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Disha was dreaming , she saw the face of a woman , so much similar to hers , but yet too different . She smiled and said, “Only you can bring him back.”

She wanted to ask , who? . But she couldn’t utter a word . She smiled again , and this time , Disha saw the woman’s eyes , a beautiful eye , with three circles instead of a pupil . Disha glanced deeper , and the eye showed her a great war being fought , a warrior with a silver armor and a silver sword. Beside him a girl , she knew who the girl was but couldn’t remember , the girl was flying with a blue flame around her . She could see deeper , but her mind wavered for a second and everything she saw was gone . Then , a man came walking slowly towards her , step by step , then his face became clear , Aarav , he smiled and hugged her then kissed her long enough for her to blush even while asleep . He bit her neck , and suddenly she woke up , just to see a girl sitting beside her .

“You’re awake, that’s good.”She said.

“Who..are you? And what happened?” Disha asked her.

“I’m Krystal Wood , a medic . And as for what happened , you fainted.” She said.

Disha remembered . She was being introduced to the kingsguard and then Aarav had lazily moved his hand for a handshake , just then she had fainted . Bloody hell , what should he think of me?

“I need to see him!”She said and threw the blanket covering her aside and was about to run when Krys said .

“You’re not supposed to go you know.” and Disha was pulled back to fall on the bed .

“I just fainted that’s all . I need to see him right now!” Disha said and pulled her hand away from Krys’ hand.

“See who? Do you know someone?” She said.

“Aarav, i need to see him!”She said.

“Aarav?...I don’t think there’s anyone with such a weird name around these parts of the White world. And by the way , you’re supposed to be at the breakfast soon.” She said .

“Breakfast? I was out for one whole day?”


“Oh shit , i need to talk to him and fast!”She murmured .

“Listen , I told you , there’s no one named Aary-”

“Aarav , not Aary . And i saw him , he was standing beside you when i entered the palace.” Disha said.

“Beside me? Who was...Oh! you mean Scott?” She asked.

“Scott?! What the hell sort of a name is that? His name’s Aarav!” She said.

“If you weren’t the guest in the palace right now , you’d probably have a teeth or two less. He’s my boyfriend you know.” Krys said.

“What? Aarav has another girlfriend?!” Disha said ." There’s no use talking to you!” She added and drifted out of the room to find guards and her maid waiting .

“Princess Disha , what are you wearing ? You represent the-” Aasha tried to say .

“Shut the hell up , Aasha! And don’t jabber about that stupid shit right now! Move!” She said and strolled past the guards , with Aasha tailing behind her who was trying to stop her .

She walked for a floor and at a turn , she asked one of the guards,
“Where’s the head of the kingsguard?”

“Head ? You mean that monster? Next floor , Princess Disha ,he's dangerous , i can take you if you-” He had started .

“No thanks , i can walk.” She said and took the stairs towards the upper floor where in the corner , there was a room with a door , on which it was written ,
Honoured King’s guard .

Damn the honour , 3 girlfriends ? Seriously!? , Disha thought and walked with her long dress striding the floor . She didn’t knock , but simply barged in , to find him sitting in deep thought . He looked up when Aarav saw her .

“You bloody damn cheat! Atleast think about your mother ! She’s weeping for you! And 3 girlfriends ? Seriously? You bastard!” Even Disha was surprised by her tone. She had never even raised her voice at anyone ...well , except on Reva of course.

And all he said was ,”Who are you again?” She couldn’t believe how good of an actor Aarav was.

“Aarav , i thought you were kind and innocent , but you’re nothing but a cheat!” She yelled. And all he did was cock his head sideways . “Oh , don’t you dare try being innocent all of a sudden.”

“Ah , you’re the guest princess ! Did you hit your head when you fell? And what did you call me ? Aarav was it?” He asked.

Is he mad ? or am I crazy? , Disha thought . “Aarav , what are you even doing here? You’re mother’s waiting for you at home!”

“Its still morning and you’re already drunk.”Aarav said.

“I’m not drunk ! Aarav , stop acting you idiot!” Disha said.

