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For two weeks after the tourney , Scott was regularly examined by Krystal , and also he was supposed to meet the Priest everyday before sunset . Scott understood that the magic of the Priest was so strong , that his room’s door would appear anywhere in the whole capital , for whoever was in need . And for Scott , the door would appear right in front of his table . And when that happened , he would walk through it to face the Priest .

Every day , the Priest would first ask , “Who are you?” , and Scott would say , “Scott Stone” , but the Priest would just smile his ancient smile , and say ‘No, you’re not him.’ And then he would ask about how his day was , what all did he do , and even things like what he ate or drank . Scott never asked why .

Then while going , the Priest would give him two full cups of two different drinks , one was a wine , with a bitter taste that went on becoming bitter and bitter everyday , while the other was a creamish coloured liquid , which was getting diluted everyday , and at the end of two weeks it was almost water , with a tinge of the creamish substance at the bottom .

He would leave the room , just to find the guest princess waiting to go in , who would look at him with weird eyes , some times he found her crying as soon as she looked at him . She never called him by his name , instead she called him , Aarav.
She would try hard to give a smile , which Scott never returned , and she would go inside cursing.

The wedding was almost a week away now . The guest from the bridegroom’s family had arrived , which included a strict and stern looking king , who was the guest princess’ father , a bitch-like woman, who acted as though she owned the palace , and a pervert boy , just a year or three older than Scott , who was none other than the bridegroom .

The king and the guest king would always be busy in the king’s office room , with Arwin, who , according to Scott, was working his old ass off . So all the guest duties were on Scott . They were pouring in like rain , one after the other , non-stop . Even though he never wanted to do the dog-job , he had no choice because the bastard king of Phantom would say,
“You do remember the number 33 don’t you Scott? Or should i say 34 , including the blonde girl?”

Bastard he is , but he had spoken the truth , the blonde girl , Moon , was accompanying him everywhere he went , not that he complained about it . She always smelled of fresh rose and jasmine , and her face was full of joy , whatever happened . Once or twice , Scott had kicked the asses of some soldiers who had tried to corner her , so from that day , he himself kept her close , but he never knew why he had done it .
And because Moon was always close , Krystal was on fire all the time .
“Why can’t i come to the escort? And from when did you become interested in girls?” She asked one day.

“Because you’re too talkative and she isn’t ? “ He asked.

“Don’t forget , Scott , that there’s a hole in you’re chest , which needs to be stitched after every 3 months , by the best medic of the palace , which is of course me!” She said.

“And i’m really grateful for that ...” Scott said and Krystal’s face turned red.

“Did you just...thank me?” She asked in an astonished tone .

“Did I?” What the hell is happening to me ? Scott thought . This wasn’t the first time that he had thanked someone , which he never did . Sometimes he ended up thanking the lower subordinates for bringing his armour , or cleaning his desk , or even for keeping the room warm by burning a fire in the hearth .

And he knew the reason why , Moon. Suddenly he started thinking and imagining about her . Her beautiful blonde hair , big-blue eyes , her lips, her beautiful neck , just then ,a knock on the door wavered his thoughts .

“What?”He asked the messenger .

“The king has summoned you.”

Yeah , yes of course , i’m a full fledged royal dog , lapping my tongue at their heels.

He knocked at the huge oak door , and inside he saw the King and the guest king sitting face-to-face .
The guest king gave a quizzical look , which he always did whenever he saw Scott . And just as Scott expected , the question came ,
“Have i seen you somewhere?”

“I’m telling you for the millionth time , NO! What work did you have now?” The guest king turned his head and continued drinking the wine .

“Scott...”Said the Phantom king , “...nice seeing you. How long-”

“Cut the crap , and come to the point.”Scott said , pouring himself a cup of wine , while the Vardhana king watched him .

“To the point like always , so , I have a mission for you’re squad .” He said pulling out an envelope.

“What is it this time? Some lame escort ? Or just another stroll in heaven’s paradise ?”

“” He said handing him the envelope.

“A low-born with the ability to read , that’s quite a rare combination don’t you think , your highness?” The guest king asked.

