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The streets of district-M were damp with the slow rain badgering since morning. But as every other day, in district-M unlike any other districts, where the doors of houses and shops close just after the sunset , here they open after sunset, and close at sunrise .

The people here suffer with poverty and diseases , yet no house holds one man who doesn’t come out to have a drink of alcohol . Women never come out , because the ugly human hounds never let them come out , as they rule the streets at night . The only people who are safe , are the ones who have a weapon.

Just like every day , the white devil was back from work , he had killed 3 thugs who had a bounty of 3 gold coins each . He actually wasn’t planning on killing them , but they tried pick-pocketing him , so according to him, he had no choice.

He was looking at himself in the mirror standing bare chested . His face , not much handsome , but passable . His hair a mess . But what he saw was neither . He was looking at the stitched skin which he had on his chest . He never knew his age , neither his name . When he woke up , he was lying on a soft bed of a girl named Krystal , who happened to have found him in her backyard with a sword in his chest . She took care of him , and luckily she was a medic working at the royal palace by the day , and as a bar-tender by night. He had no memory of where he came from , or who he was .She was the one who had given him his name , and had told him that he was roughly 19 or 20 years.

The sword was magical, it could easily fit as a bracelet on his hand , and when pulled out it would be a no-scratch katana .

He kicked open the door of the bar , Tankard , was its name . This was where Krys , short for Krystal, worked . She was wearing the normal bar uniform , which was highly pervertish , but far better than the one which the serving girls wore.

He sat on the counter and slammed a silver coin and said ,”One drink , two on the running...”

“NO...” Krys said .

“What should that mean ?” He asked.

“Its means no...How old are you, Scott?” Scott Stone was the name she’d given him . When he asked her the reason she said it was the name of her boyfriend who had died for some reason . And as for Stone , people without a surname are called Stone.

“I dont know...”He told her.

“I do , and you're no more than 20 . “ She said as she handed over a drink to a serving girl.

“Krys , am i paying you or not?” Scott asked.

“I don’t care about the payment . I’m saying this, because one , you have a hole in your chest , and two , i didn’t save you to die from drinking...So...”She pushed the coin back towards him.”You may be strong or even invincible at the sword , but you’re not god.”

“There is no god...”

“Don’t you start with that crap again . If you don’t believe, then fine , but don't urge others to give up their faith.”She said. “You are the so called , White devil for others , but for me you’re still , ‘the guy who fell from the sky’...So no alcohol...”She said.

“Fine, bitch , give me an apple drink atleast...”

“Now there’s my boyfriend...”She said and pulled out a bottle of apple juice and poured it in a glass.

“I am not your boyfriend , and never will be...” He said sipping his drink.

“Don’t hide your feelings Scott , i know you love me ...”Krys said .

“Dream all you want , woman...” Scott said and sipped.

“Krys , he doesn’t care about you , but i’ll make you my queen , atleast for today ...”Said a guy with a beard and drum for a stomach .”Lets go to the upper floor...” He said and was trying to grab Krys’ hand .

Scott ignored them , and when he saw the guy was forcing her , Scott grabbed his wrist and twisted it , while the man cried in pain.
“Keep your smug hands to yourself , bastard...” Krys said.”Aww, Scott , you saved me....”

“Forget i did that...” He told her and poured himself another glass of the apple juice. An hour later , Scott heard heavy foot steps at the door . 6 men came busting in the bar .

One among them asked, ”Who broke my brother’s arm?”

“Big brother , there, that asshole did ...”Said someone and Scott felt a huge arm on his back .
“Hey , why did you do that?” Scott didn’t turn , but kept on drinking .

“Hey , bastard ...”He said and pushed the apple drink out of Scott’s hand. He did nothing , but just wiped his face , and turned to face them . The bigger man saw Scott , and almost fell on the wooden floor .

“’re, oh crap , i’m sorry, i’m really sorry ...” He said and punched his brother in the face .”You asshole , he’s the white devil...sorry boss...”The man said again , and dragged his brother by the ear out of the room .

“You sure are one scary person...”Krys said as she wiped the glasses with her cloth. “Its shop closing time Scott , so this is the last you get...”She said and placed a glass in front of him. The bar was empty except for Scott and Krys . Scott was sipping , the door bell tinkled once again , and a man wearing a white hood came and sat beside Scott . He sat silent for a minute then said,
“You’re the white devil , right?”

“No ...”Scott said .

“He is...”Krys said .

“Are you or are you not?” The man asked.

“What do you want ?” Scott asked.

“The minister wants to meet you...” He said.

“Call him here...” Scott said .

“The minister?” Krys asked , “You mean THE minister ? The right hand?”

“Krys , mind your business...”Scott told her.

“Listen mister , its very urgent...”The man said.

“Then call him fast, i have other jobs to do...” Scott said and sipped the last of his drink. The man gave up , shook his head and headed out .

“Here’s your change...”Krys said and gave him 4 coppers.

“Keep it...”Scott said.

“I can’t...” She said and pushed them further.

“Go on...keep it, take it as the treatment amount...” Scott said she gave up and kept them , while the door bell tinkled once again.

“I never expected you to come out...”A voice said.

“Then you should have come straight to me yourself rather than sending your dog...”Scott said.

“Hey , mind your tongue , he’s the minister you know...” Krys said.

“Mind your business Krys...What do you want Arwin?” He asked the minister.

“I see , so you do remember me...Can we have some time alone , please , young lady?” Arwin asked politely. Krys blushed red and walked to the kitchen of the bar.

“Who is it?” Scott asked.

“Lord Cervic Crimson . Land lord of district E, currently living in the Capital. He’s heading to the Court of Justice as we speak . He holds a document that he shouldn’t have and the king wants him dead before he reaches the court . Here’s his photo and a copy of the document . Retrieve the copy safe , and bring it to the palace when you’re done . How much?”

“Well , if it was anybody else it would be 3 gold...”

“That’s too much...”Arwin said.

“But as it is the king here , so 5 gold...” Scott said ignoring Arwin’s comment.

“You’re kidding . Scott , i’ve asked you to kill a guy and bring a small doc back , 5 gold is too much. The treasury is in debt...” Arwin said.

“What debt? What loans do you take Arwin ? Has the king ever come to District-M? I don’t know if even a copper is spared in the bitter parts of the kingdom like this one. If you dont want to , then fine , hire someone else.”Scott said.

“You know i wouldn’t . But , Scott , i understand the king has ignored district-M, but , 5 gold is too much...”Arwin said.

“Fine , then , pay me 4 gold , 10 silver and 20 copper...”Scott said.

“You take me for a fool? That’s one gold more than 5 . I’m not giving more than 3...”Arwin said and pushed 3 gold coins towards Scott.

“5 gold or no deal. “Scott said pushing them back,”Old man , two gold wont make a difference in the 3 million gold loan , and you’re acting as if its yours...”Scott said.

“It is yours as well as mine. I’m thinking about the kingdom , not the king. And by the way , what are you gonna do with gold, 19 year old Scott?” Arwin said adding two more gold coins to the stack.

“None of your business , 45 year old Arwin...”Scott said.

“47 actually...”

“Doesnt make a difference , you’re still an old man...”Scott said opening the door of the bar and heading out.

He sure is a weird kid , Arwin thought.

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