Lucifer's Academy (ENGLISH)

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Lucifer’s Chapter 01 - Rookie


“Jules, wake up!”

Who dared to interrupt my sleep?

I got up from the bed with a morning bloodlust ready to be served for the person who dared to wake me up. I then clenched my fist and the punched person in full force. I opened my eyes and winced. Unfortunately, Catherine dodged the attack and my fist hit the wall instead. My fists instantly screamed in pain and I gritted my teeth. I stepped back and glared at her.

“What’s going on?” said another person coming from outside my room. I turned my head and saw Marize the best girl with an annoying kind expression plastered at her face. I squinted my eyes. Another nuisance, I see.

“Jules, as a fellow transferee, we need to attend the Welcome Ceremony. Catherine is just worried you won’t make it so she volunteered to wake you up” said Marize. I returned my look at the unfazed Catherine and back to Marize. I sighed to calm my nerves and signaled them to get the hell out of my room. Good thing, they complied. I stretched for a bit and proceeded to get dressed.

I just wore black leggings and a loose white t-shirt with the words “FUCK OFF” written in the middle. I also wore combat shoes to match the style. I checked myself in the mirror and I saw my chocolate brown eyes staring back at me. I wore a black cap over my shoulder-length black hair to top it all off.

When I’m finally satisfied, I got out of my room then saw Catherine and Marize waiting for me in the living room. Catherine finished her chocolate with marshmallows before standing up from the sofa. The best girl also did the same.

“Let’s go.” The best girl said. I settled my hands at my sides after I shoved a bubble gum inside my mouth. Catherine did the job in closing the door, muttering the same words she commanded last night. When we left the dormitory building, we rode our bicycles and headed to the hall that the said ceremony will be held. Upon entering the hall, we heard the emcee’s voice echoing throughout the entire place.

“We will now begin the Welcome Ceremony.”

The hall looked more like an arena than its name portrays. Since we were kind of late because of me, we found seats near the exit. Marize sat first, Catherine settled beside her then I followed through. I leaned back and set my eyes at the 12 inch LED TV above us. I watched the emcee dressed in black drawing a piece of paper.

“May I call on the transferee, Marize Monteverde?” said the emcee. I looked at the best girl using my peripheral vision and I saw her stood up. She walked past me and made her way to the center. I was distracted when I felt someone poked me.

“Want some?” asked Catherine. I just raised my eyebrow at her and returned my gaze to the front. I really don’t like people touching me casually.


When I entered the Combat Arena, the lights suddenly turned off. I couldn’t hear anything. The entire hall became silent and anticipating. It’s like everyone was used to the situation. Not a moment later, the lights turned back on. My lips formed an awkward smile when I realized I was no longer alone in the arena. There are now other people here and I can tell they were out for blood.

“Marize, in order for you to know your section, you have to defeat the men standing before you. It’s the school’s old tradition. Enjoy killing each other.” Said the speaker. I just shrugged my shoulders and nodded in the Combat Arena. My opponents then grinned at me but all I replied with was an awkward smile. I didn’t expect this at all.

They began their assault. The guy in front of me and the guy behind me rushed towards me at the same time while holding knives. I dropped my awkward façade and smirked. Hmmm, I think I’m going to play with them a bit.

I remained standing at my feet as I wait for their attacks. When I noticed that they were nearing me, I quickly squatted, resulting in them stabbing each other. Blood then splashed on to my nape and I grinned. I then uppercut their jaws as I got up from my position. When they dropped to the ground, I couldn’t help myself and kept on kicking them, making them groan even more.

That’s right, scream! Scream for me more, you pieces of trash!

I enjoyed myself too much in that beatdown that I didn’t even notice the attack coming right at me. Shit, I forgot there was another one! I scolded myself as he successfully landed a hit to the back of my head. It felt like my head was distorted because of the impact. I clicked my tongue as my body fell to the ground.

Stupid Marize!

