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Lucifer’s Chapter 02 - Lottery Match


After the Welcome Ceremony, Catherine and I went to the cafeteria. She was hungry despite the fact that she ate quite a lot during the event and I, on the other hand, didn’t have my breakfast yet. Yes, I fought in the arena with my empty stomach.

“Hmm, you seem unfazed,” said Catherine. I stared at her coffee-colored eyes then raised my eyebrow as I open the door of the cafeteria. She shrugged her shoulders and flashed her lively smile.

“You just killed someone—” she trailed off and cleared her throat, “Scratch that, you just killed people with your own hands but you still act like it was nothing. Is that normal for you?”

I stopped chewing my gum because of what I heard. It didn’t really occur to me until now. I cannot even bring myself to answer such a question. I don’t even know why I feel nothing at all.

I looked at her intently and she is still smiling widely at me like a clown. This psycho—she really gives me the creeps. She’s few inches smaller than me and her face resembles the innocence of a kid but, the aura that she gives off tells me otherwise. She feels like a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.

“You don’t really need to answer that, Jules.” Said Catherine then tapped for my shoulder. I looked at her hand touching me with disgust and she quickly back off. Still wearing that annoying smile she said, “I’ll go and take our orders while you find a table for us.”

I just nodded in response. I saw her eyes looked at the counter and they instantly sparkled upon the sight of food. She dashed off with lightning speed, drooling all over. I averted my eyes, settled my hands inside my pocket, and roamed around.

The floors are marbled white and the walls are metallic grey adorned with different kinds of abstract painting. Wooden tables and chairs are all over the entire place, accommodating every student dining here. There is also a long counter with lots of foods on display at the furthest end of the room.

My stomach was about to growl until I noticed the people’s businesses while they were dining in the Cafeteria. I winced as I see some people having fun with wiping their food over someone’s face, smashing the drinks while they arm wrestle, and anything upon the list. I shook my head and continued to find an available table. People really are stupid.

It didn’t take me long to find a 6-seater table. I sauntered towards it, being mindful of the wound I unfortunately acquired due to the Welcome Ceremony’s battle and inhaled sharply. This is why being human is tiring. I keep feeling pain over and over again after having some fun for a while. Good thing that the medics treated me right after the battle or things could have been worse.

As I advanced to the table, my eyes instantly noticed the glares that a group of girls was giving me. They are sitting across our precious table and I don’t think it was a good thing to have them staring at us while eating. Since my pace was not really fast to begin with, I decided to stop for a minute against their table. I chewed my bubble gum as I evaluate their faces in my head.

There are three girls; one of them is a redhead while the remaining has black hair. They are wearing their respective uniforms based on their departments, and as far as I can remember, the color codes for the departments were silver, black, and gold—silver for dagger, black for shuriken, and gold for pistol.

They kept on staring so I tilted my head then smirked, keeping eye contact. Their faces looked puzzled because of my response but they didn’t even budge a little bit. It felt like we had a silent agreement that if someone closed their eyes, it was game over for them.

Jules! I’m already here and I brought the foods!”

I rolled my eyes when I heard the gluttonous psycho called. The girl doesn’t know how to tone down her high-pitched voice and it’s freaking ringing in my ears. She is really lively for a psycho.

I hissed and continued to walk towards the table as Catherine caught up with me, holding our tray. I sat down on my seat and ignored the stares we had on our backs. Feel free to stare, bitches.


I am sure that I am not mistaken. The girl who was not wearing a uniform beside Catherine, the Gluttonous Queen, was the transferee that we watched from the Welcome Ceremony earlier. That girl has a very weird name and a very creepy laugh. Her chocolate brown eyes looked so cold and playful at the same time. I feel like if we tried to get on her bad side, we are dead.

I had been in Lucifer’s Academy for a long time and so far, it never failed to amaze me. It was not normal for people to enter this school because logically speaking, who would want to enter a lair of demons? However, there are people like us who want something different in the academy. Some looks for thrill and some looks for something else.

My thoughts were interrupted when Nick and Krishna nudged me by the arm. They motioned me to stop staring or else we will be noticed. I was about to utter a word when I ended up pouting because Nick’s red hair kissed my face as she looks towards Catherine’s. Damn. Someone feels like a model.

“Shut up, Shuriken! Do you know why your department is named like that? Because shurikens are throwing stars, and you guys are meant to be thrown in the trashcan.”

