Lucifer's Academy (ENGLISH)

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Chapter 07 - Poison


We are coming. Be Ready.

I squinted my eyes as I look at the tiny paper stuck on our door early this morning. I just woke up and I’m really craving eggs and bacon right now but I suddenly lost my appetite because of this message. The letters were written in red and it gives off a warning vibe.

“Eek!” I shrieked when something brushed my arm. I looked up and saw Jules casually standing beside me while her eyes are fixated on the paper. I bit my inner cheek. Why didn’t I notice her presence at all? How could she hide that from me?

“Attention all students,”

"Ugh, could this day be worse?” I said and hurried to the refrigerator. The Dean is announcing something and I am certain that he or she will give us activities again and I might not have the time to eat! So I must get the foods right and eat them all.

“Go to the grounds. You have 10 minutes to comply.”

I really hate that robotic voice.

“Hey, Catherine.” called Marize, “hurry up!”


Since we only have 10 minutes to spare, we didn’t use the elevator in order to prevent being stuck in a crowd. That’s the last thing we wanted to happen because we need mobility at the moment so we took the stairs. I was just jumping and gliding my way down while Jules and Marize stayed relaxed and composed.

I giggled and offer them some sandwich, “You want some?”

“No, we already had our breakfast.” said Marize and smiled,” And do you know that Jules is very possessive of her tocino?”

I darted Jules a glance but her mouth has bubblegum again and her stares are still intense. She didn’t even budge when Marize told me something about her that others might find funny or embarrassing. I shrugged my shoulders and continued having fun.

When we were already outside the dormitory, we rode our bicycles and even raced towards the grounds. Jules didn’t agree at first and only Marize and I enjoyed it throughout the way but in the middle of our extravaganza, Jules could not contain herself and got competitive. She went out first.

Marize and I glanced at each other and we laughed, “Well, we don’t want to lose, aren’t we?”

After setting our bicycles aside, Marize and I headed to the venue and sat on one of the chairs aligned in their respective rows and columns. On cue, lots of confetti with assorted colors were thrown into the stage and there were even letters of greetings written upon them. There was no music or anything that accompanied the said event. Just the eerie ambiance of the stage that was covered with colorful decors that didn’t even make it look cuter--only creepier.

I flipped my hair. This creepiness is normal considering Dean’s taste. That person could try to cover his or her intentions with some rainbows and unicorns but he or she had a bad way of doing it. We always see through that person’s plans.

“Two minutes left,” said Marize, gesturing the screen hanging by the wall of the stage, “The chairs are almost filled up.”

I gazed at the students trying their best to arrive at the exact time despite their disheveled appearances, “Dean hates latecomers.”

I winced when a bunch of towering walls emerged from the ground and separated us from the students that did not have the chance to come on the scene before the clock strikes zero.

I stopped myself from averting my eyes when a group of men in black appeared from nowhere and jumped off the wall to do their jobs. One of its members caught a student who was already on the grounds but, unfortunately, did not secure a seat for herself so she was dragged away and was slammed on the wall. The man raised his hand to show the shining needle that he holds, almost the length of the girl’s arms, and mercilessly thrust it into the girl’s throat.


“Please, I don’t want to die!”


I finally had the courage to look away as the voices asking for help echoed throughout the place. I shook my head and leaned on my chair. I blinked and casually grabbed my snacks and ate them. Every one of us knows that Dean values discipline and has an iron hand on those people who she or he deemed as irresponsible and punctuality ,one of the most basic traits that the Dean was expecting of us, has the most brutal way of punishment in the Academy’s history.

“Ladies and gentlemen,”

I lifted my gaze when a man wearing all black was standing on the stage. Only his eyes were visible but the supposed whites of his eyes were also black. I saw him moved his eyes due to the sparkle caused by the natural light and the crowd suddenly went ghost-quiet.

“We are very pleased to introduce the ace section that the Dean created,”

Ace section? What?

What does he mean by that?

“No other than, Poison!”

There were nine students that climbed the stage right after they were announced. I recognize some of their faces and I know that they came from our four sections before. But now, their uniforms looked different. Instead of wearing grey, black, or gold; they were wearing purple.

But what caught my attention is the girl that stood at the last of their line. I’m sure that she was not a student here before. Her black hairs with highlights of brown, mesmerizing hazel brown eyes, and thin black lips resembled no one for me.

I raised my eyebrow.

The first weird thing that happened today is the creation of this “ace section” consisting of ordinary students that were not even entitled to being a King or a Queen or even a Legendary, and then now, there was a transferee?

Dean, what the heck are you thinking?

When I was busy with my rushing thoughts, I didn’t notice that the “new section” was already introducing itself on the front. I kept my ears shut off until the unfamiliar girl’s turn. I crossed my legs and bit my chocolate bar. She would definitely not be my vibe. There’s something on her that I don’t like.

“Kiyuena Eureka Hashimoto,” her voice is low but somewhat melodic, “Dantalion.”

“Dantalion? Is she a Legendary too?”

“As far as I know, Dantalion is a kind of demon, right? The one with various faces.”

The grounds buzzed with whispers when the girl finally told us who she is. I see a lot of red flags here. First was Jules, who had the codename of the Fallen Angel, a Legendary title, even if she was a transferee, and now this unfamiliar girl who came from the so-called “ace section” claiming herself that she’s Dantalion, also a Legendary title.

Oh la la, what the heck is happening here? I’m in the dark as everyone else is.

“Um, Catherine?”

