Lucifer's Academy (ENGLISH)

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The girl who always chews bubblegum in her mouth in order to avoid conversations, Asel Jules Carson, seemed to be hopeless in finding the right school for her. Not that she cares. But for some reason, every time she enters a new school, she always ends up beating people and sending them to the Hospital. Out of discipline, her father enrolled her to a school where he thinks Jules will learn her lesson. A school that speaks for its name, Lucifer's Academy. Little did they know that the school is a ground where demons keep their secrets and enjoy their feast. And once Neferipitou enters it, there is no return for it will change her to the person that the demons wanted her to be. Disclaimer: If morbidity is your cup of tea, you got the right book for you.

Action / Thriller
Chris Oca
Age Rating:

Letter From Dean

Good Day!

This is an official letter from the Dean that will settle your decisions if you want to enter this school or not. Bluntly speaking, this school is not for weaklings. Entering this school might be the biggest mistake of your whole life. Think twice.

Furthermore, this school has complete facilities such as rooms, infirmaries, laboratories, dormitories, grounds, parking lots, stadiums, arena, and all of the ideal places you have in your wildest dungeon of dreams. There are many variations of dishes, delicacies, desserts, and beverages in the cafeteria. Most of them are free for the students since the school has enough funds to deal with the students’ needs.

Nevertheless, if you love your dear life, don’t dare to take a step in this school. It will be suicide. But if you received this letter, that only means that you are challenged to attend this school. You didn’t mind the warning I sent to you at the beginning because the word “thrill” is missing from your veins.

Hence, you cannot be easily killed or vice versa. Like the other schools, Lucifer’s Academy has its own rules and regulations. If a student didn’t abide by the given rules, the Dean is obliged to take that student’s life. You should know that this school lies on the dark loose ends of the government, and its existence is a secret. Whoever reading this letter should shut their filthy mouths for their own safety if they would not dare to attend this kind of school.

This academy has three golden rules:

1.) Don’t kill anyone in the school unless ordered by the Dean.

2.) Don’t try to dig the school’s secrets for the intention of telling it to outsiders.

3.) Once you enter the school premises, there’s no going back.

If you are willing to enter a demon’s territory despite the pieces of information given here, kindly put your signature below and your printed name. Send it back to the official mailing company of Lucifer’s Academy. Have a nice day!

Signature over Printed Name

Sincerely yours, Dean.

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