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“Are you sure you did nothing to her?” Krys asked as she treated the girl who had come as a guest to the palace and fainted as soon as Scott moved his arm for a handshake.

“Believe it or not Krys , i did nothing...” Scott said answering for the millionth time. The girl had fallen , and he had carried her up to her allotted chambers . She was feather weight and so it didn’t trouble him much to cover half the palace grounds and reach the guest quarters.

He walked out of the room , just to be questioned by the weird princess of the Phantom.
“What did you do to her?” She asked.

“I killed her , so Krys is examining her dead body . “ He said and dragged himself out of the crowd in front of the room. On the way to the main palace , he encountered the weird ass golden armored Jorge .

“I’ll teach you a lesson for attacking the guest , behold the sword of justice is-”He had started and was slowly pulling his showoff sword out of the mane .

“Listen ,asshole , clear the way , or i’ll be pissed.”

“Oooooh ...i’m scared , i need mommy now.”He mocked , Scott ignored him and walked past , wondering about the guest.

Have i seen her somewhere? , he thought . Who cares anyway... He was deep in thought , and he bumped into someone. Before she could fall , he caught her and pulled her back.

“Can’t you see blondie?” He asked the blond girl.

“I-I_I’m s-s-sor...” She had began .

“Stutter to the pillars.” He told her and walked past.

For all the time Scott had been in the business of assassination , he had usually killed high born landlords , or their guards , or some other assassin who was assigned to kill the person who hired Scott . And while he did his job , he was always interfered by the gold , silver and grey armoured dogs who worked for the king doing his petty jobs ,lapping their tongue and eating at their heels.

What am i now ? A dog too? , he thought as he walked through the corridors of the floor that held the queen’s chambers . It had been just 2 days since he visited the palace , and for sure he understood one thing that the queen was sad . Each kingsguard soldier had been assigned one floor along with a subordinate who changed everyday . His chamber was on the same floor as of the queen .

He had seen her looking at him with weird eyes , but he never understood what was weird about them.
Is it disgust? The normal look that high borns give to the lower ones? Or is it sympathy? But sympathy for what? , he didn’t even know her name. Or is it just a weird and vague sexual attraction? , Scott had never understood sexual attraction . All he did was kill for money , and not one penny had he ever spent on the weird pink , red or yellow colored buildings that people called brothels . But he was never interested , not one bit , and he never knew why.

He walked passed the queen’s chambers , and heard heavy sobbing . He didn’t know why , but he ended up knocking on the door and asking ,
“ everything alright?”

The sobbing suddenly stopped and a small voice said ,”Come in...”

“Its alright ...i just asked of duty.” He said and walked towards his quarters. He entered and closed the door behind him .

The room was all weapons , they were everywhere , hanging on the walls , in the wall closets , in the boxes . In the centre of the room , there was a book where all the previous heads of the kingsguard recorded their daily work until the last day of their service. And the newest entry , was a low-born , a nobody , a mere local assassin Scott Stone , written in bold letters .

He turned the pages backwards , and read about the previous heads . Two were still ongoing , they were Lord Levis , and Lord Kevin , they were other heads were out on missions . It was a convention for one of the three heads to stay in the palace grounds at all costs . He turned more pages and found one ,
Lord Mintleaf , birth was from one of the stupid landlord families , there was a long list of missions , then some personal information and finally , with a handwriting different from all , it was written ,
Died gallantly against the Kushalas.

He turned some pages and found another high born , Lord Bent , same birth and missions shit and finally ,
Died with a sword in his hand against the Pallavas.

He turned the pages again , and found a name ,Peter Dough , low born , son of a farmer , he noticed the missing Lord in front of his name , and in the end ,
Killed for Treason.

He turned and turned and found one important and weird thing , no low born head of the kingsguard had died Valiantly , bravely , with a sword in hand , or with the head of an enemy on his spike. And no high born lord had died for the reasons like treason , charged for murder or killed in a riot.

His head hurt reading the bloody book , so he got up and headed out to find a blonde girl waiting at the door . He recognized her as the same girl who had bumped into him earlier .
“Why aren’t you inside?” He asked her.

“I didn’t want to disturb you.” She said avoiding his gaze.

“Listen , if you are a kingsguard , try and be strong . Its your duty today here i guess?” He asked.
She nodded , “Is-is there anything i can do?”

“You are a kingsguard , not a slave . Do what you want!”He said.

“Ca-can i fill the book?” She said pointing her hand at the table .

“If you want to , go on , it's all yours . I’ll end dead up like all the other low born heads anyway.” He said and strolled out of the corridor . Scott turned and asked ,
“What was your name again blondy?”

