Lucifer's Academy (ENGLISH)

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Lucifer’s Chapter 04 - Fallen Angel


As I look away from the lady beside me, the image flashing on the screen caught my attention. I smirked as I see my picture on it, matched up with some students I don’t even know. I looked at Jules before I stood up. She really doesn’t give a fuck about me. How cruel. Too bad I didn’t get to fight her today.

I felt the Katana on my waist, throbbing as if it was begging me for blood. I settled my hand on it and silently grinned, “Just wait, dear.” I whispered. From my position, I saw another student walking towards the Arena. I squinted my eyes and scrutinized the person as I continue to walk down. A black hoodie with the printed design of an ice dragon covers the person’s body. Hmm, I am really hoping to face that weird bubble gum girl but since fate was not in my favor, I would rather take my time fighting this stranger.

The moment I walked on the floors of the Arena, blue shining laser beams covered the entire platform. I crossed my arms on my chest and placed my weight at my other feet. I looked at my opponent today and I even caught her staring. Her eyes were icy blue and damn if stares can affect someone—I’m sure as fuck that I will be freezing right now.

I was thrown into the floor and I couldn’t get up. And then, a girl with raven-black hair and crimson red eyes stamped on my back as she held her head high, smirking down at me.

I blinked.

I fucking remembered her again.

Lucifer—the person who made me taste defeat and one who gave me the codename of Reincarnation of Lucifer. I fought her right in this place years ago and I still remembered how I swooned into the arms of death as I struggled in battle. Back then, the Dean liked to implement Life & Death battles. To Kill or To be Killed. No one even dared to surrender because they were certain that they would face Dean’s punishment but Lucifer, my opponent, boldly ceased her resistance and surrendered. I closed my eyes and reminisced about what happened at that time.

“I surrender.” Said Lucifer while her crimson red eyes were piercing me. Sounds of buzzing whispers and hissing noises filled the entire place as my opponent’s words disappeared into thin air. My vision was all blur but I tried to focus it on Lucifer. She is a legendary—the strongest and the one ruling us all. No one knows why her codename was connected to the Academy’s name but her exceptional skills paved the way for her to reach the top. Even Dean recognized her presence!

I gritted my teeth as I attempted to hold tight the handle of my katana. With all of my strength, I lifted myself up with trembling knees and arms. However, my will was not enough. My body has already been weakened by our fight. I bit my lower lip. Is this really how far I can go? Am I really this pathetic?

“Creed,” called Lucifer. I looked at her, “There will come a time that I will leave this place and as a remembrance of our fight, you will be my reincarnation and you shall fight under my name.”

Her crimson red eyes felt like they were throwing daggers at me and my tongue got numb. I couldn’t even utter a single word but, what I am hearing now, is it really the truth? Is she making fun of me? Why would she leave? And why would she give me such provision if it was clear that I fucking lost this fight? I don’t deserve this!

“When we see each other again,” said Lucifer and turned her back towards me. Chills traveled down to my spine when I heard her next words, “Death will surely reap your soul.”

I stared at her as she disappeared in the darkness. The next day, she was gone. All of her traces, records, and legacies—they were all gone, and people started calling me, Reincarnation of Lucifer.

I was brought back to reality when the countdown for our match started to begin.

“1.” I tilted my head side by side, making a cracking sound, and stretched my body as I smirk towards my enemy.

“2.” Her blue eyes were still oozing with coldness and everyone will probably be intimidated instantly—but not me. I faced Lucifer and old students like me who knew her knows that she was the perfect representation of darkness and brutality.

“3.” My opponent continued her stares at me as she advanced towards me. I stood firmly on my ground and didn’t even blink—willingly accepting her duel in stares. When she stopped meters away from me, she pulled off her black hoodie and revealed her silver tapered hair.

She bit her lips, “R.O.L” she said. I couldn’t help but stare on those of pinkish muscles. I cleared my throat, “Hi E.I.D” I replied. So this is a match made between in hell: Eternal Ice Dragon and Reincarnation of Lucifer.