“Listen , you’re pissing me off now . First of all , i’m not Aarav or whatever the name is . Second , i don’t have a mother and third and final thing , shut the hell up . You’re the guest , and act like one . Stop jabbering things that i don't understand. Now get your monkey face out of the room.”He said.

How dare he!?

“Aarav , why are you doing this ? Just stop ! You’re mother is-” In the blink of an eye , Aarav was inches away from Disha’s face . Then she saw it , his eyes , they were different . He held her wrist tight enough to redden it and with the coldest voice Disha had ever heard he said,
“Stop pissing me off! I don’t like repeating things .I don’t hurt women and children , but if you continue to annoy me , i won’t think twice to change my principles.”

He left Disha’s wrist so hard , she fell on the floor and watched , as Aarav ,no he can’t be Aarav , as Scott strolled out of the room in his grey armor .

The breakfast table was set and Disha was sitting beside the Princess , facing the king and the queen. The king said,
“Princess Disha , hope you are enjoying your stay in the palace.”

“Yes , your highness . Its just as expected from the mighty kingdom of Phantom.”Disha said , remembering what her step-mother had said,
Try to praise the king and the kingdom as much as you can. She had said while saying goodbye .

“Good.”The king said. “Scott.. come here!” He added.

Oh shit , no...Disha thought.

“What?” He said lazily as he entered the huge dining hall.

“Princess Disha is your responsibility as i have already told you . So today , she will be taking a tour of the palace-”He said.

“So what?” Scott asked.

“You will accompany her.”The king said.

“ Not happening.” He said.

“33 hours , Scott . You remember don't you?” The king said , and Disha saw Scott’s eyes turn cold again.

“You son of a bitch. Fine , i’ll be her dog if that’s what you want to say.” Scott said and walked out of the room .

The king chuckled and said ,”Princess Disha , he’s a bit too arrogant and foul by the tongue , but there can be no better guard for you while you are here. You may be wondering why I am concerned on providing with protection?” Disha nodded ,”...The marriage is a means to a strong alliance , which is not good for the remaining three major clans . So , they will try their best to somehow stop the marriage , so you have to be safe. Hope you enjoy your stay here.” He finally said , and wiped his mouth and headed out of the room after giving a small nod.

“I am sorry to say Princess Disha , but because of the preparations for the marriage , neither me , nor my daughter will be able to accompany you anywhere , i really wanted to spend some time with you.”The queen said.

“Its alright my lady . I understand.” Disha assured her.

“Just like your mother , in looks and in understanding.”The queen said as Princess Sara smiled.

He was walking beside her along the corridors of the palace after the breakfast .

“You know , you were asked to show me the palace , not bore me to my death with silence.”Disha told Scott.

“What do you want me to talk?” He asked.

“Talk about the palace.” She said.

“Okay , this is the floor , that is the ceiling , this is the wall and this is a door.”He said an again went to deep silence .

Aarav was shy to speak , but Scott is too bored . She thought.
“I’m your guest! Atleast show some respect...” She told him trying to jape.

“Not mine , the king’s . I’m doing this cz i’m being paid . I have no interest in showing the palace to a monkey-face like you.” He said.

“Hey , that’s too rude.” She said as she passed by the rose garden .

“Listen , monkey-face , this is how i talk . If you can’t stand my talk , then let me simply walk and don’t talk crap.” He said and Disha saw that same cold eyes again.

“By the way , how long have you been Krystal’s boyfriend?” She asked , though she never wanted to.

“And who the hell told you that?” Scott asked.

“Krys herself , if your ashamed or shy of accepting , its alright , i can understand.”She said.”Afterall , she’s a year or two older than you . But yeah , surely experienced...”

“I don’t give a damn about girlfriends or even friends . “ He said .

“You’re all big talk . I know what you are , a pervert that’s all, all boys are .”Except Aarav. She thought. She remembered from the day she had befriended him , all he did was shy. He never even touched her , infact , she was the one who had kissed him. But this isn’t Aarav , he just can’t be Aarav. But then she remembered what the Priest had asked granny to say ,
you will find who you are searching for....

Then she realized , she had meet the Priest , she had almost forgot.
“Take me to the Priest , now.”

