Lucifer's Academy (ENGLISH)

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“Whoa! Are you not gonna apologize? Don’t you know who I am?!”

I chew my gum as I lift my gaze to see the asshole that I accidentally bumped into the Quadrangle. His black sunken eyes stared back at me looking like a berserk rat and his nose is fuming with anger. I raised my eyebrow as I roll my eyes at him. Jeez, this guy looks like a typical dumbass delinquent. I never wanted any trouble, but why am I always in some kind of trouble. Is misfortune in love with me or something? This is only my first day in my new school.

“Oh? What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” said the guy. I gave him a blank stare and didn’t even flinch with his remarks. I chewed my gum and simply roamed my eyes around, only to notice people looking in our way. He’s annoyingly beginning to catch the crowd’s attention. I sighed right in front of him and made a cracking sound using my neck. I just hope that this guy is worth a stretch. I saw him smirked.

“Ah. You’re new here, aren’t you? Guess I’ll have to teach you a thing or two then.” said this asshole as he and his followers laugh in unison. I grinned as I pop my gum. Looks like I have to say goodbye with my first day then.

“Why are you grinning darling?” said the asshole as he advances towards me, “You’re about to see hell you know.” he added and tries to brush my hair behind my ear but I grabbed his wrist right before he could. His eyes glimmered with amusement.

“Oh, I see we have a feisty one!” he playfully exclaimed as he tries to break free from my grip but fails. I smirked when his eyes widened in fear. I chewed my gum. You asked for this dumbass, and I’m going to make sure you’ll regret the moment you even tried to mess up with me.

He looked around desperately, “H-hey you! Help me out here, NOW!” he yelled while he still struggles within my grip. His lips then formed a grin as he saw his men, dressed like butlers, surround me. Oh dear, hiding behind your guards? Such a poor kid. There were four of them and they all look buff. They have the upper hand in numbers. I popped my gum. I’m not really into gang bang though, sorry.

“Get her!” screamed the wimp I was grabbing. In cue, his men all came at me.

Too slow.

I shrugged my shoulders and closed my eyes as I swiftly dodged all their attacks. They mean nothing if they can’t hit me at all. I fluttered my eyes open then turned my head towards them. I flashed my smug face to mock them. Their faces instantly became red as tomatoes and they charged at me mindlessly.

This is easy.

I settled my hands inside my pockets and quickly dropped to the ground. I positioned myself on the floor and breakdanced, sweeping the legs of the four people coming at me. I chuckled as I watched them drop to the floor on top of one another, compressed like sardines. I finally achieved the right shit to sweep people off their feet. I guess I am a real genius.

Before they could even stand back up, I approach the guy who was bothering me earlier. He tried to step back but I moved faster and put him in an arm-lock. I then smirk as I look at every student who witnessed what just happened. Hmm, there are no teachers around, huh? Oh well, even if they are here, a fight’s a fight. Nothing they do would really matter.

“Let go of me you bitch!”

I let out a grunt when I noticed the guy in my arm lock won’t stop moving. His voice rings in my ear. I tightened my grip to limit his movements but what he did next annoyed the hell out of me. He fucking bit my arm!

I quickly hit him on the face without even blinking. He was about to punch back but I pinned him down before he could even do anything. I glared at him and I even saw him swallowed an imaginary lump on his throat—he immediately stops resisting. I smirked and rained him down with punches at full strength.

The word suddenly became ghost-quiet. All that remains are the sounds of his flesh getting crashed down by my fists. He even coughed blood but I displayed no remorse and continued my business. A splash of desire came into my senses and I suddenly want more of his pain.

I want him dead.

“S-stop. Please..I’m sorry..please stop.”

My fist stopped in the air when I heard his voice pleading. I then smirked as I gazed into his fearful eyes. I pulled him by the collar then leaned my head forward. I closed the distance between our faces and whisper the words, “Sleepwell, darling.” then I headbutt his lights out. Blood gushed out of his forehead and his now unconscious body fell to the ground. Almost as if on cue, the teachers came rushing in.

