Ashley Taylor and The Unknown Forces

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Seventeen year old, Ashley Taylor, has an unknown ability the only problem is that she is still trying to figure out high school, and what she is going to do or become after she graduates. But trying to figure out a superpower that she didn’t know she had until now at the same time? - With no one by her side as far as she's concerned. - “This is going to be a long year” … || Seventeen year old, Lane Beckett is struggling with the recent loss of his father and having to be there for his grieving mother. But now he's struggling with the turmoil of grief and his new-found ability. Will he find out why he has the ability, or forever live in mystery and misery.

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Ashley’s POV

The day I knew I was different was on my thirteenth birthday.

Things started going terribly wrong after everyone showed up. I absolutely HATE crowds. So it made me a little stressed out to be in a room with so many people.

All of sudden lights were flickering out, and things were being flung across the room in all directions. It was like there was a force in the house, trying to drive everyone out. It was like it could sense some sort of distress call that I must have made.

Everything was crashing to the floor, glass plates and cups shattering, people screaming, scattering in all directions and covering their heads as they rushed out the door.

In a sense, I was glad everyone had left the house, but now I had no party.

Well crap


Nowadays, I spend my time away from people as much as I can.

But sometimes I wonder if there are others like me in the world, or if I’m all alone with this strange force in my head.

I don’t understand what happened that day, and I still don’t understand.

I look back on that day, trying to figure out what would have caused that to happen. I haven’t told anyone about that day, everyone figured it was the paranormal. I think that could have been it, but it must have been derived from me or something like that, because I had felt pretty dizzy afterwards.

I don’t know what happened that day, and I probably will never know.

I haven’t had an occurrence like that in four years. And I honestly hope it happens again.

Why? You may be asking.

Well, I want to figure out what that thing was, wouldn’t you?

“Ashley!” Brandon yelled, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Hey Donnie!” I laughed.

“Hey, we need to get to class or we’re going to be late.” He replied between breaths.

“Oh crap! Let’s go!” We ran to class, teachers telling us to slow down.

We didn’t listen and sped off to class.


Lane’s POV


“Wha?” He mumbled.

“Get up! You’re going to be late to school!”

Totally out of it, I looked at my alarm clock, realizing that I had thirty minutes before school started.

“Oh crap. Coming mom!” Lane exclaimed.

I rushed out of bed and scrambled my clothes on, running downstairs, and bolting out the door to my bike.

Pedaling as fast as I could down the street towards the school, with ten minutes to spare, I jumped off my bike, locked it up on the bike rack, and sprinted in the building.

I sat in my seat, just as the bell rang and got out my sketchbook for art class.


A few hours later, Lane starts heading to his Algebra class and gets ready for the lesson.

On his way there, he saw a girl from his class getting pushed into a locker and threatened. He wanted to help but didn’t want to be late to class or get hurt trying to help her.

“Glad to have you joining us Mr. Beckett.”

Everyone in the room snickered at his last name.

“Thanks Ms. Ainsworth.” He mumbled angrily.

“Let’s get started.” She smiled.

Just then a girl, 5′11 from the looks of it, with chestnut hair and the most crystal-like blue eyes I’ve ever seen in my life, walks into the classroom.

She walked into class with a scared and embarrassed look on her face.

“Ashley, you’re late!” She exclaimed.

“Sorry Ms. Ainsworth.” She said out of breath.

“Find your seat!” The teacher yelled.

Her demeanor completely changed, the emotion completely drained from her face, her eyes seemed to change color from blue to gray.

“How the-” I whispered, in shock.

′How can someone’s eyes change colors like that? She could be like me, but I don’t want to assume something and look crazy.′

She made her way to the seat next to me and sat down. Her eyes were changing color again. This time they flickered from red to blue.

She blinked really fast, shaking her head.

There was a bruise on the left side of her face and red marks on her neck and wrists. She noticed me looking and pulled her sleeves up over her wrists.

I slightly leaned toward her and whispered.

“Psst. Hey.”

“Umm, Hey?” She replied, a confused look on her face.

“You Ashley?”

“What does it look like?” She replied, sarcastically. “Yes I’m Ashley.”

