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Its been six months since Aarav was pushed from the "door of split' , to fall into nothingness and with a sword in his chest. Is he alive ? If yes , where ? And is he really the same kind and gentle Aarav ? Read the second book of the Black and White trilogy , 'The Red Demon'. (Oh and there's a bit more violence and cussing in this book compared to the first hope you won't mind)

Action / Adventure
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Minister Arwin’s day had been a hectic one , just like any other day being the Minister of the kingdom of Phantom which was the largest kingdom in the white world . He was the coin master , partial Lord of the army , as well as the court handler , whose work was to listen to the queries of the common folk . He listened to them , listed their problems , and went to the king for his permission , but alas nobody cares for common folk . All the king ever did was drink , sleep and stand near the window gazing at the kingdom which he had failed in developing .

The king had started as a young and gallant king , who took the throne at 22 , hot blooded , he had worked day and night for two years restless , the minister then, was happy to see a young face . The king had been married to her , the queen ,when he was 24. Young love had been too much for the king . The negligence of the king towards the kingdom had begun when the marriage took place . Day or night , nothing mattered to the young king , all that mattered was the queen , the bed and their passionate , lustful love making .

The old minister then realized , that he had to take care of the kingdom , so he worked . But age had started taking over him , so Arwin was chosen as his successor . At 28 , when the king was 24 , Arwin was the new squire to the old minister .

The old man taught Arwin as much as he could till his last days , and breathed his final breath when Arwin was 35 , and the king 31 . Arwin was wise , noble and true to his work and word . But he was low born , son to a farmer couple . The most he could do was take the problems of the common folk to the irresponsible king , just for him to say ,’ the common folk don’t increase our gold , see to the problems of the landlords...’ . Arwin struggled with the heavy job , but soon understood that the people who have the coin under their teeth , are the ones that matter to the king . Common folk were the least of the king’s concern.

The king grew of age , just like Arwin , but taking responsibility was something the king never did . In the beginning , the king’s chambers were loud with voices of love , but now all the palace could hear were arguments , loud arguments . Arwin knew , something was going on between the king and his wife , and so did every other folk in the palace , but none dared to talk about it . The king had gone so far as to slap the queen , after that the poor woman had no choice but to have a private ,’queen’s chamber’ . So now , the royal bloods were each on a different floor. The king on the lowest , 2 floors above, the queen , and just on top of that , the princess who was of marriage . The king had his own problems, sure , but
The kingdom comes first, was what Arwin believed .

But today , something was different , the king had called a sudden meeting of the landlords in the morning . But Arwin knew , they had found something about the king’s dead brother , Hector , who was presumed and proved to be dead .

Arwin knocked on the king’s door .
“My lord? You summoned me?”

“Arwin , come in...”He said. Arwin opened the door to find the king sitting in front of a pile of papers and files .”Please sit sir...”He added .

Arwin bowed and took his place.

“Minister Arwin , i hope you’re doing fine...”

“Yes , my lord , I am fit and fine...” What’s with the sudden change of attitude?

“Hector’s body was found the other day . Some traveller saw a face in the one of the bridges of the door of split . The material of the bridge somehow , kept his lifeless body from decaying . On analyzing, the maesters had found that , its almost 6 months since its been that way”. The king said in a sad tone.

“How was he killed , may i ask my lord ?”

“Sure . My younger brother , was the disciple and successor of the fire god . Undefeatable , strong even among the elite . For years he trained , and worked as a spy in the Phoenix , and while returning with the Seventh incarnation , he was killed .”The king said.

“Its sad to hear ...”

“No , Arwin , its shameful. Strong as he was , he should atleast be dead by the hands of an army . But , no . According to the maesters , there is one sword mark in his shoulder , but that didn’t kill him. What killed him , was another sword . I need that swordsman. My brother was strong , but someone even stronger than him? I need him...”

“I’ll send a troop to have him killed my lord...”Arwin said.

“No , minister , i need him alive...”The king said.

“Alive , my lord?”

“Yes , alive . How powerful will our army be , when such strong swordsman is in it . Just think Arwin....”

“I understand my lord...” Arwin said.”That’s all my lord?”

“No , there’s more . When are the guests for the wedding arriving ? “ He asked .

“Next week my lord , i’ve sent a letter to the Vardhana king...” Arwin said.

“Good , i need no mistakes in my daughter’s marriage . One more thing minister...”The king said and handed a parchment to Arwin . Arwin took it , and saw it was written in some other language which he had no idea of .

“Its a parchment that Lord Boon gave me today after the meeting...” Lord Boon was one of the landlords. The king contined,”...This fell out from Lord Crimson’s file he had probably brought . He didn’t understand it , just like you , so he handed it to me . “

“What does it say my lord?”

“Its confidential information of deals and exchanges between Phantom and ...its allies . So , i would like to have it back. Its treason for a landlord to hide anything from his king...” The king said.

Don't forget the chapter ending note...continue please..

That’s a new rule , Arwin thought . “Yes , my lord , i will have him arrested right away...”

“No , i dont want him arrested or executed . I need him assassinated . Minister Arwin , I trust you , and i trust your council . So you have him assassinated by a good assassin. Do you have someone you can trust to kill Crimson and retrieve the file?” The king asked.

“There is one my lord , but...”


“He’s too arrogant and dangerous and not to mention a high priced assassin .”Arwin said.

“Arrogance doesn’t concern me , being dangerous is not bad and as for the coin , no worries , pay him , but wisely and have the work done soon . Lord Crimson is heading to the court of justice as we speak . What is the assassin’s name did you say? And how do you know him?”

“I’ve seen him in tourneys my lord , his identity is quite a mystery for me too my lord , but in the streets he's known as ,
The White Devil...

(Note: The chapters are based on different POV’s , and the reason for this change is that every character has its individual story going on in different locations that will finally meet at some point. Hope you won’t mind...
And also , this is set in the western world , so you won't be finding many Asian names...Enjoy... ;)
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