Tch, acting heroes now when it’s already over?

“Jules! Why do you keep on causing trouble! You’ve been switching schools on a regular basis and at every single one, you keep getting kicked out! And now that you’re in another one, the first thing you do is get in a fistfight! You just won’t stop, will you!? Why did we even ado—” Dad kept on complaining but I wasn’t really paying attention. My ears are only meant to hear what I want to hear. I won’t waste them for such trivial rants of a certain old man.

Dad looked at me fuming in anger, and all I did was look bacl at him with a blank face and gum in my mouth. I didn’t utter a single word in response. I just keep chewing, giving them the idea that as always, I’m not up for any conversations. I watched my mother dearest approach my amazing father.

“Hon, please just forgive her. We’ll just enroll her in another school.” Pleaded my mom to my dad. My father dearest’s face softened because of the gesture and even reached for my mom’s hand hugging his arm. I grimaced upon the sight. Ridiculous. I think my eyes just want to get out of their sockets.

“Hon, I’m out of choices. Let’s just send her to LA.” Said my dad as he gently looks at my mother. I furrowed my eyebrows upon hearing him. I wonder where this “L.A.” is? It’s their last resort for me.

“NO! what if she gets hurt?!” Said my mom as she pleaded once more to my dad. Hurt? Me? And for pete’s sake, can they just drop the act that they’re ridiculously sweet as if my father dearest isn’t the douche bag who knocks her out of her wits every time he wanted to.

I saw my father dearest tapped mom’s shoulder and then looked at me. His chocolate brown eyes were deadly serious, and all I can say is it doesn’t suit him at all. It looks so awful on him. He might as well drop the act and show his true colors.

“Jules, we’re sending you to Lucifer’s Academy.”

I raised my eyebrow when I heard the name of the school. Did he just utter a freaking fantasy? The name of the school sounds so evil. I clicked my tongue. Do they really think I’ll change if I enter that school with a spooky name? Sounds like it will only excite me more though.

“No reaction?” asked my dad, so I lifted my gaze to look at him. How was I supposed to react? Happy? Scared? Sad? Like I’d ever do that. I’d rather keep chewing my gum than look at his disgusting face.

“Fine, go pack your things, you’ll be staying in their dorms,” he said. Dorm? Finally, I can feel some good-old freedom. I stood up and quietly went to my room, hearing their whispers behind my back. I even heard the sound of a slap before I enter my room.

Same old. Same old.

I immediately packed my things in one go and didn’t even bother organizing them. I’m so damn excited to get out of this hell after all. I quickly grabbed my suitcase then went downstairs as soon as I finished. My mom welcomed me at the end of the step with her worried face. I clicked my tongue. I really think she should keep that worry for herself. Her left cheek is bloody red again.

“Sweetie, be careful okay.” She said as she gave me a very tight hug. I didn’t hug her back and waited for her to go away. I didn’t give a damn about how she felt.

“Jules, the service is here.” said my dad as he motioned me towards the exit. It’s really hilarious when I think of it. They’re really in a hurry to send me off, almost as if they already planned it. I coldly looked at him in response and replaced the gum in my mouth with another one. I then leave my house and walked towards the black limousine parked in front of the house.

Wait a second.

A limousine? Just to bring me to the school? Isn’t this fancy?

Despite my bewilderment, I still entered the limousine and headed off to my new school. The whole ride I was just looking out the window, with my chin resting on my hand. For the next few hours, the limousine took a turn and we were already out of the city. We are now in a forest—a huge one at that. I didn’t even remember the path we went through. It is getting dark already.

I leaned my back on my seat and looked at the driver using the rear mirror. He didn’t even say a single thing about this trip. I crossed my arms and sighed. Well, let things surprise me I guess.

