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Lucifer’s Chapter 05 – Methods of Killing


Another day, another chance for me to eat! While waiting for our professor to enter our class, I grabbed another piece of my chocolate bar and shoved it inside my mouth. It quickly melted on my tongue, sending bolts of pleasure in my entire being. I closed my eyes and smiled widely, “This is really good!”

I almost choked my food when I felt someone entered the room. I quickly hid the chocolate bar under my desk and looked at the direction of the door to see if it’s already the professor waltzing in; only to find out that it is my dorm mate—Jules. She’s wearing her silver uniform matched with her baller with the dagger design like mine, and a pair of earphones were plugged into her ears. She lowered down her cap until she sat down at the furthest seat at the back. I fished out my chocolate bar and watched her do her thing, “She looks really bored.” I mumbled.

I returned my gaze at the front and leaned back on my chair. I stomped my feet while chewing my chocolate bar, “I miss Marize. Why does she have to be placed in the shuriken section?!”

Unlike Jules, I talk to Marize a lot. I tell her things about my favorite dishes, desserts, and snacks, and the greatest part of it all is that she completely agrees with my every interest! I feel like I finally found someone who actually gets me.

I remembered our last conversation last night. I asked her about the reason why she entered this Academy, and her answer was not what I expected of her.

“Hey, Marize?” I asked over the kitchen counter. She’s washing the dishes and her back is facing at me, “Why did you enter the academy?”

“Hmm,” she mumbled, still doing the dishes, “I’ll tell you mine if I you tell me yours.”

I giggled, “Okay, fine! Just spill it!”

She wiped her hands with the towel hanging on the refrigerator and then she faced me. She removed her apron and settled on the center island, “Well, my reason for being here is not really a big deal. Let’s just say that, once upon a time—”

“In a faraway land, there’s a princess named Marize?” I said, cutting her off. She playfully rolled her dark eyes, “Haha! Very funny.”

I gave her a peace sign, “Your story sounds like it’s a fairy tale.”

She titled her head, “It was,” her smile faded away, “until everything has turned upside down.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. She heaved a sigh, “Like the princesses in fairy tales, I am a prisoner in my own castle.”

“Hey,” my eyes widened, “you’re actually a princess?”

“No, silly.” She replied. “I’m an orphan and the only heir of our business so technically, maybe you’re right. I am quite a princess in some ways.”

My forehead curled up, “Isn’t that amazing already? Why left your beautiful life behind? In what way did it get wrong?”

“In every way!” she exclaimed. “I don’t like it when I feel guarded everywhere I go, treating me like I’m sort of a fragile gem. I wanted to be free.”

She looked me directly in the eyes, “So when I stumbled upon this academy’s invitation letter, I didn’t even think twice before accepting it.”

“You have no regrets so far?” I asked. She shook her head and her lips curved into a smirk, “None at all.”

She waltzed down towards me, flaunting her ballet shoes, and landed on the sofa placed across me, “What about you Catherine? How did you get here?”

“First of all,” I started, “I love your ballet shoes! Can I try it some time?”

“You really act like a child sometimes,” she said, completely amused. She reached for my cheeks and gently pinched them, “Good thing you’re adorable.”

“Aww!” I slapped her hands away,” My cheeks may look puffy but it doesn’t give you a right to pinch them.”

“They’re all red now!” she teased then her face turned casual again, “nice try changing the subject, kiddo.”

Oops, she noticed.

I sighed, “Unlike you, I literally lived in the streets in my entire life.” She started at me with pity, “I’m sorry.” she mouthed.

I shook my head and gestured, “It’s fine.” I continued my story, “As a kid, I struggled so hard to get me and my mother some food. I don’t want to feed her scraps since she’s really sick. Out of survival, I learned to steal and fool people with my innocent facade.”

Marize kept listening, “It was going well until a syndicate took notice of me and they wanted me in their program. My mother allowed them to take me in since staying with her will only make my life more miserable.”

“And now I’m here,” I muttered and smiled, “the syndicate enrolled me here in order to train me and return the favor in the future.”

Marize looked down at her fingertips, “I don’t know what to say,” she sighed then she met my gaze, “don’t you miss your mother?”

I was brought back to reality when the professor finally came into the room. She wears a pencil skirt and a tight blouse, revealing her slim but muscular body. The white of her hairs told me that she’s probably in her early 30s, and her stares beneath her glasses scream like she has impaled a lot of students before.

I smirked. I might say she really looks experienced, and I’m excited to know what she’s about to teach us. All the past years have been quite bloody, and I wonder if her lessons will be the same too.

“My name is Loretta Sandoval and I’m your homeroom teacher for this year. Our lesson for today is,” she looked around and smiled widely, ”steps of killing.”

I placed both of my elbows on my desks and settled my chin on them when I heard Ms. Loretta’s topic. I don’t know that there’s a proper method of killing. This is the first time that I encountered such a matter.

She walked around, the sound of her killer heels echoed in the entire room, “Can somebody tell me what’s the meaning of euthanasia?”

I instantly raised my hand and showed anticipation on my face, “Me! Me! Me!” I whispered continuously.

Our eyes met and she nodded. I stood up from my seat and cleared my throat, “Euthanasia is a form of mercy since its procedure is easy and painless.”