I jerked my head in the direction of the person who blurted that out. He was a brunette guy wearing a silver uniform, pointing a group of students in black. I clicked my tongue. I love the thrill, but these kinds of scenes don’t entertain me at all. For me, they were just nonsense.

One student in black stood up and exclaimed, “Look who’s talking. Don’t be such a fool! Your blades worth nothing if your brains are dull!”

“You know what; you guys don’t need to argue anymore because we, pistols, are here! We are the greatest because we have the best accuracy to kill someone with just one bullet.”

Krisha, Nick, and I looked at each other and shook our heads, “Dumb people are the worst.”

“Yeah, right.” They both agreed. As I was about to touch my food, I noticed how the transferee stood up and grabbed everyone’s attention. Her back faced us so we couldn’t really see her face.

“Woosh, wrong move,” Krishna said while she took a bite of her nuggets. I saw Nick smirked, “Things are going to be interesting.”

“Well,” I said and stared back at them, “I bet it will.”

I watched the transferee as I noticed one of the students in black threw a shuriken towards her direction. It happened so fast that I could barely see the shuriken spinning in the air. Hmm, let me see how sharp your senses are, newbie.

“Shit.” Krishna gasped as her pupils dilate upon the sight. I smirked as I let the scene burned upon my retinas. The transferee casually caught the shuriken like it was nothing and she even threw it back to the one who tried to harm her. She didn’t even bat an eye. That transferee has an animalistic instinct.

“Guess we have an interesting rookie here,” Nick commented. I winced upon the sight of her chewing the ice in her Iced tea. She was not even looking at me because she got her eyes glued on the transferee.

“Seriously Nick? Is that even good?” I asked, wincing. She darted me a glance and looked at me innocently. She ejected the ice from her mouth and handed me her glass, “You go and take a try.”

I quickly shook my head, completely disgusted, “No thanks.”

I turned my head towards the transferee and the Gluttonous Queen but they already left the Cafeteria. I leaned back towards my seat as I swirl my pasta into my fork, letting my thoughts wander. The transferee—she reminds me of someone. They got the same stance and sharp senses.

What is this bothering feeling?

It feels like they are the same person.

“To my dear students of Lucifer’s Academy, you are obliged to witness a very delicious scene in the Grounds. Anyone who disobeys will be eliminated. Enjoy.”

A shiver automatically went down from my spine when I heard Dean’s voice in the speakers. I quickly finished my food.


Nobody knows who that person is. People who tried to uncover Dean’s identity disappear with no traces. Dean has control over this academy. We have no choice but to comply with that person’s orders because if we didn’t,

We will be killed.


It didn’t take us long to arrive on the grounds since we left the Cafeteria right after that shrunken incident. Catherine tried to stop me from doing a mess and I do not even know if I am grateful for that or not.

The grounds were vast, and a lot of students were doing what they could to arrive here as fast as they could. I can even see a lot of students from the buildings climbing down in a hurry. I chewed my bubble gum. That Dean is really scary, huh? From what I observed, that Dean must have a really nasty reputation. If the students here in the academy are demons, maybe the Dean is Lucifer.

“Oh shit. His eyes were penetrated by a stick! Look!”

My forehead curled up when I heard someone blurted out something weird. It was only that time that I noticed that the huge screen located at the center of the grounds, film viewing torture footage.

I felt my pupils dilated as I watch the blood oozing from the guy’s eyes like a river. His screams turned into a melody for my ears and the trembling of his body makes me want to rip off his flesh more. I squeezed my arm and stopped my bloodlust. Shit. I was not really like this. I feel like I’m becoming something else.

Is this the Academy’s effect on me?

“My dear students, aren’t you enjoying our little show? Well, this is our kind of discipline to those students who cannot abide by our rules and regulations. He killed a student so for a fair price, I also took his life. Awesome, right?”

The Dean’s voice buzzed to the speakers as if that person was giving an informal caption for the footage. I chewed my bubble gum. So the rules indicated in the letter from the Dean were real. They value discipline here, and they also obey the person behind the magic of voice change.


Catherine quickly grabbed my arm when the ground started to vibrate. I looked at her with disgust in my face but her attention is set elsewhere. I moved my gaze in another direction and saw a series of walls started to emerge from the ground until it was high above us. If my estimate is enough, the walls are almost 20 feet. I’m impressed that I’m witnessing these scenarios with my own eyes. This only happens in movies.