When we eventually got there, I didn’t even wait for them to open the door. I roamed my eyes at my surroundings. Aside from the fact that we are surrounded by trees because this entire place is a part of a freaking huge forest, the ambiance tells me that there’s more it than meets the eye.

I kept on walking as I feel the driver running behind my back. Eventually, I stumbled upon a black gate with bloody red stains. It’s huge and surprisingly, I find it beautiful.

I dragged my suitcase from the driver without looking at him and headed towards the gate. I suddenly stop at my tracks when I felt a presence at my 9 o’clock. I jerked my head towards it and found an old guy staring at me as if waiting for me to arrive. He has gray hair, a monocle on his left eye, and is wearing a tuxedo. His entire existence was screaming he was a butler of some sort.

“Are you Asel Jules Carson?” he asked as I blankly looked at him and popped my bubble gum. That was yes if he knows my shitty body language. I furrowed my eyebrows when he just laughed at me lightly. I clicked my tongue. What’s up with this old man?

“So, it’s true that you keep that bubble gum in your mouth to avoid talking.” he said while grinning. They did some research on me? Just how did they even know me in the first place? I don’t remember filling up a piece of an application form or something. I noticed his right hand wearing a white glove as he reached it out.

“So, here is your dorm room number.” he said. He flocked his hand and a red piece of paper appeared. I raised my eyebrow. Wow, he’s a magician now?

I grabbed the paper and examined it. Just a dorm room number? What about my schedule? Department?

“You don’t have a department yet because you’re just a transferee. Besides, you need to go to the Welcome Ceremony first before you acquired a department,” he explained. I nodded to his words, ignoring the mind-reading shit he just did to me and kept on chewing my gum.

He then opened the gate and I headed in. As soon as I stepped foot on the pavement, I feel the hairs at the back of my neck stood up. It was dark and ghost-quiet. I felt it all—the permeating bloodlust in the air like I can get murdered right on the spot, and the eyes looking at me even though I could see no one by the windows.

As I look around the area, I kept on seeing sky-scraping buildings in every direction. The three on my right are all silver, but the ones on my left are gold. I can also see a set of black buildings from afar if I squint my eyes enough. I smirked.

Interesting. I wonder what their colors mean.

I look at the paper I was handed earlier to see if it holds the answer. The color of the girl’s dorm was indicated as expected. The girl’s dorm is white while the boy’s dorm is blue. I searched for the building and found it meters away from me. I headed towards it but halfway through, I felt bored with walking. My body is only meant for fighting. I clicked my tongue. Are there no vehicles here? Why are the buildings so far away from each other?

I rolled my eyes to the side then smirked when I see a bunch of bikes parked nearby. Lucky. My mouth then formed a grin and I headed there immediately. I then take another stick of gum, but as I was about to open it, a gash of air flowed into it and the gum disappeared from my hands.

What was that?

My jaw almost dropped when I saw a girl standing beside me out of nowhere. I didn’t feel her presence at all. She had long straight hair, white fair skin, and round coffee-colored eyes. I looked down and saw my gum within her hands. What the—my eyes didn’t even see her movements. I just rolled my eyes and grabbed another gum in my pocket. Who is this bitch?

“Hi! My name is Catherine Mae Vellaguez. Nice to meet you! You’re Asel Jules Carson, right?” she asked. I furrowed my eyebrows and slightly tilted my head. How did she even know my name? Is she a psycho?

“Dear, I am not a psycho. You’re just very unique." She said as she clung onto my arm. I then gaze at her arm with much disgust in my eyes. I don’t like it when people touch me. This girl doesn’t even get the gesture. I clicked my tongue. How dumb.

“What’s your dorm room number anyway?” asked this psycho as she ignores my hateful gaze. I then hold the red paper in my hand right into her face.

“Oh. 5th Floor, 204th Room. Looks like we’re roommates!” she exclaimed. My bubble gum popped again. This can’t be. Why did my luck leave me right away? This gum stealing psycho is my roommate? Geez, give me a break! I’ll never agree with this bullshit!