I positioned myself and rained her with punches. She smirked and placed both of her hands inside her hoodie’s pockets and moved her body out of my range, swiftly dogging my attacks. I couldn’t stop from raising my eyebrows, “You’re observing me, eh?” I hissed. She shrugged her shoulders and instantly lowered herself, punching me right into my gut.

“Fuck!” I blurted out. I fucking didn’t see that coming. I stumbled back a few steps but before I could even recover, she pulled both of my arms, twisted them, and spun me, making my back face her.

“Shit,” I grunted. I felt her breath on my neck, “You should train more if you want to win this battle, R.O.L”

What the fuck?

She fucking licked my ear!

And It made me giddy, not because I find it disgusting but because it feels freaking good.

Damn it!

Before I could even take my dignity back, she attacked me from behind and let go of me, making me kiss the floor. I coughed blood and my vision blurred. Wow, this scene feels like déjà vu. Only Lucifer can defeat me. I won’t let Lucifer be ashamed of me! I inherited her legacy; therefore, I must live upon it.

I inhaled sharply when I noticed EID sat in front of me. I heard her grinned and reached for my hand. My body didn’t even move, “Reincarnation of Lucifer,” She said and caressed my hand, “You might be strong but,”

She squeezed my hand then broke my arm, “Your emotions always cloud your mind.”

“S-screw you!” I screamed. She held my chin and wiped the blood off my mouth. I saw her licked her finger, “You taste good.” She whispered.

My eyes widened, “I know how you beat me.” I muttered. I saw her smirked before she stood up. She walked away from me, “Yeah. I know your sexuality, Creed.”

I lifted myself up and hissed, “You’ll pay for seducing me this much, E.I.D”


I’m freaking bored. I thought Creed was a strong fella but look how she got so easily beaten up. How bold of her to say, “If we got matched up, I’ll smash you to smithereens.”

I clicked my tongue. Guess I got intimidated at her for some stupid reason.

I chewed my bubble gum as I went out of my seat. Since my number wasn’t called yet, I might as well entertain myself with food or some sort. I pulled my cap down and casually strode towards the exit. Seconds later and I bumped into someone. I felt all eyes on me as I lifted my gaze and caught those icy blue eyes staring back at me. I raised my eyebrow. She’s Creed’s opponent. The one with the E.I.D codename. I wonder what she was waiting for. I will never make a way for her if that what she thinks I will do.

Suddenly, she bent down to the ground, as if she was getting something. I stared at her for a few seconds, completely weirded out, before shrugging my shoulders and popping my bubblegum. Guess I can go to the exit in peace then.

I felt like Catherine right now. Who could’ve thought that my stupid feet will walk to the Cafeteria? Well, now that I am here, perhaps I should eat. I wrapped my bubblegum in a paper and threw it into the trash. I went to the counter and ordered some shawarma. I settled down on the nearest table and opened my food. Good thing, not a lot of people are in here since they were all immersed in that extracurricular activity aka the battle. I don’t know if it was my instincts but I looked around, seeing if that little psycho—the Gluttony Queen, was within the area. I don’t want my food to get stolen again.

Once the coast was clear, I started eating shawarma. I lowered my cap and enjoyed my food.

“No. 34 with the codename Fallen Angel, please proceed to the Arena within five minutes. You’ll be battling with No.33, Aqua Rose.”

I just cleaned my table when I heard my number called through the speakers. I stood up and returned to the arena immediately. I am number thirty-four and yes, I am Fallen Angel. I don’t know why but my codename’s connected with the name of the Academy, and based on what I’ve heard earlier, they call those students with codenames related to the name of the school as Legendaries.

When I entered the hall, I felt everyone’s stares at me. It felt really uncomfortable as I make my way down to the arena. I heard buzzing noises all over the place as if they were talking about me. Not that I was assuming things and that but, the way they relentlessly point me makes me think that they really are talking about me.

I wonder why.