“Sure is.” King of Phantom agreed.

Scott read ,
Your Highness ,
The King of Phantom .

This is the 3rd Letter we’ve written regarding the attack of the beasts in the district G. Please , I as the landlord request you to send a squad for protection of my dearest life .

And that was it.

“ Beasts?”

“Scott , i don’t know what has happened , but you’re the 3rd squad going , and i need you back . At all costs..” He said.

“What have these so called ‘beasts’ done?” He asked.

“1 of the landlord’s favourite girl has been killed, and his dog has been eaten raw, and not only that , property damage has been seen.” He said , looking serious.

“Are you really the king? A dog and one of the fat-ass landlord’s whore? I asked about the common folk, how many have been killed among the peasants?” Scott asked.

“Are you paid , Ser Scott ? You work for the king , so you do as he says.” The guest king said.

“Listen here , bastard , you’re the guest , be like one. Mind you’re business , wed you’re son to the princess , have some half a dozen grandkids , and get the hell out, and you...” He pointed to the Phantom king , “...i need an answer. How many peasants were killed?

“Sorry for his arrogance , ser . Scott , i really don’t know how many peasants are killed , and to say the truth i don’t care . But as you can see , landlords are the ones who are filling the treasury and if you have forgotten , 34 is the count...” King said.

For that , Scott pulled out his sword , and touched the tip of his sword at the king’s neck , while the guest king stumbled and moved to the far end of the room , trembling in his legs. The guards came and stood near Scott , but nobody moved an inch and dared to pull him back . The king slowly , waved his hand and the guards went away .

He laughed , “You can’t kill me Scott , and you know the reason ...”

“Of course i know . But one day , i will kill you. And that day you will be cursing yourself that you ever messed with me . 34 did you say ? I will twist this sword in your body 34 times , at 34 different places , for 34 days , so you will remember the number 34 even after you’re death , asshole .” Scott hissed and turned in his grey armour and left the room .

It was nearly sunset when they were ready to leave the kingdom. Their food , water and other luggage tied , and the saddle was ready . 4 horses , a greyish coloured one for Scott , a black one for Jorge , while brown ones for Krys and Moon .
Jorge’s way of speech had changed towards Scott after he got his ass kicked at the tourney. For Jorge, Scott had changed from ‘low-born’ , ‘commoner’ or ‘gutter rat ’ to boss .

“Boss, where are we headed?” He asked.

“Just shut up till we exit the capital , and i may tell you...”Scott told him.

“Okay boss.”

“Scott , why are we leaving in the dark? Is it because i can hold you’re hands without anyone noticing ? Or is it because you can hold hands with someone while i’m not seeing?” She asked , where clearly anyone and someone meant Moon.

The latter , Scott wanted to say but instead said, “Neither...its because beasts come out at night. Now shut up , and ride...we need to reach district G 2 hours before dawn.”

Jorge rode without word , turning on every sound with his sword shining in the dark , but not as much as his golden armour . Krystal was blushing and trying to ride close to Scott , while Moon rode just beside Scott , knowingly or unknowingly , he didn’t know .

District G was the only district to the south side of the Phantom kingdom , which was known for its heat in the day , and chill in the night . And not to forget the mysterious regular sightings of in-human creatures which were in the songs and talks of the people living there. Not much was known about these creatures , since most who saw them either ended up dead , or lost their mind in fear , and hardly remembered the details .

And according to the old people who knew the most , these creatures were all coming from the desert at the further south of district G . Scott knew less about what was in the further south , but he knew that there was something called the red fort , that kept check on the creatures . And some creatures , which missed their eye and travelled into the borders of the kingdom , grew and turned into these hideous creatures .

Further on , the path narrowed even more , and beside them desert sand could be seen , so Moon was almost brushing to Scott , and would awkwardly move behind , which according to Scott was as bad as Krystal actually holding his arm .
“Krys...stop clinging to my arm!”

“I’m really scared.”She said with fake tears .

“We can travel on the same horse if you want , Krys...” Jorge suggested .