Scott glared at her , but eventually ended up taking her to a floor of which even he wasn’t sure. They reached the far end of the corridor , and Disha saw Scott searching for something.
“What is it?” She asked. No answer. “I asked , what happened? Are we lost?” But again , no answer.

“Don’t you dare ignore me!”

“Then try and shut up for a while.” He said , and suddenly stopped . Everything around Disha stopped , she felt the wind stop , the rustle of the leaves waver , the lapping of water at the pool in the garden pause and all of a sudden, out of now where , a voice said...
“Come in.

The voice was so godlike , she just couldn’t hold herself . She turned and saw a door appear on the wall , she pushed it open and entered , behind her, the door shut close and she saw at the centre of the room , a man wearing red coloured robes was sitting in deep meditation . Disha walked to him and he opened his eyes , big brown eyes that reflected centuries of wisdom and knowledge.

He gave a weird look and said.”Avantika , its you...but how?”

She looked sideways to check whether he was talking to her . Then she remembered ,
“Actually , i’m Disha , her grand daughter.”

“Ah...old eyes.”He sighed ,”..for a moment i thought she was back . You resemble her too much , its almost laughable.Please, sit...”he added.

She was about to sit on the floor , when he said, ”Sit on the chair .”

“But there is-”She had began , and she blinked and a chair was right in front of her eyes.

“You are the Priest?” She asked.

“I’m afraid i am. And Avantika , can i call you that? I just can’t forget her name when i see you.” He said. Disha smiled , though awkward , but eventually nodded .

“So if you are here , it means you got my message from your granny. So did you meet him?”

“Its not him , i’m sure of it. Scott is cold and heartless , emotionless , he just doesn’t have feelings . I knew Aarav since i was a child , he just can’t be him . Aarav was...innocent, gentle and most of all...kind. I’ve seen the anger in this imposter’s eyes , and its...dangerous.”Disha said and those same cold eyes came right in front of her mind’s eye .

“I thought that too...initially.”Priest said.

“What do you mean?” She asked him.

“He is cold , and heartless , i agree , but only from the outside . He’s arrogant and acts like he doesn’t care about anyone other than himself . But to say the truth , he’s the complete opposite . He acts like he doesn’t care , but he does “. Priest said.

“That’s not true, i’ve seen Aarav from the day i entered school, for almost 11 years i’ve known him .”Disha said.

The Priest smiled and shook his head. “There is only one other person other than Bhanumati who has seen Aarav from his birth , and that person is sitting right in front you. I’ve been watching his every step, and i know the person who is calling himself Scott , is Aarav. Scott is...i agree, cold , but deep down he’s scared and alone , and cannot express his feelings . He’s like a coconut , Avantika , hard from the outside , but pure as milk and soft as a bud from the inside . Do you know why he’s working here?” Priest asked.

“Because he wants money?” She said.

“What money he gets here , is not even close to half of what he earned before . There’s an orphanage near where Scott used to live earlier , whatever money he earned , he bought them food , clothes and also paid their fees for the gurukul , just because they shouldn’t become as he is . The king threatened him with their lives , so he had no choice but give up his own principles and work under the same people who he despised”. Priest said. “You’re one of the very few people here who knows how he was , and can help him bring back his old self . “

“Why can’t you?” She asked.

“Whatever you do , destiny has something to do with it . In the coming future , dark days are unavoidable , and you have a very important role to play . Avantika , tell me , have you heard about the mythological legend of Mahabharata ? Its famous in the mortal world.”


“During the great war of Kurukshetra , if Lord Krishna had taken up arms , the war would be over before it had even started . But instead , he chose to use no arms , and took up the task of leading Arjuna and the Pandavas to victory . Do you think he wasn’t strong enough to take up arms?” He asked.

“No , he had given a word saying he wont participate at any costs.”

“That’s right , he chose to become Arjuna’s charioteer instead. It is all a game of destiny , nobody can change what is going to happen , but sure enough they can change the path that will lead them to it. I am nobody but a mere old man whose role is to lead Aarav through the correct paths . And in doing that , Avantika , i need your help.”

“But why me? “Disha asked him.

“You will only know the answer if you help...”That’s all he said and before she knew , Disha was back in the corridor and Aarav was staring at her.

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