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It was hurting him hard , damn hard . Ever since the Priest had touched his scar , though it had stopped bleeding not long after , but it hurt . Scott was crying in pain as he slept . He dreamed , he saw the face of a woman , so kind and gentle , then a girl , beautiful with big and bold eyes . Suddenly , everything around him crumbled ,and he was falling in darkness and the pain exponentially increased .

Then warmth spread around the wound , as a soft hand moved across it . He opened his eyes and saw a blond haired girl applying something to the wound.
“Blondie,Why are you-” He asked . She just smiled and said,

“I can’t see people in pain.” Her blue eyes shone in the darkness. The scent of the ointment stung his eyes , and they watered . And before he knew , he was drifted off to sleep.

He woke up in the bright sunlight of the morning , still bare chested . He looked around and saw that Moon was sleeping on the chair , resting her head on the table . He slowly walked and put the blanket over her and headed out after having a bath.

He went to the training room , where men were already practicing . He started with push-ups , then squats , pull ups , skips and punching . He was drenched in sweat when a voice said,
“Low borns shouldn’t actually try becoming stronger.” Scott turned to see the guy who wore golden armour was standing bare chested with his muscular body. Scott ignored him , and kept on punching .

“Punch all you want , but you’re no match for me.” He said . Again Scott ignored him and bent to take a sip of water. Jorge snatched the bottle away from Scott’s hand and spilled it on the floor. The other men who were training were watching eagerly.

“What the hell’s you’re problem?”

“Don’t think i’m scared of you just because you’re a star higher than me!” He said. “After all , what can a low born filth like you do . By the way , how exactly did you even get the job? You gave the king some special treatment ? But then again , why would the king have anything to do with a gutter rat beggar ?”

Scott again ignored him and started to leave the room , but then Jorge placed a hand on his shoulder and jerked him to stop . “Aren’t you getting angry, filth?” Jorge asked.

“Like hell i am.”

“Then come to the royal arena for today’s special tourney arranged for the guests and kings coming for the marriage . Or maybe , you better hide , rather than getting killed in public.”

So Scott ended up giving his name for the tourney . He had attended many tourneys and melees , but all of them were in local undergrounds , and one or two in more famous stadiums . But in the royal arena , the tourneys were only for noble birth warriors , so he wasn’t allowed to take part . Even today , only noble birth warriors were there , but as he was a kingsguard , he had a free entry. They were standing in the pavilion before the tournament began , when he saw who his opponents were . All of them were heavily built ,much older than Scott . Many mocked him too,

“This kid is the new kingsguard?”
“Well , whoever fights him is lucky”
“Man , wish i get him as an opponent . I’ll just pull out my sword and win.”
“Stupid kid out for a death-wish.”

He was standing in the corner when someone placed a hand on his shoulder .

“What are you doing here Arwin?”

“You know how much i like tournaments.” True as it was , Scott had first met Minister Arwin in a tourney itself . The winner was to get a trophy from the minister who was a chief guest. After that , Scott had seen Arwin in almost all the tourneys that he took part in.

“Scott , don’t kill anyone if you can.”Arwin said.

“I’ll try my best . But I can’t guarantee about that gold armoured bastard though.”Scott told him .

“He’s your subordinate.” Arwin said.

“In a tourney all are opponents.” Scott said and headed upstairs where the commentary could be clearly heard .

“Gentlemen and ladies , peasants and landlords , kings and queens and most importantly , our guests , welcome to the annual tourney , where young men of noble birth participate to win . And today’s winner will be getting 500 gold , and a chance to fight the Lord Commander! Lets begin.So the first match will be ...” And the tournament began .

Scott’s match was the eighth , he saw strong opponents , but not strong enough . 2 of the first 7 battles before his were won by declare . He entered the arena , and some cheered for him , he was wearing his white cloak and white mask . Though some recognized , most booed him , or supported his opponent , who was someone named Cleo, but Scott couldn’t care less.

“Cleo ! Wave you’re sword and he’ll run away.”Someone yelled , and Scott recognized the voice , Jorge. Laughter broke out in the pavilion .

“Covering you’re face to hide the fear?” someone said. Cleo laughed hard , and banged the mud with his mace.

Rock prison.” He yelled and the mud ground beneath Scott started to swirl , and no sooner it was pulling him in . His legs were completely inside the ground . The man named Cleo charged now , and the moment he was a foot away , Scott held his mace in one hand , so tight , the man couldn’t free it . He was struggling to pull free of the grasp , but Scott landed a straight punch at the man’s face . He spat out a tooth , and left free of the mace . Scott’s legs were free now. He slowly got up , and held the man’s neck from the back , and the man fell . The whole stadium went silent . Not one voice , the first voice he heard , was from the royal audience . He saw the guest princess’ shocked face , the pavilion behind him was stunned . He turned and simply walked .

“What was THAT? We didn’t even see it . Medical core , check if Cleo is dead.”The commentator said. Three men came from the stands and checked his pulse , one of them turned his head to the commentator raised a thumbs up.

“Looks like he’s not dead after all, and that means , the white devil advances to the next round.” Surprisingly , no one clapped or shouted his name . They were just too stunned to respond.

“Looks like Cleo wasn’t strong after all.”Scott heard Jorge say. Scott’s next rounds were quarters and semi finals . The opponent in the quarter finals yielded, so Scott didn’t attack him . In the semi’s though, the opponent was strong , for others that is . Scott defeated him , but luckily at the end ,the opponent was alive. Scott was standing facing Jorge in the finals .