“Not at all , you pervert .”She spat , “And only people close to me can call me Krys , for you even calling me Krystal is a great achievement . And its better if someone doesn’t even talk to me...”She added eyeing Moon , who clearly didn’t understand or didn’t give a shit .

“Krys , stop it . She’s you’re comrade , and this is no competition . If you’re really feeling cold or scared , wear a wool over that extra bare chest of yours.” Scott said .

In the dark , he saw Moon’s cheek turn red , while Krystal said,
“Don’t you like that?”

“Why would I like that?”

“I like that.”Jorge said.

“Nobody asked you!”Krys said , and they rode in silence . Nearly at 12 , according to Moon’s watch which she was gifted from the mortal world , they could see the outskirts of district G . More like an area , there were too many houses and too less people . Of those remaining , the landlord ruled over them. And that is to whom Scott’s squad was to report .

They entered the district , and there was no sound except for the wind which was blowing cold in Scott’s ears , they saw the landlord’s house which was not even quarter of the size of the landlords of other districts . They found guards , and Jorge showed them the letter with the royal seal on it , and he let them pass .

On entering Scott heard weeping , loud weeping of a man and woman . As the guard took them to the hall , where the landlord sat with his arms stretched wide on the sofa , which was rusty and old . In front of him , he saw the source of the weeping . A middle aged man and woman , wearing ragged clothes , sat there near his feet, the woman was holding a torn and tattered blanket in her arm .

The weeping couple saw Scott , and the landlord kicked the man in the chest , and said,
“Filthy gutter rats ...get lost! “ And the guards forcibly pushed them out of the room .

Scoot’s blood rose , and his head spun in anger , but before he could do anything , he felt a warm hand over his , and turned to see Moon . She shook her head and smiled , and that actually calmed him down.
Scott said,
“Krys , look to what he has to say , i’ll be back.” and he followed the guards . Outside the guards were kicking and pushing the poor pair out of the house .

“What’s all this?” He asked the guards.

“Bloody peasants ser , asking for loan.” He said , while Scott punched him straight in the face and the guard fell unconscious . “Stand up!”He asked the peasant couple . Shivering , they stood , “Talk.” Scott said and the man began.

“Ser , my son ’as a very ’igh fever and ’es on the death bed , so we were ’ere to ask for some money to go to the doctor.” He said.

“Why aren’t you near him ? You should be by his side.” He told the woman .

“But I am by his side.” She said , and Scott saw that what he had thought to be a ragged blanket , was a sick baby boy , which was skeletal . His chest was moving up and down , and only then Scott realized that the kid is alive .

Before he could say anything , two fair hands were on the kid’s stomach , and they glowed green and slowly colour returned to the kid’s body .Scott turned and saw it was Moon , using her basic medication skills to heal the kid . He watched her , as the green colour of her hands glowed and reflected on her face , making her blue eyes shine even brighter .

The peasant couple were astonished . After she was done , Scott handed them with the food packets they had brought for the journey , and a canteen of water , and whatever gold he had had in his sack , and watched as they wished them and headed home.

“Why do you hide you’re emotions?” Moon asked looking at his face.

“I don’t have emotions. Feelings and emotions , they weaken a person’s mind.”He replied.

“Everybody has emotions , even you. Lying about them to me is fine , but how long will you lie about it to yourself? You are a kind person Scott , and being kind is not a weakness.”

He stared at her face in the darkness , and leaned closer . He could feel her hot breath on his face , and her scent of rose and jasmine hit his nose . He was staring in her deep blue eyes , there was fear and kindness and innocence hidden in them . He was inches away from her lips ...but then suddenly , a fear took over him . A fear of losing , a fear of caring and a fear of fear .

He quickly pulled away , as a tear rolled down her cheek , she said,
“What are you afraid of Scott?”


But deep down he knew , he was afraid of many things . He was afraid of getting too close to someone’s heart , afraid of himself....

The upcoming 2 chapters , 16.2 and 16.3 will be on the white devil, and there will be a bit of romance which is highly scarce in this book...enjoy!
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