“M-Mo-Moon...” She stuttered.

“M-Mo-Moon? Is that even a name?” He asked back and followed down the stairs just after hearing sobbing from the queen’s room again .

He wandered around the palace finally coming in front of the room he never knew existed . He was just passing by , when an old and majestic voice said ,
Come in.” It was as if the words were enough to pull him towards the room .

Scott pushed open the door and found a heavenly man in red robes sitting with his eyes closed . Scott had never seen the old man , he was sure of it , yet his face was so similar , it was like he had dreamed about him , but when?

The room was majestic , but it was nothing in front of the old man .
“ called?” Scott asked him .

“Sit.”He said. Scott saw no chair or even a mat so he was about to sit on the floor , when the old man spoke with his majestic voice .”Sit on the chair , if you will.”

“There is no chair-”Scott said .

“Look again.” He said. Scott saw and in the blink of an eye , there was a chair right in front of him. Checking the chair for a prank , he sat looking at the old man with the closed eyes. He didn’t speak for a long time , then finally fed up of the silence , Scott asked him,
“Who are you again? One of the guests? “

“You can say that , but i’m a different sort of a ...guest . I arrived today. Who are you?” He asked , his eyes still closed .

“I’m Scott .” Stupid weirdo.

“No you’re not .” He said.

“What are you even saying? I’m going!” Scott said and turned , just to find no door at all , infact , there was no wall , all he could see was the vast expanse of the room.

“I told you ...sit.” The old man said in his calm voice.”I see you’re scared , there’s no need.”

“Stupid old man , i’m not scared of you and your tricks of petty sorcery.” Scott said.

“I didn’t say you’re scared of me , i just said you’re scared of yourself , of loneliness , of people’s kindness and sometimes of you’re own kindness.” Still eyes closed.

“What the crap are you speaking of?” Scott said pulling his sword out its bracelet. The old man waved a hand , and the Sword slipped from Scott’s hand and flew towards the ceiling , he jumped to catch it but stumbled on the chair and fell .

“Bloody hell , who are you?” Scott asked as he stood up.

“That is not necessary right now.”He said and finally opened his eyes . Brown , with ages of knowledge and wisdom in them , he waved his hand again and Scott’s sword settled back on his arm as a bracelet.

“Now , I ask you again , who are you?”

“I’m Scott Stone.” Scott said , unable to believe what was happening .

“No you’re not. You’ll know who are you are , but not any sooner . Drink!” He said , and out of nowhere 3 glasses came flying and set themselves in front of Scott and the godly man . Scott saw that 2 of the glasses had a red liquid , while one had a white coloured one.

“Drink the red first.”He heard the old man say. “Don’t worry they won’t kill you .” He added and took a sip of the red juice. He was smiling at Scott , so without thinking he drained the whole glass . He felt dizzy , no , weak. It sure was wine , but not at all normal one . It had a slight bitter taste.

“Now , the white one.” the Old man said and Scott gulped it down too , and a cool drink went down his throat.

“Isnt Scott Stone the name given to you by Krystal Wood?” He asked , Scott was never so shocked. Not a single soul other than Krystal and him knew that Scott was not his real name.

“How...the hell do you know?” Scott asked.

“That’s not important right now . So tell me how are the kids?” He asked.


“The orphanage kids you feed everyday with bread , milk , honey and sometimes cheese .” Old man said.

Another shock . The king sure knew he fed the orphans , but only Scott knew what he gave them, even Krystal wasn’t aware of that.

“How long have you been keeping spies on me?” Scott asked him.

“Spies?” He said and laughed, ”Not at all , i’ve been seeing you since your birth.”

What the hell is he saying?. Scott thought.
“Is the seal intact?” He asked.

“Wh-what seal?” Either i’m crazy or he is mad. Suddenly , Scott was pulled near the old man , and he placed 2 fingers on his chest , where his skin was stitched by Krys , where the sword was stabbed when she had found him.

“It is.”He murmured . “Anyways , you will stay in the palace and not go to your room in district-M. And don’t worry about the kids , i’ll see to it that they are well fed , i’ll pay the old woman and the baker.”

“Who the HELL are you?” Scott asked .

“Well , its not important . Anyways , people know me by the name , PRIEST...

Suddenly the room was gone , the old man who called himself Priest was gone , all he could see was he was lying on the bed in his quarters at the kingsguard room , and a blonde girl was placing cold clothes over his forehead , and the stitch on his chest was bleeding.

So , here is the strongest guy in the trilogy . THE PRIEST. He's finally met Scott (Aarav) . So how do you think will it go ?
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