I whimpered when the guy stepped on my back, pushing me on the ground more. My body felt like noodles as my vision spins in 360 degrees. I lost control of my arms and I couldn’t even struggle underneath him.

“Looks like that was all she had. Pathetic.”

“I guess she only got lucky at first.”

“Well, let’s finish this right away.”

I blinked and tried to concentrate. I won’t let things end this way. I gritted my teeth and started to move my fingers. Suddenly, I heard the guy above me laughing, and I felt the slight difference of the pressure he was giving me. I grabbed the shuriken that was conveniently lying on the floor near me and stood up, shocking the three of them. I smirked when I saw the guy who was stepping on me earlier was thrown down to the floor. I took a step forward but my vision doubled all of a sudden.

Ugh. This is bad.

I need to finish this quick or else, I will never be able to find the answers that I’m looking for. I need to do whatever it takes to win this match; even if it means staining my hands with their blood. I positioned myself and forced myself to concentrate. I inhaled sharply and arched my body, standing up using my toes. I observed the air around me and I started to dance like a ballerina.

They charged me again after watching my soft movements. I just smirked at their pathetic attempts at attacking me as I twirled and spun with their every attack. As I was dancing and dodging their move, I stabbed the shurikens I held and attacked one guy’s vitals—between the eyebrows, the heart, and the jugular vein.

The Combat Arena turned into a slaughterhouse with all the blood spilled on the floor. I then look back at the two people left in the arena with me. Fear was written on their faces so clearly. I danced towards them but got even dizzier. My vision was spinning all around from the concussion I got and all the blood I lost. I bit my lip to stay focused and advanced to the two other guys. I didn’t let them make another move and desperately threw the shuriken—it hit them right at their foreheads and their bodies collapsed on the ground.

I gasped and tried to catch my breath. Ugh, my head really hurts like heck. I touched the back of my head and I saw a lot of blood on my palm. My eyes widened when I felt a presence behind me. I let my instincts take over me and dodged the attack that was coming.

Damn! I won’t let the same shit happen to me twice!

I stepped back when my vision started to spin again. Damn, can these guys settle down for once? They are so persistent!

I didn’t even blink when I advance towards him. He pointed his gun at me but I managed to slap it away and punched him straight across the face. I then aimed for the gut and landed a hit, making him spit out blood. I ignored the blood splashed on my face and attacked his chest with my knee. I wasn’t satisfied just yet so I took a dagger and stabbed him as I hold him up.

I didn’t even know how many times I stabbed his body. I cannot even hear his screams anymore and the crowd got quiet all of a sudden. My ear started to ring as my vision started to have dark spots on its edges.

I just want this to end already.

My hands lost its grip to the dagger and I started to catch my breath. My legs lost all its energy and I dropped to the ground, kneeling in the middle of the arena. My mind went blank.

“Congratulations Marize! You’re now qualified to the shuriken department!” said the speaker. I smiled weakly as I felt my head hit the ground. I closed my eyes and let the darkness devour me.

I went this far, mom.


“Okay, our first transferee was great, wasn’t she? Next up, I’m calling for Asel Jules Carson!” said the emcee as the medical team took the unconscious best girl and the corpses out of the stage. Marize put up a good fight. Didn’t know that the innocent vibe she has will disappear that quick when she’s in a fighting mode.

I stood up and I calmly headed towards the Combat Arena. I even heard Catherine cheering me at my back. I smirked.

I guess it’s my turn now.

When I was nearing the Combat Arena I backflipped myself in, making the crowd cheer. Guess they are really enjoying this silly tradition, huh? I chewed my gum as the lights turned off and just like the first time, the crowd went silent. What’s up with this setup anyway?

It’s making me feel excited.

When the lights turned back on I saw the people I was going to fight with. I took out the gum wrapper I hid in my pocket and spit my gum there since the flavor was gone already. I then threw it at the nearest trashcan and as expected, it went in. I am really a genius.