Is it because I am a Legendary now? Is that it? Do codenames run this place?

Blonde girl with brown highlights, fair skin, and grey eyes—she was the girl who welcomed me when I finally entered the arena. I smirked upon seeing how slender and weak she is, but it faded away when I noticed the fear in her eyes. Her face is etched in horror.

“Y-you’re Fallen Angel?” she stuttered. I saw her swallowed an imaginary lump on her throat as she tried to stare at me with such intensity. The side of my lips curved up. Pathetic. She’s just acting tough.

“Impossible. Your codename couldn’t be Fallen Angel!” she exclaimed. Lots of voices followed her statement in the crowd.

“You’re a transferee!” My enemy added up. I raised my eyebrow and held my cap. I looked around and everyone was feeling hyped up. Why is it a big deal to have this codename? It was the name written on the paper that spectacled butler gave me, and it was registered into the system. Why question me now?

I clicked my tongue. It was only my second day but my life is so eventful. Why is it impossible to have this codename then?

What’s up with the codename Fallen Angel?

A girl wearing a lab coat smiled at me as I hear the chains locked on my wrists, “Just hang in there my little fallen angel.”


What was that?

Why am I seeing things?

I felt my head throbbing. I clutched my head but the pain didn’t go away. My brain feels like it was being squeezed and hammered through and through. I stumbled and dark circles started to appear at the edges of my eyes.

“I-I..” I stuttered, “I surrender.”

“Are you underestimating me?!” I heard my enemy shouted. People in the crowd cheered with her and I felt instantly nauseous. I shook my head and turned my back on her. I couldn’t think straight. My thoughts were all running blank because of this pain. I don’t know how long I could endure it.

“Fallen Angel! Fight me!”

I felt a rush of adrenaline pulsating throughout my body when I heard her scream. My limbs were stimulated and I couldn’t control them. My body moved on its own, and the next thing I knew, Aqua Rose was unconscious on my arms—bleeding and full of bruises.

My eyes widened as I saw the medics grabbed her from me. The speakers said something about grades but I didn’t give a damn anymore. This shit is confusing me. Did I imagine things? Where’s the pain now? Earlier, I felt like I was in trance and when I knew that I defeated the enemy, the pain just disappeared instantly.

What is happening to me?

I ignored the stares following my trail as I settle beside Creed’s chair. Creed was probably in the medics as of now. Seconds later and two people sat at my sides—Catherine and Marize.

“Jules,,,” called the little psycho. I looked at her and I saw her smile became bitter, “Why didn’t you tell us that you are a Legendary?”

I stared at her and frowned. I heard Marize cleared her throat and then she tapped my shoulder, “Maybe Jules doesn’t know. She looked confused.”

Very wise, Marize.

“Are you an old student, Jules? Do you used to attend this school before?” asked Catherine. I shook my head in response. As far as I can remember, this place is new to me. I don’t recall any memory that I was here before.

I saw Catherine leaned back on her chair, “I don’t get it. It’s impossible to have a transferee with a Legendary title. You even exceeded my position as a Queen.” She stated and bit her nails, “Not to mention, your codename literally means Lucifer and that means you’re really really strong.”

I looked around when I noticed that it became ghost-quiet. I hissed when I saw people near us, trying to eavesdrop from our conversation. I gritted my teeth, “Staring is rude.” I said.

I saw how their eyes widened and how they turned one by one into whatever they were doing beforehand. I lowered my cap, leaned back on my chair, and threw my foot onto my thigh. What the hell is wrong with these people?

“J-Jules, please stop that....” I heard Marize mumbled. I hissed then shoved a bubble gum inside my mouth.

“You uttered three words and you managed to make their skin crawl," commented Catherine. I felt her gaze towards me, “Jules, from now on, you should be careful. You just revealed your codename in public and all of us knew that you are a transferee. Somebody might steal that title from you and worse, push you six feet underground.”

“Yeah, Catherine told me that it was legal to steal other people’s codenames as long as the Dean is informed.” Added Marize.”


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