She smirked and gestured me to settle down, “Indeed,” she stared at the class, “For starters, this academy doesn’t have any year level since the arrivals of transferees are always unpredictable, and the subjects that the students take every each year is a rotation of the curriculum.”

“It was like a cycle; once the student finishes all the units included in the curriculum, he or she is now qualified to graduate from the academy.”

“With this in mind, if ever one of you is a transferee or it’s your second time taking this subject, it’s all up to you how you’ll pick-up all the lessons that you need to absorb. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Ma’am!” we greeted back. She smiled and nodded her head quite a few times. She leaned back on the table and folded her arms on her chest, “So back to the topic. Euthanasia could also be called assisted killing in common scenarios such as having a patient who’s extremely suffering from a particular disease and out of pity, his family decided to put an end to his struggle.”

“Either by” she raised her fingers,” lethal injections that will slowly make his system collapse or pulling out the plug of the machine that gives him life. No matter what the procedure is, it still kills the patient in the most painless way possible.”

One student raised her hand, “Why do we need to know this, ma’am? This academy advertises violence in every activity.”

Well, she’s not wrong. I returned my stare at Ms. Loretta and I saw her smirking while eyeing the student, “A very good question,” she lifted her glasses,” We are all aware that the focus of this academy is to be merciless at all times.”

She walked around the room and advanced towards a certain student positioned in the first row. She scowled,” When we’re ordered to shoot people, we shoot them,” she’s now hissing,” and if we’re ordered to kill, we kill.”

She cleared her throat, “But, some students are not a fan of using violence as their methods. Some of the famous assassins who came from this academy’s nurturing hands are fond of silently killing their targets; less blood, less flesh, less pain, and leaves a clean crime scene.”

“Aren’t they just cowards?” a certain student exclaimed. I heard a murmur of agreement. I looked at Ms. Loretta and I saw her shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t think so. They still achieved the desired result, regardless of the process.” She explained.

“By the way,” she said, changing the topic, “aside from mercy killing, there’s also another type of method that you guys must have known already by experience. Can someone tell me what’s the definition of brutal killing?”

Her green eyes roamed around the room and it stopped in one direction. I followed her gaze and it landed me to Jules’s spot. My dorm mate’s cap is placed all over her face and we can even her soft snores now that the class had suddenly become ghost-quiet.

“The girl in the back,” Ms. Loretta mentioned Jules, “somebody please wake her up.“.I don’t know if Jules will show her beastly instincts whenever she wakes up considering the fact that we’re currently in the room. On the other hand, buzzing bees of whispers started to fill up the room as one of the students reached for her arms and tried to tug her little.

“Isn’t she the Fallen Angel?”

“Yes, that’s her. She’s the only transferee who acquired the legendary title in the history of Lucifer’s Academy.”

“She’s even friends with one of the seven deadly sins.”

“Maybe that’s why she acts so proud now.”

“Hey, Catherine is now staring at us!”

“You don’t want the Gluttony Queen to mess up with us. Keep your heads low.”

I scoffed then rolled my eyes. Their whispers don’t seem like they want to keep their conversations private. It’s as if they’re mocking me and Jules. This is what I’m talking about. People are now curious about Jules’s identity because they’re jealous of her status.

The gossips only halted when Jules removed her cap then yawned. She blinked a couple of times and darted a glance at the student who tried to disturb her slumber. Jules must be staring daggers since the student quickly jumped out of his seat and traded places with his colleague.

“Because you have the nerve to sleep in my class,” Ms. Loretta muttered angrily,” Explain what is brutal killing.”

Jules stared at her blankly with her pitch-black eyes. What happened next made me giggle a lot, eyed widened because of amusement. My dorm mate is really something.

Horror was etched on Ms. Loretta’s face when she barely dodged the dagger that Jules threw towards in her direction. The dagger struck the board instead, thrusting inches deep within.

I looked back at Jules and I saw her smirking widely. Her bloodlust fills up the place as she tilts her head sideways, “Do you still need an explanation, miss?”

Ms. Loretta blinked a few times as if she’s barely having a gist of what just happened to her. She cleared her throat and released a very awkward laugh. She raises both of her hands, clasping them together and then turning them into slow applause, “Very well.”

Jules’s threatening aura instantly disappeared and she placed her cap on her face once again. She didn’t move a bit since then and drifted off to sleep. Ms. Loretta started discussing, “Brutal killing has one crucial key point that one must possess in order to pull off such method.”

She darted a glance in Jules’s direction, “It is the desire to see someone in pain—bloodlust.” She turned her gaze at us, “If someone has this kind of twisted desire, he or she will do whatever it takes to see their targets bleeding and pleading.”

“Logic is also important if the killer wants to give their prey a ray of silver lining; a hope to escape their clutches, well, in fact, they already planned how to eliminate the target even before the haunt began.”

“Although most of the assassins I know in my field of work prefer to strike the target directly and satiate their hunger of agony and quench their thirst for torment. As I said earlier, the processes might be different from each individual but as long as they produce the same results, they don’t really matter at all. We have the freedom to do what we want to do with our prey as long as we don’t get ourselves during the operation.”

Ms. Loretta walked towards her table and pulled its drawer, “That’s it for the basics. Now, let’s see if you have learned something.”

She smirked and brought out a fair number of guns from her cabinet, “Let’s now apply what we have discussed.”


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