Is the Dean trying to imprison us here?

I chewed my gum. Well, it’s not like I care at all. If anything, this might be interesting.

“My dear students, I want to spread the good news. The grounds had become an Arena. You know the drill, right? You need to fight each other but through the system of a lottery. Live or die. You choose. Don’t you love games as I do? I’m really happy that my students are young. You can entertain me with your unpredictable acts—”

The Dean was cut off when someone screamed. I jerked my head towards that direction and I saw a woman, falling to the ground, crisped and burnt. The people around that woman started to step back because of the horrible sight. Some of them even puked.

“Oh! I forgot to say. Be careful with the walls. They are covered with electricity so merely touching it is a no-no.” added the Dean. I can’t help myself from doing my smug face. This Dean is impossible. That person was crazy as hell.

“Catherine! Jules!”

Catherine and I looked at the direction of the one who was calling us. We saw a girl with black hair and charcoal eyes, hopping towards us with her ballet shoes. Oh, the best girl. She’s awake and she looks fine. Barely any scratches at all. The medics did their best.

She smiled at me and handed me my silver baller band with a dagger figure design. I quickly wore it as I stare at Marize’s. Hers was black and it has a figure of a shuriken. We have different departments. I wonder what those departments even mean in the first place.

“My dear students, kindly fall in line,” the Dean said as a bowl made of glass emerged from the ground, “Start the lottery! Oh before I forgot, slowpokes will be eliminated right away!”

In cue, students started rushing into the line. Marize and Catherine quickly dashed off, while on the other hand, I was just walking towards the line. We were kinda lucky that the position of the glass bowl was just meters away from us so I didn’t even bother to waste my energy to run.

As I stood in the line, I watched other people’s faces. Some are beaming at each other with a grin, eyes blazing with the fire of excitement. On the other hand, some were absolutely twisted, looking wimp and afraid. I quickly averted my eyes and chewed my gum. Pathetic.

Suddenly, the grounds seemed to be a war where fallen soldiers lie on the ground as they bath with their own blood. Screams are echoing all over the place. I stared in awe as I watch the ninjas wearing all black killing all the students who didn’t make it in the line.

Shit. The air smells acidic and the bodies are falling one by one like a domino game. The ninjas are doing their job right by swinging their swords and slicing everyone who stands on their way. I squeezed my arm once again. Calm the fuck down, Jules. Stop fantasizing!

While my eyes are still feasting at the scene, a girl with long black hair and pale skin caught my attention. She was wearing a silver uniform and she continuously struck the ninjas with the sheath of her sword, knocking them unconscious. She was walking effortlessly as she paved the way through the ninjas.

My pupils dilated with amusement. She was not even killing anyone but her bloodlust can be felt throughout the entire place. It even made my knees trembled as a sense of excitement swelled upon my chest. She has the smirk and the cold eyes of a killer.

I chewed my bubble gum and smirked. Who is she?

When she already got near the line, students started to adjust for her. I was not that far from the starting point so it didn’t really take that long before she stood right in front of me. I held my cap and stared at her as she does the same.

Oh girl, I can feel your bloodlust poisoning my brain.

I chewed my bubble gum and exhaled air on it to make it like a bubble. I popped it right in front of her and smirked. Her eyes darkened for a second and an evil laugh escaped from her lips.

“My name is Creed Yagami, and it seems like you are not afraid of me. Can I know your name, lady?” she said as she reached for my hand then kissed it. Her moves were so fast I didn’t even have the time to back off. I looked down at her. What’s up with this formal act?

“Asel Jules Carson,” I replied. In an instant, whispers started to buzz off around us like bees. Creed looked around with a smirk in her lips.

“I didn’t expect that voice from her. It makes her more intimidating.”

“Whoo. Icy. I think I need a heater.”

“Isn’t that Creed? The Reincarnation of Lucifer?”

“The rookie seemed interesting. She’s not even intimidated with the legendary standing in front of her.”

Creed let go of my hand then stands up straight. She looked me directly in my eyes, “So it’s a big deal when you talk, huh?”

She leaned closer and closed the distance between our faces, “Isn’t that interesting, rookie?”

I shrugged my shoulders, fixed my cap, and settled my hands in my pockets. The girl grinned and reached for the ends of my shoulder-length hair. I instantly felt her hands roaming around the skin of my neck as she plays with my hair using her fingers. I was glued on the spot.

“Nice meeting you, Asel.”


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