Contrary to my thoughts, she then proceeds to drag me on a bike and gave me a push. She also rid hers and I was left with no choice but to follow her. She clearly knows how to get around in this shithole and I’m really exhausted from walking and being out all day so I’ll take this situation as win-win. She might look harmless for now but I still don’t trust her.

When we finally got to our building, we parked our bicycles at the side and she dragged me once again. For the second time around, my jaw almost dropped once again. This school is full of weird surprises.

The dorm is huge. I don’t even know how many floors are thereby barely looking at it. It’s purely white that it almost blinds the eye. When we entered, the interior looked modern. Grey, black, white, and tan are the colors hugging my vision as if the designer wanted this place to feel neutral as possible. The person at the front desk welcomed us with a sweet smile. Her hair is pulled up into a clean bun and her eyes stared at us with amusement. However, I can feel something weird about her smile.

I feel like she is faking it.

The girl beside me beamed, “Hi! My name Catherine Mae Vellaguez and she’s Asel Jules Carson, a transferee.” said Catherine, emphasizing the last word. The receptionist then nodded and typed something on the computer. She gave us thumbs up and Catherine then looked back at me and smiled from ear to ear, reaching for me.

Before she could even cling to my arms again, I immediately rushed to the elevator. I then press the button to take us to the fifth floor and lean back while looking at Catherine is still savoring her piece of stolen gum. She sure is lively. She met my gaze and flashed her smile once again.


When the doors opened, we saw a girl walking past us. The girl noticed us and went back, “Um, excuse me. Do you know where the 204th room is? I’ve been everywhere and I still can’t find it.” asked the girl. I looked at her from head to toe. I had to raise my eyebrow when I saw a set of very interesting choice of clothes.

She was wearing ballet shoes even though she was also wearing jeans and a white tank top. Her hair was normal though, straight and black, and her face was also normal, devoid of any makeup or blemish—just her pretty black eyes and innocent smile. She looks like the best girl of a cliché movie or novel; a girl who always gets her ass saved by people just because she’s kind and beautiful.

“Looks like all three of us are roommates! Yay!” exclaimed Catherine and motioned herself, “By the way, I’m Catherine Mae Vellaguez and she’s Asel Jules Carson.” added Catherine and pointed at me. I saw the confusion in the best girl’s face when Catherine introduced me. I just simply popped my gum again.

“Marize Monteverde.” Said the girl as she smiled at us. After a little chit-chat, Catherine then guided us to our room. They kept on talking and I can even hear the best girl innocent grin. I darted them a glance and saw Catherine making a face. I quickly averted my eyes. Stupid.

When Catherine finally halted, I saw a gleaming 204 on the door. Upon observation, I noticed that our room door didn’t have a knob or anything we could use to open it. Okay, so how are we supposed to open this?

“Open. Amethyst Speaking,” said Catherine. The doors then opened as soon as Catherine finished saying those words. Hmm, I guess Amethyst is her code name, while mine is Fallen Angel; at least that’s what is written on the piece of paper handed to me earlier.

When we entered the room, we were welcomed a huge flat-screen TV surrounded by three sofas located at the center of the entire room. There was also a laptop beside the tv and a video game console under it. This is really a fancy dorm, I see.

As I look around some more, I noticed that there are three rooms provided for us individually. I examined each one of them. The first room looked and smelled like food so I knew instantly that it is Catherine’s. The second room was covered all pink, unoccupied, and not really my type so I proceeded to the last one. The room is painted black. I smirked, I think I got a bingo. I gotta take this room no matter what. I glanced at the two and see the best girl still staring the room in awe.

Sorry, best girl. This room’s mine.

I toss my luggage aside and quickly shut the door with a thud. I didn’t even bother to turn on the lights and ran towards the bed. I fell flat on it and cuddled with the pillow.

Hmmm, looks like I’ll be able to sleep well tonight.


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