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According to the fat-ass landlord , the beast was observed in the farther south of the district , closest to the desert area .First sighted almost 6 months ago , people thought it to be a cross between a dog and horse and a cat , because it barked like a dog , ran like a horse , and climbed walls and jumped into houses just like as a cat jumps to steal fish or milk . But instead of milk and fish, the beast stole babies in cradles , or young boys and girls , lost or found playing alone , but Scott never understood how could anyone even get lost in such an open district .

For the next day , he sat thinking about Moon and her words , what are you afraid of?
It was as if she could see right through his thoughts , right through him. He always wondered how she even did it . He had never met someone who could influence him so much.

Before going out that evening , he walked up to the terrace of the landlord’s mansion , and sat there looking at the sunset , amidst the cool and warm breeze that swept through the area . He sat there , and just then he felt Moon’s presence . He didn’t know how , but he felt her standing right behind him .
Is this what people call as connecting of hearts?

She came and sat just beside him , close enough for him to get the fragrant smell of rose and jasmine. She sat , without talking , and just like him , looking at the setting sun.
“Aren’t you gonna say anything?” He asked her.

“I just don’t want to break the silence and annoy you with my foolish talk.”

“You’re the only person whose talk never annoys me...” Scott said , and wondered how did he even say such a lame thing . She suddenly turned to face him , and her cheeks turned the lightest shade of red .

“Is it okay if I ask something?” She asked.

“Go on.”

“Tell me more about you.”She said.

“There is nothing to know . I don’t even know my true name , Krys found me 7 or 8 months ago with a sword in my chest , i don’t know where I was born, when i was born , I dont even know who my parents are . I know nothing about my past life . And before I knew , i was an assassin killing people for money. Blood and gold is all i care for.” He said.

“Then why do you help the orphans ? Why did you help the sick kid yesterday?” She asked.

“I...” He had no answer . Ever since he met the orphan kids running around snatching purses , robbing and stealing food , he had felt an urge to help them . “I don’t want them to become like me...a killer , a monster who doesn’t care about people. Moon?”


“Don’t I scare you? Whoever I meet , whoever knows me , they fear me and my anger and my arrogance. I’ve even seen Krys avoid me when my day hasn’t been good. Aren’t you scared?”

“I...don’t know. Whenever I see you , all i see is a scared and lonely person , who doesn’t want to accept who he actually is.”

Scott was shocked to hear the actual truth that he feared to accept . He saw her face , and her blue eyes shining in the last rays of the sun . He slowly moved his hand , and touched her cheek , and was inches away from her lips , but all he said was,
“Moon , i don’t know what is different about you, and why it affects me...but its better if you stay away from a monster like me. You’re better off without me.” He saw her sudden shock , and before her saying anything , he turned and walked away downstairs.

Stars had come up in the sky , and a crescent moon , glowed yellowish white in the dark night , as they walked in silence in the deserted streets of district G . Scott walked in the front ,Jorge at the back , while Moon and Krys in between them.

“Why are we even here?” Krys asked , “Killing a beast , just because it ate one of the landlord’s dog, and tore off half the body of one of his whores .That’s really a lame cause for killing or getting killed. “

“That’s not the reason i accepted this mission . Peasants have been found rotting and dead in alleyways , nobody’s confirmed whether its a beast or not . If not , i’ll take the landlord’s head to the king.” Scott said , and when they were finally near the southern end of the district , he stopped and turned to his squadmates .
“Jorge , stand here and look after Krys and Moon.”

“And what about you?” Moon asked.

“Yes boss , we’re a team aren’t we ? “ Jorge added. “We should go too.”

“Nobody goes anywhere except for me. And its better if you look after you’re own asses ,the night is dark .” Scott said.

“But boss , its better if we split up and look. We can cover more area , and once we spot the beast , we’ll shoot up a call signal.”Jorge said , smiling and showing his white teeth to Krys .

“If anyone in you losers spots the beast first , you’ll end up dead . I’m the captain here , and if anyone doesn’t follow , just get you’re asses out of the district and go warm yourselves in the kingsguard quarters at the palace.”

“I vote on splitting up.” Krys said , and slowly Scott saw 3 hands rise . He looked at Moon , who gave a sorry look , so Scott just couldn’t deny the cute face how much ever hard he tried.

After a million games of rock-paper-scissor , tossing a coin and riddles between Krys and Moon on who should go with Scott , Krys had no choice but to go with Jorge , while Moon ended up beside Scott .

“I told you to stay away from me.” Scott told Moon , as they walked in the dingy and stinking alleyways.

“But did you really mean it?” She asked with her innocent voice.

Of course not , “Yes , of course I meant it!”

“You’re lying.”

How did she...? The answer came straight away.
“You’re face turns weird when you lie.”

That line , I’ve heard it somewhere...but where?.
“Moon , i’m not a normal guy , i’m dangerous ! Why don't you-” Just then , a scraping noise , of hard skin rubbing over ground . Scott suddenly held a finger over his mouth , and moved towards the wall .