I and my opponents just stared at each other for a while. Probably examining each other, but one of them was impatient and charged at me. He threw a punch but I quickly dodged then grabbed his arm. Without any hesitation, I immediately threw him to the ground and knocked him out of his wits.


It didn’t even take seconds for the next one to attack me. The red-head guy also tried to punch me in the face but I blocked his attack by crossing my arms. He saw what I did in the first one so doing that again is not a good idea. Also, where’s the fun there, right?

Damn. I almost bit my tongue when the red-head hit me using his knee. I didn’t even saw it coming and my sight darkened in just a second. He pushed me down and made me kneel on the floor. I was not given the chance to react at all. These assholes are beating me. I wonder how I can even turn the tables in my favor.

Being entertained by the pathetic sight in front of him, he mindlessly punches my shoulder with a wide grin. Thee sharp pain traveled up until my neck. I lifted my gaze at him and saw him aiming and positioning his fists. He started to charge at me. I smirked as I casually tilt my body at the side. The dumbass tripped, fell out of balance, and kissed the ground. I slowly stood up and looked down. My smirk got wider.

Now, it’s my turn.

I stepped on his back and stomped hard, making him groan in pain. I fixed my cap and stared the red-head dead in the eye. I kicked him hard before he could even dare to attack me back. His eyes were deadly serious and it makes me want to crash that fighting spirit once and for all. I stomped harder and kick him some more. In my dismay, he coughed blood and the red shit even got on my shoes. I clicked my tongue. What a mess.

When the red-head stopped struggling beneath me, that was the only time I left him. I wanted to make sure that he won’t get up again after he took my beating. These guys are persistent based on Marize’s fight. I then looked at the black-haired guy. He was just spectating us all this time. I looked at his blue eyes as he grins, making me feel his bloodlust as he started walking towards me. I smirked and did nothing. I waited for him to come to me. I even smirk to mock him more.

When he stood in front of me, he didn’t even blink as he aims for my chest, still wearing that grin. I quickly dodged the attack, only to find out that it was just a feint. It was too late for me to realize that his real aim was to kick me. I coughed blood instantly when I fully received the attack. Good thing I didn’t eat breakfast or I’ll puke everything I ate.

He moved fast and took that opportunity to wrap his arms around me, placing my hands behind my back. He then pressed his body on mine.

“I’m aroused, babe.” said this pervert as he hits my gut with his knee. I coughed. Bullshit. This is the second time my body received his attack and it feels like my organs are getting crushed.

Darn it!

I coughed again and blood came out. His grip loosened when some of my blood got into his eyes. I managed to escape from his grip right at that moment. I stepped back and covered my mouth. It was late for me to realize that eyes were glued to my hand.


“What’s wrong with you? Are you scared of blood? Pfft.” Said the black-haired guy as he laughed like a maniac. His words didn’t register in my senses. I feel like something was moving in my stomach. Excitement swelled inside of me. A little while later I was also laughing with him.

“Ha....Ha...Ha.” I laughed with my hoarse voice. I looked at him and I felt something weird on my eyes. My vision became red as the crowd goes quiet. All that remains is my laugh, echoing all over the place.


This is my bloodlust. The sight of blood alone won’t leave me satisfied. I’m still craving for more. I stepped towards the black-haired guy who was staring at me with fear even though I’m not doing anything to him yet. His body trembled, “M-monster!”

I need to see the skin falling apart.

I want to hear his bones crack.

I want to slice that luscious flesh.

An evil grin escaped from my lips when I lunged at him and easily grabbed his neck, I choke him hard, lifting him up over the floor. I watch him wiggle his legs as he struggles within my grips. His eyes shot upwards as blood started to flow from his blue eyes like paint. His face drained in color and became pale. I smirked upon the sight. I took the knife in his pocket and I held him closer to me.

I whispered in his ear, “I’m also aroused, babe.” then licked his ear, along with the knife running through his chest and stabbing his heart.

“Congratulations Jules! You are qualified to be in the dagger department!”


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