“I’m Lane. Lane Dagger.”

“I know, I’ve had you in some of my other classes but you never seem to notice my existence, well until now that is.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine… I guess… Why?”

“I saw what that guy was doing. I wanted to help but…”

“It’s fine. Nothing you, nor I can do about it.”

“I wish there was something I could do.”

“No, it’s fine, I just have to endure it for a couple more years.” She replied, as if she was being forced to go through something like that, like it was a prison sentence.

“Um, I noticed something, but other people are going to think that I’m crazy if I say it aloud here. Do you mind if we meet up after school at the skate park?”

“I don’t know, I barely know you. And Plus, how do I know this isn’t some trick you and your popular buddies are planning?” She replied.

“It’s not a-”

“Hey, are you two taking notes?”

Both Lane and Ashley look up, surprised to see Ms. Ainsworth towering over them.

Ashley has that look like she knows she’s screwed if she says anything back. That’s when I gave her the ‘I got us covered’ look and replies to Ms. Ainsworth.

“Sure am Ms. Ainsworth”

“I know you are Lane. Ashley? Are you taking the notes?”

“Yes I am.”

“Okay. You guys can chat quietly but make sure you’re taking the notes and that you’re not distracting others.”

“No problem ma’am.” The teacher walked back to her desk, keeping a close eye on me and Ashley.



“Do you want to walk with me to lunch?”

“Of course Ashley.”

“I don’t want to walk alone in case Bryce comes back.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let him hurt you.”

Throughout the rest of the day Lane walks with Ashley to all of her classes as an ‘escort’ to make sure Bryce leaves her alone.

When the final bell rings, he bolts out of the classroom door to meet up with her. When they get outside, Bryce had already shown up ready to cause trouble.

“Well look who the storm brought in… again.” Bryce says grabbing Ashley by the collar.

“Let me go you jerk!” Ashley yelled, struggling and trying to get free.

“Nah, there’s something I want from you first.”

“Okay! What do you want?! Whatever you want just let me go!”

“Enough!” I shouted. Getting in a stance, ready to punch Bryce.

Bryce turns his head to face me, still holding Ashley’s collar.

Lane’s face is locked on to Bryce’s.

Anger starts to fill him as he draws his fist back. Bryce shoves Ashley to the ground and squares up to Lane’s challenge.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Bryce said, with a cocky smirk.

“Yeah, well I wouldn’t touch her again if I were you.” Lane replied, clenching his fists.

“Fine, you want this, right here right now?! I can take you like it’s nothing.” Bryce replied with a smirk.

Lane makes a swing, but Bryce blocks his shot and returns a punch to Lane’s shoulder. He gets back up and gets ready to swing again. But this time Bryce has it coming. Ashley takes advantage of Bryce’s attention being away from her and gets up, her eyes changed from blue to straight black.

It was like something had taken over her body, her mind, and her soul.

Lockers began swinging open all the way down the corridor, and every other light sparked and flickered out, items of all shapes and sizes flying out of the lockers in all directions, all of them aimed at Bryce and hitting him in every place.

Ashley’s facial expression changed from angry to furious as she took her hands and lifted them in the air, and as if some invisible tether was hooked between her hands and Bryce, he started floating into the air. His legs were swinging, and he was yelling, surely everyone heard.

People started flooding into the hallway from classrooms, surrounding the scene. There were some faint screams coming from farther down the hall as people watched in horror. What was happening was surely supernatural.

“Put me down you stupid freak!” He yelled.

“Okay, if you insist.” She released her grasp and Bryce fell to the ground, passed out cold.

Everything went back to normal and things that were in the air fell to the ground with loud, overlapping thuds.

Ashley’s eyes flickered back to blue as she blinked. She held her head, stumbling backwards into a locker. Shock was written across everyone's faces as they looked at Bryce's limp body.

I ran over to her, holding her up. “Ashley, what the hell did you just do??”

“I-I don’t know. This is the same thing that happened-” She sighed. “Nevermind, let’s just get out of here."

We took advantage of the huge crowd that had formed, and slipped out of the building.

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