“Time to use you’re book. Check where the sound is coming from.”He told Moon , and she pulled out her book , which was tied to her waist . Scott couldn’t help but stare at her slightly visible stomach . He quickly turned away.

She pulled out her book , which was called ‘witchlore’ , and quickly closed her eyes and repeatedly chanting under her breath , she moved her other hand , and in front of them , a small map appeared , which showed 4 dots. Two were of course Moon and Scott , while the other 2 dots were Krys and Jorge.

“Non human , i can’t sense it.” Moon said . The scrapping noise was getting louder every passing minute.

“Let’s move. Stay behind me no matter what!” Scott told her and pulled out his silver sword , which shone in the moon light . He slowly moved through the alleyway , following the noise , with Moon close behind him. And then out of nowhere , when the scrapping noise was the loudest , it suddenly stopped , and something cut through Scott’s right arm .

Moon gasped. “Quiet! I’m not dead and stay close.”Scott said , then another whipping sound , and it was about to hit Moon , when Scott blocked it with his sword.

“Stick to the wall.” He said . And suddenly , it was raining whips . Unable to see the attacks, all Scott could do was close his eyes , and hear with full concentration , which was hard considering Moon who was standing so close.

wind wall...” She said , and the attacks stopped as a round wall was created around them . No sooner the whips stopped , his pain started . He had got pretty nasty cuts on his arm and chest, even though he was wearing the armour . He slumped on the ground , with his back to the wall .

“Can you sense the beast now?” He asked , as Moon was healing his cuts .

“Think about yourself for once! The cuts are too deep for basic medic magic to handle , we will need Krystal for this.”She said , with deep concern.

“Its alright. Just check for the location.”


“Its an order from your captain , check the location of the beast.” He said raising his voice. She didn’t move , but Scott understood she wanted to ask something.
“What?” He barked.

“I will need its blood to locate it exactly.” She murmured. Scott pushed his Sword towards her , and said,
“There’s plenty on it.” She took the sword , and slowly with her hand she made the blood , which was a darkest shade of red , to fall on a page on her book and suddenly blue dots appeared on it , which were everywhere.

“Its not alone.” Scott said.

“Not exactly , all are from the same host . These are just fragments , the real one is not far.” She said , moving her index finger on the page , tracing the blue dots and finally pin pointed at a point which was exactly behind the alleyway they were in .
“Lets go.” he said and tried to get up , but suddenly Moon pulled him back.
“You’re wounds aren’t healed yet!”

“They aren’t that major.”He tried to say.

“I said NO!” Moon said , and suddenly an orange rope bind him down to the ground.

Scott sat in silence while Moon slowly healed every whip as much as she could. He couldn’t help himself but laugh.
“What’s so funny?” She asked.

“Nobody’s ever ordered me and had a straight face.”

“Even women?”

“I told you , most women avoid me , while the remaining are scared.”

“I’m neither , so you better stay still...and can you ...pull you’re armour away? Its slashed , so it should be mended and also i need to check if you have any other injuries.” She said , blushing, and freed him .
He pulled his threads and set the armour aside to reveal his thin shirt , which had turned bloody . Ever since the first meeting with the Priest , the hole in his chest would flow with blood , which he never felt unless he took notice.

He pulled out his bloody shirt , for which Moon blushed and slowly wiped off the blood , and began healing the whip marks .
“Does it hurt, you're chest stitch i mean.” She asked.

“Not all the time . When I dream it hurts , that’s all. “ He told her . And she adjusted herself to sit almost too close to him , which he felt both uncomfortable and exciting. She applied some cream on the chest and slowly moved her soft hand over it. After it was done , she was just about to move , when her face came inches away from his , and before either of them realized , their lips met .
The sweet scent of rose and jasmine dissolved in his mouth as Moon slowly kissed deeper , holding his face in her hands , while he rested his hands on her back.

He never remembered when both of them were out of breath in the cold , while Moon blushed red and Scott just couldn’t afford to lose the taste of roses and jasmines.
“Nobody should know about this.” He said , caressing her hair .

“Are you worried about what people will think?” She asked.

“I don’t give a shit about what people think , its just dangerous for you . I’ve pissed many people off , i don’t want them to use you as my weakness.”

“I understand...nobody will know , i promise.” And she kissed him , more passionately this time.

What was he forgetting though ?
Oh yes , there’s a beast on the loose roaming the district . But that can wait , he thought as he slept in the dingy alleyway with Moon in his arms , surrounded by a wall of wind that kept out attacks and all the sounds of the surroundings . He watched Moon’s beautiful face shining in the moon light , as she slowly dozed off to sleep with her lips parted . Then out of nowhere , a thought crossed his mind , more like a question .
Was there someone as important as Moon to me in the past?

I tried my best...but i'm not a romance writer...this is the best I could try. One more to go , and I promise there's no romance. Enjoy!
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