“You little runt , i should say you’re strong for you’re age , though low-born you’re no-”

“Shut the hell up!” Scott said. He hadn’t spoken at all this long . But listening to same crap had pissed him off.He pulled his mask , and smashed it under his foot. “Low born , commoner , noble , shit and crap . What the hell does it matter who is what? Everybody’s blood is red , and everybody breathes the same air. No shit matters at the end , in the end , when you’re dead , you’re either buried , or burnt . That’s it!”

“Cut the philosophy , low-born. It matters what you’re born as ...Low-born and noble bleed the same , but the lives of low-born is nothing but waste.” Jorge said , pulling his long sword which was almost as tall as Scott. “You’re at a bloody disadvantage , you have no weapon , no element to support your power . I had warned you , that i’ll strip you off that fourth star , but instead i think i’ll kill you...rising lightning..” He added . And thunder clouds formed above the sky , they combined together and started shooting lightning at Scott .

Scott never knew the reason , but lightning and water never affected him , at all . And the same happened this time . No effect .

“Damn you bastard , how are you even standing?” Jorge asked. “Never mind.”He said and charged with his long blade ,he came close and Scott held the metal of the sword in his palms , but his palms hurt , so he left it again .

“I told you , you’re at a disadvantage , my sword heats up as i use it .” He said .

“Looks like you won’t listen.”Scott said, made a fist , bent and launched one straight punch in his gut . His hands started glowing blue . Jorge spat blood and fell on the ground .

“You’re hands , why are they glowing blue? That’s no ordinary attack ! its a technique, damn it!” He said. “You’re no common birth .”

“I don’t care who i am.”Scott said was about to attack , when a voice boomed through the stadium.

Scott !He’s you’re comrade!” Arwin said from the commentary box . Inches away from Jorge’s neck , Scott Stopped .

“And that clears the result . The winner is white devil!”This time they cheered , loud and clear . But then again , he couldn’t care less.

“Call the big dog!” Scott yelled . And sure enough the man named Lord Green , came into the field with his huge staff of ash rock. He was the lord commander of the army of the Phantom.

“You dare insult me in public?” He asked as he raised his spear and people cheered .

“Yeah ,so what?” Scott asked.

He didn’t talk much , simply charged , and Scott observed one thing , every attack of the commander was a death blow . And to say the truth , he was strong . He was continuously charging , and Scott was dodging him just moments before the spear made a hole in his body.

“You asshole , stop dodging and attack if you call yourself a warrior!”

“You’re forgetting , i am no warrior ,i’m an assassin.”

“An assassin without a weapon ? Sure.”He scoffed and hit the base of his spear to the ground “binding roots...

From inside the ground , thick roots erupted everywhere , and some grabbed Scott’s legs and slowly covered his whole body , finally his whole body except his head was covered in roots . He tried freeing , but all it did was tighten even more .
The lord commander hit the ground again with the base of the spear and said ,
“ thorn poison...

The roots binding Scott , started piercing his skin , and they hurt , real bad . Slowly his eyes started drooping , his vision became numb , but his hand started burning all of a sudden. And with a silver flashy light , the bracelet in his wrist exploded , he was free and his sword was in his hand . Though weak , the sword had done its work on Scott to reduce the poison effect .

“You had a sword all along?” Green asked.

“I don’t use it in tourneys . I prefer to kill with my bare hands . But looks like the sword wants a chance too.”Scott said and charged . Lord Green raised his spear as a shield , but too weak . The sword cut right through the staff, reducing it to mere wood pieces . when Scott’s sword was inches away from the commander’s neck , he yelled...
“I yield!”

Scott’s eyes drooped and he fell on his butt . Struggling not to fall , with the help of his sword he stood and slowly walked out of the arena , limping. He walked into the pavilion , and before he knew he was sprawled on the floor. Half-concious , he heard voices .

“The poison’s deep in your body.” a similar voice said . He felt light , as his body slowly started floating in mid air . He felt his body bounce when he lightly landed on a soft bed . Then mild slaps on the cheek and the same girl said ,
“Stay with me , Scott , you can’t sleep sleeping!”

Finally after a painful process of blood removal , most of the poison was out of Scott’s body . He opened his eyes and saw the girl who was helping him.
“Why the hell... do you keep... helping me?”

“I told you , i can’t see people in pain.”Moon said.

“You’re not even a medic.”Scott told her as he slowly sat up on the bed .

“My family has long ancestors who are medic , so i’m taught all this in primary standards of school. There’s no need for me to be a medic to do this.” She said.

Scott observed she wasn’t stuttering anymore .
Damn women , never understood them.

Then the door opened and the guest princess came busting in. She folded her hands and stared at him .
“What?” Scott asked her.

“What if anyone would have died?” She asked.

“Thanks for asking , i’m fine , just poisoned and would probably be dead if not for blondy here...”Scott said , as Moon blushed red.

“And what are you blushing for? “ She asked.

“Listen , monkey-face , if you’re here to insult , the door’s open. You’re too annoying to handle . And also , stop insulting my comrade . Before i get pissed , take your monkey-face out!” Scott said and tried moving , but his whole body hurt .

“Jerk.”Was what Disha said , and she headed out again . Scott turned to the blond , and saw she was staring at him, with her blue eyes.

“Why are you staring?”Scott asked her.

“Y-y-you called me a...c-co-comrade .”She said , stuttering as usual.

“Did I now , well looks like i have a heart afterall...” Scott said and smiled inside his brain.

Looks like Scott isn't completely a monster. This was an action packed , and really i feel great for writing an action filled chapter after a long time...enjoy!
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