could see it nearly everywhere in the room. The bookshelves that were covered in books lined the wall. There were some personal photos thrown in the bookcases as well. Nothing was on the walls. He must have done some or all of his extra work in this room though. The computer chair and the nook off the room that she couldn’t see in must be where he had a computer ready and waiting to work on.

Everything about the room was not like him or at least the him she knew. She didn’t often work with his team. They had remained friendly over the years but she had only worked on two or three ops with them. That wasn’t uncommon though. Each team was there to handle different things and their things didn’t overlap too much.

Seeing how he was able to step into the spot and help her it made sense in a way. Though they would have known each other they were far enough apart that no one would question this later. The thing that she didn’t understand was him mourning her. Though if they had a relationship of any sort they both would have kept it quiet. That much of it was true.

She watched him walk back in to the room carrying the bags of food. He sat back down in front of the couch. She looked his face and body over. Though she had noticed him before she had never really looked at the men she worked with. Not as if she was assessing them. He was tall. At least over a foot taller than her. That wasn’t a hard thing to be though as she had come to the conclusion at five feet tall more than ninety percent of the population was taller than her. He wasn’t overtly muscular though when he moved his arm she could see the result of hard training. She also remembered being in his arms as he carried her up the stairs. His chest was hard and there was no strain for him as he did the task. He was one of those rare men in the military who didn’t like to show off his strength but it was there.

“What are you thinking, princess?” he asked as he handed her some candied fruit thinking she would like those before her actual meal.

“Just trying to focus.” She said. “I have a lot to think about I guess.” Kit was trying to do that. She was trying to focus on something that will help clear her mind to the point she could think about what was going on around them. She wanted to know who was doing this to her.

“We have a lot to sort through but I am sure we will figure it out when all the cards are played out.” Mitsuhide said as he locked eyes with her. It was the first time she really looked into his eyes. She had, of course, seen them before but she had never willingly got lost within them. The molten golden color of them was enough to keep her gaze but it seems they were swirling in a way she had never witnessed before as well. It was almost like every idea he had created a new pattern and shifted the color slightly.

“I don’t know much more.” Kit replied as she took a bit of the fruit. Though she had been exhausted before the warehouse and then the hospital, she wasn’t all that hungry. She knew that she was hurt she needed to eat and fruit was one of the best things she could eat to help build up herself she didn’t want to. She was tired but not tired enough to sleep. It hit her that she just wanted to be held and told everything was okay. Even though she knew it wasn’t.

“You will remember when the time comes.” He said softly. “You are to close to it right now.”

“And that means, what?” she asked.

“Right now the shock of your feet and medical condition and the events that led up to this are clouding your mind. In a few days you will be able to separate the information and help me process it better. Trust me this is what I do.” Mitsuhide said as he looked at her trying to get her to calm down a bit and relax.

Mitsuhide knew that she was one that couldn’t shut off her brain. He wanted her to at least have a few days where she could try and unfocus on the events without being drugged. Her body needed the time to heal and he knew she wouldn’t be able to let it do it the proper way. He was almost betting with himself within a day or so he found her on her feet trying to walk somewhere.

Having to rely on him was probably not easy in the best of circumstances. He knew that. His reputation went far in front of him and it wasn’t all that good. Though they knew each other professionally he knew he didn’t know her to well personally. The opposite was true as well. They had to build trust. They had to find a way to become a team and quickly. He knew he needed her to help him so he could end this for her.

He let the silence fall around them. Sometimes he learned more with nothing being said then he did when people rattled on about everything that didn’t matter. He looked up to her. He could see the pain on her face and in her normally clear eyes. She wasn;t going to let it go. Not tonight or anytime soon. He let out a sigh. When he did that she met his eyes and tilted her head. He knew what he had to do. He had to drop the mask he was so good at wearing and let her see the real him.

That could make or break everything. She watched him as he struggled with the idea that he needed to let her see him for what he was. She would either want to leave or run away. He knew that already.

“I have one question?” she asked as she looked at the man in front of her.

“What is that?” he asked softly as he looked deep in her eyes. He was hoping he could avoid his next move as much as she would avoid being trapped in a wheelchair for the next three weeks.

“Why mourn me?” she asked as she tilted her head again.

“What?” he asked confused.

“You said your absence would be explained because you were mourning me. Why?” she asked as she really looked at him. He knew she was to observant. She would see through any lie he tried to spin.

“That is simple.” He said as he gave up and knew the simple truth would be better. She might not even believe that.

“What is that? “she asked as she put her fruit down and waited.

“Kit I have always admired you.” He began, “Since the first time I saw you in the building. You were a beacon of hope in a way. I am sure that you never realized or you just didn’t care but when we got back from a mission I always found a way to go into the basement to at least glance at you for a moment. That helped me remember we were back home.”

“Wait, what?” she asked surprised.

“Everyone around us saw it as well.” He said.

“They did?” she asked. She thought back to every time she had seen him before. It was true he did often show up shortly after a mission. He never interacted with her just stood somewhere close and then he would leave.

“it seems only you were the one who didn’t know.” He said.

“Are you saying that you like me?” she asked still slightly confused.

“No.” he replied as she looked at him. “Like is a too common word for what I feel for you. Seeing you trapped in the suit tonight and knowing that something was very wrong with you I fear it took years off my life. taking your wrath for cutting you out of it was worth it if you could recover.”

“The suit.” She said as she looked at him.

“We really have to stop changing subjects so quick.” He said with a chuckle. “You’re killing my brain by doing it.”

“Mitsuhide my suit wasn’t right.” She said.

“I know.” He replied now wondering if he shouldn’t have said anything to her. “I am the one who cut you out of it.”

“No, I mean the glass will come back as poisoned but I bet my suit has it as well. The smell in it wasn’t normal.” She said as she looked up to him. “But it was destroyed by now.”

“another clue.” He said as he looked down at the food. He took another bite and just let the last statement in the air.

“I think I like you too, Mitsuhide.”

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