“Yeah?” I responded without looking at Marize. I bit my chocolate bar once more, “What is it?”

“Jules is not waking up.”



All I hear were muffled voices hammering my head all over and over again as I muster my strength just to flutter my eyes open. My body feels heavy. I recalled that I fell asleep the moment I arrived here at the venue but a sudden pain in my neck woke me up. I groaned as I tried to pull it out off my skin but once I took that off, everything became spinning in my vision. My cap fell off my head and I clasped my chair like I’m clinging for my dear life. My eyes were shut and my ears started to ring.

Oh damn. What is happening to me? I’m just having my sleep and somebody attacked me? Isn’t that prohibited here in the academy?


I fought hard just to open my eyes in an inch. I saw Marize’s face and I instantly felt her hand cupping my cheek trying to wake me up. To only make things worse, I heard the little psycho Catherine screamed from the top of her lungs and I felt everyone’s stares at me.

I clicked my tongue. Damn it, Catherine. For all the things that she could contribute, it’s making things worse.

“Hey, Jules!” exclaimed Marize when I forced myself to stand up, “Don’t go on your own. Let us bring you to the Infirmary!”

I ignored her remarks and continued to walk away. I feel cold; even the beads of sweat that were falling off my body were icy. I clutched my head and blinked a couple of times to regain my vision but the place was still spinning. I found a wall for support and navigated my way towards the Dormitory. I couldn’t fetch myself a bike right now. Things might end up the same as that Sebastian guy who brought me to the infirmary because he saw how I passed out while I was riding my bicycle the other day.

The thought makes me cringe.

How pathetic are you, Jules.

I need to redeem myself for that so I will handle this shit alone. I’m sure that whoever did this, he or she might as well rot in hell. I’ll get better in no time and I don’t need anybody else to help me.

Yes, that’s right, Jules. You are darn strong.

But why the fuck are there dark edges appearing on my sight now?

My feet felt numb and I could not even get myself to step once more. I felt my body fell off the ground. The grasses brushed my skin while the soil was painted on my face. I tried to turn around to shift to my side and stand again but my body won’t listen to me. The view started to get blocked by a pair of shoes as I mutter a curse before being swallowed by darkness.


“Hey, how long are you going to sleep?”

I opened my eyes when I heard a voice spoke right into my ear. I quickly leaned back from the girl smirking on my side right now. She was sitting on my bed and staring at me with those malicious charcoal orbs.

I averted my gaze and roamed my eyes around the place. This looks like a room inside a warehouse or something. The walls and floors are bare, a huge light was hanging from the ceiling, and there was a single bed positioned at the center of the room.

“Daijabou. (It’s okay).”

I looked at her and raised my eyebrow.

Those words...

They’re not English.

“Watashi no namae wa, Karen desu. Yoroshiku, Jules. (My name is Karen. Nice to meet you, Jules).”

They aren’t really English!

My ears might have been fooling me. I could not recall that I learned Japanese in my 18 years of living so how the hell can I understand what this girl is saying? And how did I know that what she’s speaking is Nihonggo?

Is this a side effect of the needle or something?

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

I blinked when the stranger asked me. I stared at her for seconds. I barely recognized her; I think I saw her before but I can’t remember where. I groaned but I did not respond to her statement. I saw how her eyes widened because of my reaction but I just shifted to my side and turned my back on her.

I had my rest so I think I should go now.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

I sighed and looked at her hand holding my arm. I lifted my gaze and met her stares to send her some signal that I don’t freaking like to be touched. The girl smirked and understood but she didn’t bulge, “You’re not the boss here, Jules.”

She tightened her grip on my arm and I felt a sharp pain thrusting to my skin. My mouth gaped open when I saw the thing resting on her palm; a group of small needles. My knees instantly wobbled and turned noodles as my arms swung in different directions. Karen quickly caught me and pushed me back on to the bed and settled beside me.

I glared at her, “What do you want?”

“Finally,” she smiled victoriously after hearing my voice, “now we’re talking.”

I hissed and that response made her smile more, “Look Jules, I don’t want to hit around the bush so I’m going to tell you the reason why I brought you here.”

Man, I don’t even know her. What does this girl want? I’m never going to negotiate with someone I just knew.

I growled at her when she suddenly leaned on me and reached for the ends of my hair. She twirled them into her fingers and slid her other hand to my face. I looked at her with horror and my skin crawled. This intimacy is making me nuts.

“Join us, Asel Jules Carson.”

And if finally hit me.

The reason why she looks so familiar is that because she was one of the Poisons, the new section created by the Dean, and by the looks of it, she looked like their leader. Damn, that purple outfit made it obvious where the heck she came from but my brain did not pick that up.

Pathetic, Jules.

“We are the ace section,” said Karen and tucked the hair beside my ear, “and I can see potential in you.”


Miss, isn’t this our first encounter?

“I’ve been observing you since day one you get in here and you resemble someone I knew...” her face suddenly changed. Her smile faded away, her eyebrows furrowed, and she brushed her fingers to my arm,“...from the past.”

I was not even given a chance to defend myself when she grabbed my wrist and broke it with a loud snap. I can’t stop myself from screaming because of the pain.

“There there,” she said, still holding my hand, “you can scream all you want but no one can hear you.”

She leaned closer once again and I noticed how the lights rapidly flickered, “You cannot move a single muscle, Jules. Don’t you think it’s already game over for you?”

She reached for my neck and wrapped her fingers over it. She smirked, “Either you join us,” her grip tightened, “or you die.”


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